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Chapter 2 – Eisenwald

"Is it a treasure map?! A hidden fortune?! What secret does the book have?" Yelled a rather fat mustached man whose body was halfway hanging out of the wall. In front of him in his grasp, he held Lucy, both her arms tweaked behind her back in an angle that was rather painful. The man behind her twisted her arm a little more causing Lucy to grit her teeth in pain. "Say it!" He yelled twisting her arms even more. "If you don't say it, I'll break your arms!" Trembling, Lucy grit her teeth again to bear with the man's hold before she turned her head and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Bewee!" She said causing the man behind her to be filled with rage.

"Behave yourself brat!" He yelled twisting her arms even more. "That is my book!"

"ARGH!" Lucy cried out in pain.

"I made Kemu Zaleon write it! So the secret of the book is my property as well!" Lucy still just stood there withstanding the pain, thinking about how she could get out of this situation. Her eye's widened at a thought.

'That could work.' She thought.

Flashback no jutsu

It had been a few weeks since Lucy had begun training with Shinobi and Shikamaru. She could literally feel herself getting stronger with each passing day. The harsh tasks in which Shinobi made both Shikamaru and her do were no longer a huge deal. Sure they were still hard as hell to accomplish, but her body was getting used to the rough treatment. She would still never win whenever she would spar against the damn cat, but that was because he had years of training on her, while she only had a few weeks. She was getting better though at being able to last longer against him. There were even a few times that she had managed to trap the cat, but somehow, every time, the cat managed to make an escape from her.

"That's enough!" Came a voice off to the side of the clearing. Standing up, Shinobi came out to where both Lucy and Shikamaru had been sparring once again. Shikamaru transformed back into his normal form.

"Lucy," He started, "You've been fighting differently than you usually do. Why?" He asked the girl. Lucy gave Shinobi a shy grin.

"Well, I finally got that scroll you gave to me translated." Shinobi's eyebrow rose in his mask.

"Oh?" He questioned. Lucy just smiled at him.

"Yea, and from what Levy-chan and I saw, this fighting style you wanted me to learn is based on precision right?" She asked rhetorically before continuing, "It said that there were like 361 kind of points on the body. There was a picture of it and everything. Anyways, when these points are struck, it said that it would do a lot of damage. So I memorized when some of the locations of those points and I have been trying to hit Shikamaru in one of them to see if I could us that to my advantage." Shinobi just nodded in understanding.

"Troublesome blonde baka." Muttered Shikamaru. Lucy gained a tickmark on her head.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU DAMN CAT!" She roared, her head growing 10 times her body size. Shikamaru sighed.

"Even if you hit me in those spots, it wouldn't do anything to me." He said dully, "You need to use chakra to make it effect me." Lucy cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"Chakra?..." She questioned the word before widening her eyes. "That's right! I remember there was mention of using that in the fighting style." She paused thinking about it, "So what is it? How do I use it?" She asked.

"You can't." Shikamaru drawled out, "The only person on the planet who can use it is Shinobi here. I am actually surprised he chose this style for you." Lucy looked at the ninja only to receive a nod in confirmation.

"WHHHAAAATTTTT?!" Lucy shrieked. "THEN WHAT WAS THE POINT IN ME TRANSLATING THAT DAMN SCROLL? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HOURS LEVY-CHAN AND I POURED INTO THAT THING!" Freaking out that everything was now ruined. All of her time and hard work gone. Shinobi just held up his hand to get her to quite down.

"Shikamaru." Shinobi said looking at the cat, "You know better than to antagonize Lucy." Shikamaru gave him a sly smirk before lying down. "But Shikamaru is correct. You will not be able to use chakra like I do with this fighting style." Lucy looked up at him, her face was now drenched with anime tears now.

"Then why did you give me that scroll?" She asked crying. Shinobi paused for a moment, thinking about what he was going to say.

"Lucy," He said, gaining her attention, "What do you know about magic?" Lucy cocked up her eyebrow at the question.

" Well, magic is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms magic as a product of the connection. Only ten percent of the world's population is able to use Magic." She said like she was reciting it from a book. Shinobi just nodded his head while crossing his arms.

"That's right. It takes an enormous amount of concentration and mental ability to use magic. To utilize magic, a Mage must use Magic Power. Magic Power is the source of power for all Mages It is composed of Eternano. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. In the case that it becomes empty, Eternano comes from the atmosphere and enters the Mages' body and after a while, their Magic Power is returned to normal." Lucy nodded her head at the ninja's explanation. "I explain this to you, because this is very similar to the power that I use, chakra. The main difference is that I cannot absorb Eternano from the atmosphere." Lucy looked at Shinobi confused.

"I don't understand. Why not?" She asked.

"Using chakra involves using the physical energy as well as the spiritual energy of a persons being. If I use too much, then I can potentially die from exhaustion." Lucy's eyes went wide.

"Then why would you use chakra in the first place?!" She asked/yelled at the ninja.

"Because that is how I learned. Simple as that." He stated causing Lucy to blink. "But chakra and magic run closely hand in hand. This style that I gave to you, it inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Chakra Pathway System. The same principle can be said with mages though. Instead of a Chakra Pathway system present, there is an Eternano Pathway System or Magic Pathway system. The 'Gentle Fist' allows the user to disrupt the flow of magic coursing throughout the body. Fighting with this style also injures the organs, which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. The user of this style surgically injects a certain amount of their own Mana into the opponent's Eternano pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the Eternano circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage." Lucy's eyes widened at the damage that could be inflicted upon an opponent. "For that reason, this style is known as the 'Gentle Fist'." He finished. Lucy looked down absorbing everything that he had said.

