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Flashback/ Note

"Demon talking"

Technique Name

Red Fox Naruto


"Damn it! Where is that pervert Ebisu?" was all our favorite knuckleheaded, hyperactive, orange clad blonde shinobi could say while he waited for his temporary sensei.

Flashback no Jutsu

Naruto ran around the hospital in an orange blur looking for his sensei. He found him leaning against a wall reading his smut...er I mean ... literature.

"Hey Kakashi-Sensei, I need some awesome training so I can kick Neji's ass!" Naruto called out as he came face to face with his lazy, perverted, cyclopes of a sensei.

"I knew you were going to ask that but sorry Naruto, I have my hands full when I agreed to train Sasuke." Kakashi said with a bored look as he put away his book. "But I have arranged for someone else to give you some training, they are even better than me."

At that moment Ebisu entered "Hello Kakashi where is the student that you want me to teach?"

Kakashi pointed to Naruto. Ebisu and Naruto saw each other and dropped their jaws to the floor while pointing at each other."WHAT THE HELL!? YOU!? HEY STOP REPEATING EVERYTHING I SAY! ME!? STOP THAT!" they exclaimed in perfect unison.

"Do you two know each other?" Kakashi said while checking to make sure his eardrums were not destroyed.

"Yeah we met some time ago. And for the record he is a closet pervert and a weakling."


"I defeated him with myHarem no Jutsu."

'Note to self get Naruto to show me thisHarem no Jutsu' Kakashi thought on the outside he may have had a poker face but inside he was as giggling like a school girl.

All the while Ebisu was thinking 'Damn why did it have to be the fox brat? Oh well I don't have to do much of anything since Neji probably will "accidentally" kill him.' "Don't worry Kakashi-sama, I will educate this young shinobi to the fullest." he said though it seemed as though he forced out those words.

"See? Don't you worry Naruto you have a great sensei to teach you for the month." Kakashi replied with his famous eye smile.

"But YOU are my sensei Kakashi-sensei!"

"Sorry Naruto. How about after the exams I give you some private training and a sweet jutsu."

"Oh OK!" Naruto yelled in excitement as he ran from the hospital before either could stop him. What Naruto didn't know was that Kakashi had actually intended for Jiraiya of the Sannin to train Naruto.

Flashback no jutsu end

Now here he was just outside the bath houses wondering where the hell he would find a new sensei. Out of the corner of his eye Naruto spotted a large man with long white hair a funky outfit and a large scroll peeping on the women's bathhouse.

"HEY PERVERT! STEP AWAY FROM THE BATH HOUSE!" Naruto screamed. This caused all the women to become conscious of the old pervert's presence.

For Jiraiya getting his eardrums assaulted and then being surrounded by twenty women that looked as though they would rip the skin from his body was not on his to do list.

Ten painful minutes later:


"What was what for?" Naruto asked clearly confused.


"No and I really don't care."

At this Jiraiya face faulted. Never before had he met someone so ignorant and rude. "You scared away all those beautiful ladies!" he cried wile anime tears flooded his eyes. "They were important research materials for my book" he said pulling out a little familiar orange book, only to see that Naruto had turned around and began walking toward the forest.

"Hey wait!"


"Just wait a sec!"


"Get back here kid!"

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERT!" Naruto screamed booking it at top speed into the forest.

Twenty minutes later:

'I think I lost him.' Naruto thought. However looking around Naruto realized something that very important

"I'M LOST?!" He screamed. "Stupid author making it so I get lost in the woods."

Turning around Naruto took one step forward only for the ground to give out underneath him. He screamed as he tumbled down for Kami knows how long until finally he hit the ground, Hard. An impact big enough to crack the ground and by the grace of Kami *cough*a nine tailed fox*cough* he survived without as much as a broken finger.

"Alright where am I?" he questioned as he looked around.

There was not much in this underground cavern except for a wooden chest. Curiosity got the better of him as he ventured forward and opened the chest. What was inside confused him to no end. Inside were; a red long-sleeved hooded shirt, black shorts, a red sash, black fingerless gloves, black boots, and a white coat with Justice written on the back and a weird piece of fruit.