"Show me." She said as she looked back up at him, determination filling her eyes. Shinobi nodded.

"Shikamaru." He said. With that Shikamaru transformed back into his human form.

"What a drag." He said dully, "Do we really have to do this." Shinobi said nothing as he came up to the lazy cat. Filling his fingertips with chakra, he placed two fingers on a point of the cats right arms.

"FUCK!" Yelled out Shikamaru as he recoiled back holding his arm in pain. Lucy just stared at the two.

"Uh…. What did you do?" She asked. Shikamaru was now muttering curses in the background about troublesome people.

"Exactly what you're going to do." He said. "With that little tap, Shikamaru can no longer use his arm for a period of time." Lucy's eyes widened as she shot another look at the cat seeing it was true. Shikamaru was rubbing his arm trying to get feeling back into the appendage without success.

"Whoa…" She said quietly.

"Those 361 points or nodes on the body are known as Chakra or Eternano points. Each point is a checkpoint along the pathway's system, effectively shutting down the body." Shinobi said. Lucy thought about his words before a thought came to her.

"Wait… So Shinobi-kun." She started, "You already know this fighting style?" She asked.

"No." He stated shaking his head. "I know the basic principles behind the 'Gentle Fist', but I do not practice it. It does not flow well with the way my body was trained."

'How the hell was his body trained?' Lucy thought. 'What does that mean?' She was interrupted in from her thought process when she caught what looked to be a pair of sunglasses. She looked at them before getting a large smile on her face.

"AAAAAIIIIEEEE!" She shouted out holding the glasses to her large assets as if they were the last thing she had ever owned. Shikamaru just glanced up from still massaging his arm before sighing and returned to his own physical therapy. Shinobi just smiled lightly in his mask.

"I'm glad you li—URGGGG?!" He exhaled as Lucy bowled into him giving what Shikamaru thought was a solid 10 flying glomp. Granted, it was the first flying glomp that he had seen, but hey, that's what it looked like to him anyways.

"Ohthankyouthankyouthankyouth ankyou!" She said over and over again as she was now laying on top of him and effectively suffocating him with her large tracks of land. Shinobi started flapping his arms like a bird trying to get away from the dangerous girl. Shikamaru looked up once again and sweat dropped.

'Well, I guess that's one hell of a assassination technique.' He thought before taking pity on his friend. "Hey woman!" He shouted out getting Lucy's attention, "Get your overly large breasts out of his face and stop suffocating him!" Lucy looked down at the man who was under her and gasped. Turning a bright red, she jumped off the ninja whose body was still lying on the floor, which the occasional twitch coming from him.

"I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!" She said over and over again to Shinobi while bowing over and over again as well. Shikamaru went back to his arm.

"Troublesome." He muttered. Lucy went to the downed ninja and tried to help him up, but he was heavier than he looked. Stumbling around her shoulder came in contact with his face. Lucy blinked as she felt something moist on the face-mask. Looking down she saw that her shoulder had red liquid on it. A few seconds went by while the cogs in her head turned before something clicked.

"Shinobi-kun." She started, "You're a pervert aren't you?" She asked with a slight grin. 'Hah, at least I know that some people think I'm hott!' Naruto stumbled up, getting himself situated on his feet at last. He coughed out a slight embarrassment.

"Well….. I'm glad you like them." He said causing the girl to smile.

"Like them? I love them!" She shouted, "I've been trying to save up and buy these for months! How did you know that I liked this exact pair?" She asked.

"The few times that you have invited me into your house, I saw a magazine that had these sunglasses turned to it. It was on your desk each time I had come in, so I assumed that you wanted this particular kind." She smiled before getting a worried look.

"But this is way too expensive!" She said, "I can't possibly accept these." Shinobi raised his hand once again silencing her.

"There is more to it than me just giving you these sunglasses. First off, yes I can just give them to you, because you are my student. You have worked hard and have earned them." He said getting a small blush from the girl. Shinobi really didn't give out too many compliments, so the fact that he had said this made her extremely happy. "Second, put them on and push out a little magic from your body." Confused, she looked at the glasses and shrugged. She put them on and pushed out a little magic before gasping.

"W-what is this." She asked in awe. Looking at the ninja, she saw there were hundreds of intricate lines outlining his body with bright points adorning the lines.

"These are all the Eternano points that run in the body. Right now you are seeing my chakra, but if you look at Shikamaru," He said pointing at the cat, "You will see his magic running through he body." She followed his finger and saw that it was true. Except with Shikamaru, there was a point on his arm, which was darker than the rest of the other points.

'That must be where Shinobi-kun hit him earlier.' She thought before taking off the glasses. She turned to the ninja and gave him a beautiful smile. "Thank you so much Shinobi-kun. I will treasure it forever." Shinobi nodded.

"Those sunglasses are meant only to be a guide for right now." He explained. "Regardless, if you strike your opponent with the 'Gentle Fist', you will deliver great damage to them. Those glasses are meant to give you a general idea of where the nodes on the body are most common." Lucy nodded, happy that she had received the unexpected gift in the first place. "Those sunglasses though, are yours, and yours only." He said getting a confused look from the girl. "I placed a seal on the side of those glasses, mixed in some of your blood so that they will only respond to your unique body signature. No one else would be capable of using those sunglasses." He explained.

'Uhhh,,,, that's kinda creepy…. But sweet nonetheless.' She smiled, "Thank you Shinobi-kun." She said softly.

"Now, lets get back to your training." He said, "Shikamaru, is your arm better now?" Shikamaru looked at the ninja.

"Ye… I mean no. Sorry. Gotta wait for a little bit more." He said a little nervously. Shinobi just stared at the cat.

"Alright then." He said, "I guess I will have to quadruple your training load though tomorrow so you can get caught up." Shikamaru's eyes widened.

"Well looky here." He said moving his arm in a circular motion, "All fixed…. Damn troublesome ninja." He muttered out that last part. Shinobi smirked under his mask.

"Revert back to your normal form Shikamru." He nodded and a second later, he was a cat again. Lucy looked up at the ninja. "You can put those glasses down for now Lucy. Now we are going to be working on your targeting. While in battle, you are going to be aiming at specific points on the body that are constantly moving around. So we are going to train you by trying to hit Shikamaru while he dodges your attacks. After that, we are going to be working on your control of releasing your magical power from your finger tips." She nodded and got in her stance and squared off against Shikamaru. "And while your doing that, I'm going to be throwing a blunted kunai at you every so often as well." She blanced.

"WHATTT?!" She yelled out getting out of her stance.

"You need to be aware of your surroundings." He stated simply, "I guess I could always increase the amount of kunai to 10 at a time." Lucy just paled.

"Hehe." She mumbled out nervously, "No…. One is fine." She said turning around again to Shikamaru. Shinobi smiled sadistically underneath his mask.

"Begin." He said.

End Flashback no Justu

"URGHHH!" She said. 'Come on Lucy!' She thought. 'Concentrate, let the magic form out of the finger tips.' She rotated her wrist around so her fingers could barley touch the skin of the Duke behind her before she grinned. 'Perfect.' She thought before getting a howl from the man.

"YOU WENCH!' He cried out grabbing his injured wrist. Lucy took this opportunity to jump away from the man. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" He demanded. "My wrist is numb!" He cried out. Lucy frowned.

'That should have shut down his arm.' She thought before sighing. 'Looks like I need to work on my control more.' Grabbing her keys, she held one of them in front of her. "The tables have turned huh? If you give me this book I might forgive you." She finished holding the book close to her. The fat duke just grinned.

"Ah Ha!" He said, "Stellar Spirit Magic huh? Boyoyoy. You're a fan of literature, yet your using that phrase incorrectly. You should say 'The table have turned' only when your position has turned from a disadvantage to an advantage." He laughed. "Anyhow, you won't be able to surpass my Magic Diver just because you got lucky." With that he dove into the ground causing Lucy to become on full alert. The Duke continued to attack Lucy proclaiming what a piece of crap book it was, while Lucy defended Kemu Zaleon stating that the Duke had threatened him to write the book.

Happy had just arrived to hear Lucy's accusations. "Threatened him?" He asked to himself. The Duke continued to attack the girl, but Lucy was holding him off.

'Amateur.' She thought, 'I can tell from a mile away where he's coming from.' She held up the book in front of her. "But that is not what Kemu Zaleon wanted to leave behind in this book. The real truth is something else." She stated. Happy was quivering in anticipation.

"Wh-what is it?" He asked. While the Duke just looked pissed.

"WHAT?!" He shouted.

"That's why I won't give this book to you! You don't have the right to possess this!" She shouted as she got into an unfamiliar stance.

"Umm… Lucy." Started Happy, "If your not planning to call one of your spirits you might just want to give up. You know your kind of pathetic." He said.

"Your kinda pathetic." Lucy mumbled to herself.

'Crap!' Thought the Duke, 'If the book is passed onto a mage inspection from the council…. I'm doomed!' He started to sweat. "NOOOOOOOOO!" He yelled out pulling out a key. "OPEN! A door to the virgin!" He yelled out, both Happy and Lucy shocked at what was happening.

"NO WAY!" Shouted Lucy as a behemoth of a woman in a maid costume suddenly appeared from beneath the floor. The Duke ordered the spirit to retrieve the book, but to everyone's surprise, Natsu appeared above her still hanging onto her shirt. Regaining their bearings, Natsu took care of the behemoth, while Lucy used her whip to grab the Duke. The whip wrapped around his chubby neck and she yanked the fat man towards her. Running towards him she extended her hand back. "Shōtei!" She yelled out as she used the heel of her palm to hit the man in the center of the chest. Blood came from the mans mouth as he slumped over to the side, his body twitching occasionally. Lucy just smirked at she looked down at the man.

"Whoooaaa…." Happy said as he looked at the downed man. "I'm surprised you were able to take him out with you being so fat and ugly." He stated.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Lucy shouted as Happy floated away.

Fairy Tail Guild Hall

Back at the guild, Naruto found himself in an awkward situation. For the last two hours, he had been sitting there, with Shikamaru resting on his head. The awkward part was that a certain guild hall barmaid was in front of him…. And she would not stop talking. Naruto had no problem conversing with people for such lengths of time (though still uncomfortable for him), but the girl wouldn't even stop to let him answer or respond to any of the things that she was saying. She had been talking the entire time since she had first sat down at the table where he was at and didn't even stop to take breaths half of the time. It was quite impressive really…. Well it was impressive for the first hour, then the second hour just got annoying. Every once in awhile though, she would pop him a question where he could answer briefly.

"Are you even listening to me?" She as shyly, but Naruto knew that look. It promised pain if he answered incorrectly. Naruto just nodded his head.