The Fruit looked like a blood red coconut with black swirls all over it. It was in this moment that Naruto realized that he had not eaten since that morning and was very hungry so he thought 'Eh what the hell. Let's eat!' and he took a bite. When he took that bite his eyes widened in shock and disgust. It tasted horrible. Imagine the most horrible thing you ever tasted now multiply it by about one hundred, you are still nowhere near how bad it tastes. It was so bad it made Naruto almost want to kiss Sasuke again, ALMOST.
"THAT WAS THE MOST DISCUSTING THING I HAVE EVER EATEN!" He screamed out while rubbing his tongue along the dirt trying to get rid of the taste.

Suddenly everything went black as Naruto found himself retreating into the inner recesses of his mind.

He awoke in what looked like a sewer. Wondering what the hell was going one Naruto began to walk around, unconsciously heading in the direction of the one who has made his life hell so far.

"Naruto…" the name came out in no more than a whisper. Naruto quickly whipped his head around looking for the source of his name.

"Naruto…" this time a little louder. Naruto took off in the direction of the voice

"Naruto…" this time even louder meaning he was getting closer or whoever was calling him was getting impatient.

Over and over the voice repeated getting louder, deeper, and most importantly fiercer. Until Naruto found himself outside a massive gate held together by a slip of paper with the same design as his seal. Looking inside he came face to face with the a claw of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

"EEEEEEEPPPP!" Naruto screamed as the claw swiped at him barely missing.

"So my jailer finally grows a pair and comes to visit me? I'm flattered." the fox said with a clearly sarcastic tone.

"Y-you're the Nine Tailed Fox."


"Holy Shi-"

"Watch your tongue boy you are after all in my presence."

"Sorry about that" he said

"I'm surprised that you would so readily apologize, the one who has made your life hell."

"It's nothing. But there Just two things I want to know. First what is your name? You do have a name don't you?"

The Fox was stunned no one had ever asked it for its name before.

"You are different than my other containers neither of them even bothered to ask for my name. Both had assumed that I am just a giant mass of malevolent chakra. Well since you asked, I will tell you my name. My name is Kurama and don't wear it out. But do not assume that I like you just because I told you my name."

"It is nice to meet you Kurama. Now onto my second question; do you know what that weird piece of fruit that I ate was?"

"Describe it."

"Oh you know it was like a blood red coconut with black swirls all over it. Oh yeah it also tasted like shit."

"This is not possible. No it can't be true, could it?" Kurama said as he started to mumble to himself.

"Sorry but what is impossible?"

"Kit you ate what is known as an Akuma no mi or a devil fruit. They are so rare that people can spend their lifetime looking for one and never find it. There are three types of fruit; Paramythia or superhuman abilities, Zoan the power to change into an animal or a hybrid of said animal and finally the logia the elemental system. In your case you ate theMagu Magu no mi, one of the logia.In other words you are now a walking, talking, breathing Volcano."

"Wow! That sounds so cool!" Naruto practically screamed.

"Calm down brat there are two very important things that you should know. First all devil fruit user have one fatal flaw, you will never be able to swim for the rest of your life. And second if you are not careful with these abilities in particular you could easily level the entire village in one movement."


'Is that all that entered his head? He is such a dumbass. Well at least he got that part.' Kurama sweat dropped"Any way kit how about I teach you the basics on how to use your new powers, and consider this a onetime thing I will not be handing power out for free."

"You would!? That would be sweet! Thank You Kurama" Naruto cried out as he gave Kurama a great big hug (well as big as a fourteen year old could). This really pissed the fix off.

"Ok, you can let go now." But Naruto held firm.

"Hey Naruto?" Kurama said as sweet-song as it could get.


"GET OFF OF ME YOU DAMN BRAT! OR I WILL RIP YOU TO SHREADS"Kurama roared not all that happy about a human hugging him."Alright in one month I am going to turn you into a worthy container of the great Kurama. Now are you ready to begin your torture … er … I mean training?" he said as he cracked a sinister grin 'So the hellhound has returned.'



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