"You were talking about how Wakaba needs to go outside if he ever wants to smoke and how inconsiderate it is of him to not think of other." He replied in his monotoned voice. Mira would then beam him a smile that made the heavens open, and then continued talking rapidly. Occasionally stopping to make sure the ninja hadn't fallen asleep behind his mask.

This went on for another hour or so before she got up. "Thank you Shinobi-san for listening to me for so long." She said giving him another smile "I'm sorry if all I did was bore you out of you mind." Shinobi just shook his head.

"It's fine Mirajane-san." He replied. "The conversation was….. intriguing?" He questioned to himself. Mira giggled.

"I hope we could do this again sometime soon if you don't mind that is?" She asked hopefully. The truth was, she was surprised with how she acted with the ninja. She realized that she took up most of their time in the conversation. But she was nervous. When Mira gets nervous, she talks…. A lot…. So she talked about everything that she could possibly think of that was weighing on her mind. To say the least though, it was refreshing. Even though she didn't learn much about the man in front of her, she was content with their talk.

Shinobi just nodded his head indicating that it would be fine. Mira gave him a huge smile while clasping her hands under her face. "YEAH!" She cried out before rushing back to the bar to attend to the duties that she had failed to do while she was talking. Naruto just gazed at the retreating figure for a moment.

"That was beyond troublesome." A lazy cat said without even opening his eye. "Why are they trying to be all friendly all of a sudden? They never tried this hard before." He said. Naruto just shrugged.

"Who knows. It kind of feels nice I suppose." Naruto said getting a snort from the cat.

"I want my quite life back….. This is such a drag." He said going back to sleep. Naruto sat there in silence for a few minutes thinking about the things that Mira had talked with him about. To say the least, he did learn a little more about a few of the members there in the guild. It was informative. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he included himself more in the guild. He never minded playing the back role. He loved his family and he didn't need the recognition behind doing amazing things. He just wanted to protect them.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when a hot bowl of ramen was placed in front of him. Staring at the bowl, he then looked up at the barmaid who was simply glowing. "This is for taking time to listen to me ramble on. It's on the house." She said with a wink. Shinobi bowed his head.

"Thank you Mirajane-san. But you do not need to-" He was interrupted by a finger being pressed against his lips surprising the blond. He definitely was not use to physical contact.

"None of that now." Mira said poutingly. "This is my way to thank you and your going to accept it whether you like it or not." She said finishing with a smile. Shinobi just stared at the girl for a moment, before bowing his head once again.

"Thank you Mirajane-san." He said taking the bowl in front of him and the pair of chopstick to the right. He split the chopsticks and his hand started to slowly travel up to his face-mask. Everyone in the guild hall became deathly quite as they watched the ninja's hand start to travel to his face. The closer it got, the more anxious everyone was to see what the ninja was hiding under his mask. He fingers touched the material. Mira gulped in anticipation while others eyes were bulging out of their heads.


"WE"RE BACK EVERYBODY!" Came a shout at the guild hall door. Everyone's head whipped around to see who it was, finding it was Natsu, Happy, and Lucy coming back from their mission. Then everyone realized what they were missing and whipped their necks around so fast back at the blonde, there were a few cracks that were heard. They found that the blondes mask was still on, but the bowl in front of him was empty.

"Thank you Mirajane-san." Shinobi said, "That meal was delicious." Everyone's eye's bulged.

"SO FAST!" They all cried out

"Look at what you did you bag of hot air!" Cried out Gray as he chucked a chair at the firebreathing boy, causing the teen to be blown back out of the guild via chair only for him to come back rushing back in, flames spewing from his mouth.

"What the hell did you do that for you streaker!" He yelled out lunging at the half naked teen trying to pummel him into the ground. Soon the entire guild-hall was once again brawling with each other. Lucy just stepped through the door frame and sighed.

"I swear, I joined a guild with a bunch of lunatics." She said to herself holding her hand to her head. She glanced to the back of the hall and gave a let out a soft smile. Shinobi was once again in the back with that blasted cat. She made her way through the fighting zone, surprisingly dodges most of the attacks that were thrown at her. "Hello Shinobi-kun." She said brightly as she reached the ninja, "How are you today?" The ninja looked up at her.

"Did you just come back from a mission?" He asked. Lucy nodded at the question before she saw Shinobi bring his hands up in a dreadfully familiar sign. "FUIN!" He said as Lucy fell a familiar pressure come over her body, then she dropped to the floor like rock.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU DO THAT FOR BASTARD!" She yelled out struggling to get back up on her feet. 'Damn!' She thought, 'This is way heavier than the last time.' The ninja in front of her just shrugged.

"I'll take the seals off every time you go on a mission. But whenever you get back, you should start using them again." He said. Lucy grunted as she slowly brought herself up and in the chair that was next to her.

"So that's why I felt I could move a little fast on the last mission." She said. Shinobi nodded his head in confirmation.

"While on missions, you are expected to perform to the best of quality." He said, "Also, many times you'll find that missions often change parameter throughout the duration of the mission. Remember Lucy," Shinobi's voice became serious causing Lucy to blink. "Anything can happen during a mission. You must always be prepared for what's to come." Lucy slowly nodded her head thinking about what he had said. A few minutes of silence passed the both of them before Naruto stood up. "I will pick you up tomorrow at 7 for training." He said as he started to turn to leave. Shikamaru glanced up and started to get up as well.

"U-umm…." Lucy mumbled. Shinobi turned around.

"What is it?" He asked looking down at her. Lucy fidgeted around a little.

"Do you mind if I tell you about the mission that I just came back from?" She asked hopefully. She was still a little nervous to ask talk with him about these simple things. Yea there was that first time they had met, but since then, all they ever talked about was training and how she could become a better fighter. She just wanted to talk to him normally, besides, she wanted to brag to him how she took out that fat old Duke without even calling out one of her Celestial Spirits!

Shinobi and Shikamaru just looked at her. 'She completed her mission didn't she?' Shinobi asked himself, 'Then why does she want to talk about it?' He had seen and heard other mages in the guild go on about their missions, but that was just to brag about how 'awesome' they thought they were. Lucy to him didn't seem like that type of girl. The only other time he saw that missions were brought up were if there were changes made throughout the mission. But looking at her face, it seemed like this was important to her, so he simply nodded and sat back down causing Lucy to squeel and start talking about the moment that she stepped out of her house with Natsu. Shikamaru just shrugged.

"More time for me to sleep." He muttered to himself as he laid back down on the table.

A Few Hours Later

It was official… All girls had the ability to talk without stopping for as long as they wanted. Granted everything that Lucy was telling the ninja was interesting. But it really could have been summed up in about 5 minutes. Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How? That's all he really needed to know about the mission. Lucy though, was describing everything in great detail as if she were literally trying to put him in her place throughout the entire mission. Then she started saying things about every little emotion that she was feeling…. Honestly, If Naruto had even half of the emotions that Lucy apparently, he would probably explode from information overload. Also, it seemed as if his assumption of her was off, Lucy loved to brag about herself.

"And then we just left." She cried out, "No reward money at all!" There were times in her story where Shinobi was amused by the way the girl expressed herself though. "Then we found out that they were actually extremely poor and were only renting that house to keep up their appearances." She mumbled before looking back up at the ninja. "So what do you think?" She asked. Shinobi hesitated to see whether or not this was a question that he was going to be given the opportunity to answer.

"Adequate." He said causing the girl in front of him to glare at him.

"Adequate?!" She cried out. "I totally kicked that guys ass and you tell me that I only did adequate?! I didn't even need to use my celestial spirits for it." She yelled.

"And that's why I say adequate." Shinobi said causing the girl to look at him weird. He sighed. "Being strong on your own is good, it can save your life in fact, but remember the strongest mages are those that work in teams." He said.

"Teams?" Lucy asked staring at the ninja. Shinobi nodded.

"Why do you think that the mages in the guild travel together or form their own teams with one another? This is just in case something happens, we know that someone has our backs if need be." He said.

"But Shinobi-kun." Lucy started, "Your not on any team. You usually do mission on your own." Shinobi chuckled causing Lucy's eyes to widen. That was the first time that she had ever heard him laugh in any sort of way. Shinobi looked to his right and started scratching the head of the cat he was looking at getting a small purr from the little creature.

"I trust Shikamaru with my life." He stated, "He is my teammate. He is my family." Lucy slowly smiled at the little scene that was unfolding in front of her. It was nice to see her teacher have a soft side to him. "That is why, " He started again gaining the girls attention. "Tomorrow, we are going to start working with your Spirits as well." Lucy's eyes widened. "You are going to learn their strengths, weaknesses, and start to develop a bond with them so that they too can trust you out in the battlefield." Lucy just nodded her head excitingly. Man she couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when they found out that she could stand up for herself.

Looking up she saw another familiar face that she had been meaning to talk to. Raising her hand she called out, "Levy-chan!". Said girl, surrounded by her posse, looked up and smiled at seeing her new friend waving her over. She started walking over only to see whom she was sitting next to. Her smile faltered a little as she became nervous, but already being committed, she continued walking over with her two friends.

"Hi Lucy-chan! Shinobi-san. Shikamaru-san. How are you?" She asked politely. Lucy smiled at the girl and giggled. Shikamaru gave a wave of his tail to acknowledge their presence. Shinobi bowed his head.

"McGarden-san, Droy-san, Sarusuke-san." Shinobi stated quietly, "It's good to see you." He said getting a surprised reaction from the trio. That was basically the most they ever heard Shinobi talk, and the fact that he had said it was good to see them, was amazing in itself. Levy was the first to recover.

"Thanks Shinobi-san." Levy said quietly, a little embarrassed, "It's great to see you as well."

"Shinobi-san…." Groaned Jet, "It's Jet now. Not Sarusuke." Shinobi just did as he always did and ignored his comment. While Jet groaned again in the background, Droy laughing at his misfortune, Levy and Lucy just giggled.

"So how was the mission?" Levy asked. Lucy smiled.

"It was good," She said, "Even though we didn't get the reward for it." She muttered, but the girl next to her heard.

"What?" She asked, "That was a ton of money though. I was jealous that I wasn't able to go on it." Lucy smiled softly.

"Well, my teammate is a blockhead." She replied, "Even then, it just didn't feel right I guess to collect the money." Lucy said. Levy just looked at the girl before nodding her head slowly understanding a little. "But you would have loved the mission though!" Lucy picked back up excitingly. "You see, there was this book….." And once again she went into the story of how her last mission went.

By the end of it, Levy was staring at the girl amazed. "Wow." Levy said, "I didn't know Celestial Spirit Mages were that strong without their spirits." She said, both Droy and Jet in the back paying attention slightly nodded. Lucy gave them a grin.

"Well I can't take all the credit here." She said before pointing at the ninja next to her. "Shinobi-kun here is the reason why I was able to do the things that I have done." She said proudly. All three looked at the ninja in confusion.

"But I don't understand." Droy said, " No offense Shinobi, but your not all that strong. Your what a C-class mage or something." Getting an elbow to the gut.

"Droy!" Levy snapped.

"What?!" He replied, "It's true isn't it?" He asked getting another elbow to the gut. Turning around she gave the ninja an apologetic smile.

"Sorry about him." She said scratching her head, "Sometimes he just doesn't know when to be quiet. Anyways, I was talking to Lucy-chan over here, and she said that you had an amazing book that you let her read." She said excitingly. Shinobi turned his head over to the blonde girl, who began to nervously shift in her seat. He sighed.

'I guess it's to be expected.' He thought, 'I never did tell her to keep that book a secret after all.' Looking up he just nodded his head to confirm the girls question. Now it was Levy's turn to shift around nervously, her face getting a small red hue to it.

"Well…" She said her index fingers poking at each other. "I was wondering…. If maybe you could let me read it as well?" She asked hopefully. "You see I love books! And with the way Lucy-chan built up the story for me, I just can't handle it. I have to read the book, so please can I borrow it." She said, hands clasped in front of her face, which was a few inches from Shinobi's mask. Ironically, her eye's were huge and her lips were quivering.

'Damn.' Shinobi thought, 'And here I thought there were no damn Jutsu's. Stupid 'puppy eyed no jutsu'.' After a few awkward moments of his own personal space being violated, he sighed and just nodded his headgetting the girl in front of him to let out a squeal before holding his hands in front of him literally jumping up and down.

"Ohthankyouthankyouthankyou!" She cried out. Lucy just smiled and came up behind the girl and patted her on the back.

"You see Levy-chan, Shinobi-kun is-…" She stopped when she felt she had hit Levy a little too hard due to her weights, causing her to be propelled forward into the ninja causing the both of them to crash onto the ground.

"LECY-CHAN!" Three voices cried out simultaneously. Once again the guild stopped their brawling and stared at the scene in front of them. Droy and Jet had looks of horror on their faces. Lucy had a large blush on her face. When both the downed victims opened their eyes they immediately noticed their position. Levy was straddling Shinobi on the ground, her lips were pressed firmly against his through his mask. Immediately Levy jumped back and began bowing profusely.

"I'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSORRY!" She yelled over and over again frantically.

"HAHAHAHA!" Laughed an old Guild Master on top of the bar. "Looks like Shinobi-kun is more of a player than Loki here isn't he?" He shouted out to the guild. Everyone was still shocked at what had just happened.

"SHINOBI!" Came two voices in front of him. Both of them had fire in their eyes and were coming at him while cracking their knuckles.

"How dare you take advantage of Levy-chan like that!" Cried out Droy.

"Yea!' The agreement came from Jet. Shinobi just looked at Shikamaru.

"Shikamaru." He said seriously getting the cat's attention, "Plan Beta, sigma 23." Getting a nod from the cat, a magic circle came from under the cat before a large fish, 4 times the size of the cat, appeared in his hands.

"Here catch!" He said throwing the fish at the two who put up their hands to catch the offending object. They looked at it for a second, shocked that they were holding a fish. Getting their senses back, they tried to drop the fish, only to find that they couldn't.

"What the hell?!" They cried out at the same time. Shikamaru smirked.

"HAPPY!" Shikamaru cried out getting the blue cat's attention. "These two have a huge fish and they aren't sharing it! Help me get it from them!" He cried out pointing to the two dumbfounded boys.


A crazed Happy came at the two boys claws ablazing, clawing and biting at any part of their bodies that he could find.

"OW! Dammit Happy get off!" Yelled Jet trying to push the small feline back.

"Not the face Happy! Not the face!" Cried out Droy dodging the small cats attacks.


"AHHHHHH!" Screamed Droy. The entire guild started laughing at the site of the two teens getting turned into mincemeat by the small blue cat, that almost no one noticed the absence of a certain ninja and his cat.

'Hmmmm.' Thought the guild master as he looked around for the two.

Levy hadn't moved from her spot since she had apologized. A large blush could be seen on the girl as her eyes glazed back thinking about the memory. Lucy looked at her friend and gave a small frown. 'Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.' She thought. But she wasn't the only one who had noticed Levy. A certain brunette grinded her teeth as she once again poured down a keg of alcohol down her throat.

2 Weeks Later:

'Pervy old man.' A certain ninja thought as he sat in a train heading to Clover Town to complete a request that Master Makarov had given him. On his head, like usual, was Shikamaru, his tail swishing back and forth in front of the ninja's face. He closed the book in front of him and got up leaving his cabin to go use the restroom.

"Lullaby?" Questioned Gray as he, Lucy, Natsu, and Erza sat in a cabin onboard a train that was headed for Onibus Town

"The Lullaby… Is it some sort of magic that can put people to sleep?" Questioned Lucy. Erza looked down at the floor.

"I don't know…. But since it is sealed, it probably contains some powerful magic." Both Lucy and Gray paused to think about what they had just been told. Lucy looked up and saw someone familiar pass by and blinked.

"Shinobi-kun?" She asked quietly getting everyone's attention. Shinobi barely heard his name and turned in their direction.

"Shinobi?" Question Gray as Shinobi walked towards them and bowed.

"Hello Fullbuster-san, Scarlet-san, Happy-san, Lucy-san." He said respectfully. "I assume your traveling on a mission together?" He asked. Erza just nodded her head.

"Yes, yes we are. I've recruited both Natsu and Gray because they are formidable mages for the task at hand in which we have to face. Lucy came along because I am assuming of Natsu, but from what I have heard she is a formidable opponent as well." Shinobi nodded at this as Lucy just sweat dropped at the rumors that were being spread about her.

"Kai!" He whispered, Lucy then found herself a lot lighter and easier to move. Shooting him a grateful glance, she scooted over a little closer to Gray she patted her seat.

"Come on Shinobi-kun," She said getting an eyebrow raise from both Gray and Erza, "Come sit with us." Shinobi thought about it for a moment before nodding his head and sitting down.

"Why are you traveling this way anyways Shinobi?" Gray asked curiously.

"Master Makarov has asked me to deliver a package to him in Clover Town where the Guild Masters Conference is being held. I had to go to Sansa Town to pick up the item, now I am on my way there." He answered, Erza nodded her head in understanding.

"I see." She said more to herself. Lucy thinking about their own mission, chimed in.

"We're on our way to take down a dark guild Shinobi-kun." She said kinda nervously. She wasn't sure if she was ready for this type of mission yet, but she guessed that she was just going to go with the flow on this one. Shinobi just raised his eyebrow in his mask.

"A dark guild?" He asked getting a nod from the three companions, while another was sleeping somewhat peacefully on Erza's lap. She then proceeded to explain to the group about the dark guild Eisenwald and of the ace of the guild, Eligor. Explaining their mission, Shinobi thought about what they were going to go up against. But they did have three extremely talented mages. Lucy was still a little rough, but he felt like she could hold up her own in a battle.

"Do you require any assistance Scarlet-san?" He asked getting surprised looks from two of the three in their seats. Lucy actually looked slightly relieved that Shinobi was going to be coming with them.

'Why is he offering? He's never offered before.' Thought Erza. "Why do you ask?"

"Dark guilds can be very powerful and they do not hold the morals of a normal light guild." He answered, "They will not hesitate to commit crimes such as killing or stealing for their own personal gain. You four are members of Fairy Tail." He said, "You are family." Everyone's eyes widened when he said that. "I would be willing to go on this mission if it meant to protect my family." Lucy smiled at that. Erza, Happy, and Gray were still shocked at what the ninja had spoken. He had never said things like that before.

Thinking about it for a moment, Erza looked up at the ninja, "Thank you Shinobi, but I feel like we will be fine without your assistance." Lucy's neck cracked as she whipped it around to stare at the red-headed girl. Nodding his head, he then stood up.

"Very well." He said, "I wish you luck on your mission and that everything will go well." With that he turned around and headed down the hall to the restroom. Lucy eye's followed him as he exited through a door.

"Why didn't you let him come with us?" She asked nervously to Erza. Erza looked at Lucy for just a moment.

"Shinobi is one of the guild most professional mages. I respect him greatly for his professionalism and his conduct. But…" She trailed of looking away.

"Buuut?" Lucy asked.

"But the mission we're going on is too dangerous for him." Answered Gray leaning back in his chair. "He would be a liability to the rest of us. We would have to constantly be looking after him. He just doesn't have the strength to match up to the mission."

"B-but Shinobi-kun is very strong! I've been trying to win against him in spars, but I have never won, even with my Celestial Spirits!" She blurted out causing the three passengers in their seats to look at her. Thinking about what she had said for a moment she then covered her mouth with both of her hands. "Eep!"

"What do you mean? You've been sparring against him?! " Gray asked incredulously. Hands still over her mouth, Lucy shook her head side to side frantically.

"Lucy." Erza growled out giving her a look of pain if she didn't come out. Gray was in the corner of his seat shaking with fear from the look, happy only that he wasn't on the receiving end of it. Lucy wilted under her stare.

"I-I-I didn't want to tell anyone until I was stronger." She said softly, "I actually have never seen Shinobi-kun fight. it's always against Shikamaru that I spar against." There was a silence for a minute before Gray started laughing his ass off.

"HAHAHA!' He rolled around, "You've been losing in a fight to a cat?!" He asked/laughed. Lucy's head grew 10 times her body size.


"You said," She began getting both Gray and Lucy's attention, "That you have been losing to him even with your Spirits?" She asked, only getting a nervous nod for confirmation. "You have some of the Golden keys of the Zodiac though right?" Another nod came from the blonde.

"That's why I said that Shinobi was strong." She said, "I assumed so, because it was he who trained Shikamaru-baka." They felt the train stop and got up as they gathered their things to exit the train.

'Could it be that he has been lying to us this entire time?' Erza thought forgetting about a certain fire breathing teen on the train as they made their way to the exit. 'Why would he do that though? It doesn't make sense.'

"Man…" Groaned Gray, "This is too much for me to handle. I still can't believe it. I can't see Shinobi being strong."

"Well have you ever seen him fight?" Lucy asked. Gray looked up thinking about it. Besides just the brawls in the guild hall, no he couldn't. Even then, Shinobi never participated in the fights, only walking through without even getting hit.

"No." Erza said, "No one has. No one even knows what kind of magic he uses….." She paused, "But Master Makarov let him become a part of Fairy Tail, and if he trusts in Shinobi.. then so will I." She said, resolve coming in her eyes. Both Lucy and Gray smiled at that.

"Besides, you heard him." Gray said with a grin, "He considers us family." His fist came up as he put it in the air, "We might as well consider him family as well." Lucy and Erza both nodded vigorously at his statement.

"Umm…..Guys," A worried cat called out, "I think we forgot someone." He said as he pointed to the departed train. Everyone thought about what the cat had said before their eyes bulged out.

"NATSU!" They all cried out.

Naruto stepped out of the bathroom and headed back to his cabin, only to find an interesting scenario being placed in front of him. Half of the passenger seats were destroyed and there was a spiky black haired man that looked exactly like Shikamaru's transformed form yelling at Natsu.

"I'll fight you outside next ti… Hurffmm!" Natsu said as he threw up in his mouth. Then he jumped through the window and out of the train. Naruto analyzed the situation.

"Shikamaru." He said quietly, as Shikamaru disappeared from his shoulder. The black hair man sighed and turned around only to be confronted by Shinobi.

"What the hell?!" He asked looking at him, more specifically at the mark on his shoulder. "Where the hell do you damn fairies keep coming from?" Then seeing the flute on the ground he grit his teeth. "You've seen it too. That means your not leaving here alive buddy." He said as he made a dash for the flute. Right before he reached it though, he found that the flute had disappeared into his own shadow. "What the hell?!" He said. Looking up at the ninja in front of him, he saw that now there was a cat on his shoulder, his tail holding the flute. 'Shit!' He thought, 'I'm a dead man if I don't get that flute back.'

"This item," Shinobi said getting the man's attention, "I can feel a dark presence around it. Meaning that this is not something that you should probably be in possession of." The man grit his teeth.

Shinobi getting ready to take him out sensed danger. He blurred out of sight, the flute dropping to the floor as a blade of wind came through and destroyed the spot where the ninja had been. Reappearing on the other side of the black haired man he looked past him and saw many more men present. One in particular stood out. He was extremely tall, lean-built and yet mildly muscular man with silver hair, which was held pointing upwards in spiky strands on top of his head, but hung down to the left of his face, and reaching down to his shoulders. His eyes were dark, and seemed to lack eyebrows. He had an elongated face with sharp features, and somewhat pointed ears. His eyes were circled by dark lines and each of them has a simple tattoo right below them, consisting of a pointed line going down vertically, crossed with two more, larger horizontal lines. The upper part of his body is similarly tattooed, but with much larger, intricated and blue-colored motifs, which take on spiraling forms, and adorn his shoulders, biceps, chest and back. He was wearing a Japanese-like outfit. He was wearing a long, worn hakama, below a darker, shorter cloth, held up by an even lighter and shorter one tied like a belt. He has a black scarf wrapped around his thin neck, with its edges hanging on his back and traditional geta sandals on his feet. The last thing that Shinobi noticed was a pair of distinctive dark gloves, each adorned by a light X on the back, and by bandages wrapped around his forearms.

The man walked forward slowly, picking up the flute. "Kageyama." He said gently causing the now known Kageyama to stiffen, "I'm thoroughly disappointed in you. You not only let another mage form another guild see the Lullaby, but you also let him take it from you?" He asked. Kageyama was now trembling in fear from the man. "Tisk tisk. What am I going to do with you?" He asked himself.

"Damn, this is such a drag." Shikamaru said. Cursing himself for dropping the flute, that was a rookie mistake. His senses should have told him to move regardless of being with Naruto. "That's Eligor, the ace of the dark mage guild Eisenwald." Shikamaru said getting Eligor to look at the cat.

"I see that you know of little old me." He laughed, "Well as much fun as it would be to dispose of you fairies myself, I have a strict schedule in which I do intend to keep. So in that case Kageyama." He said getting the man to stiffen. "Deal with them. And if you don't." His face morphed into an evil grin, "I'll kill you myself." With that he gave off a laugh and launched himself from the train with the rest of his men following.

Kageyama stood there in shock for a moment before laughing lightly to himself. "Looks like I got off easy there now doesn't it." He said turning to the ninja. "Sorry about it, but you heard the boss. You have to die." Giving the dynamic duo in front of them an evil grin.

"Shikamaru." Shinobi said.

"Tch… Troublesome." Shikamaru grumbled as he got off of the man's shoulder and got in front of Kagemaru who just stared at the small cat in front of him.

"HAHAHAHA!" He laughed out hysterically, "You can't be serious!" He laughed, "Your sending your cat to take me on?! HAHAHAHA!"

"Man… This is such a drag." Shikamaru simply said as he waited for his opponent to get himself organized.

"Well it's your funeral cat." He said as he moved his hands and slammed them to the ground causing a magic circle to appear. Both ninja's noticed that snake heads popped up from Kageyama's shadow and darted towards the cat who simply smirked as he disappeared into the ground. Kageyama's eyes widened. "He can use Shadow Magic as well?!" He cried as the snakes still dove to the spot where the cat was last seen only to be blown up. "What the hell happened?!" Kageyama cried out until he felt something coming out of his shadow, jumping back he covered his face, 'Guard Shadow!' as a dome from his shadow appeared and protected him from Shikamaru's kunai blade launching at him.

When Kagemaru opened his eye's he no longer saw the cat that he was fighting, but himself, with another outfit on. "What's going on?" he asked shakily. Shikamaru looked off and let out a shrug.

"You know I have to thank you." Shikamaru said, "Already you've given me about 5 new idea's about how I can use Shadow Magic. Shinobi over there doesn't really know too much about it, only that it would have really complemented my fighting style, and he was right. "

It was true, out of all the clans in Konoha, the Nara clan was the most secretive out of them all. Even Danzo couldn't infiltrate their clan to record their clan secrets. Shinobi had only supplied the basics of what little he knew to Shikamaru about their jutsus, and the fact that Shikamaru got that far was impressive in itself.

"Well, I think it's about time we wrap this up." Shikamaru said bringing out his tanto and getting into a stance. Kageyama growled.

"Just because you looked like me, doesn't mean shit!" He snarled, "You're dead you hear me?!" Shikamaru had already started running at the man when he saw a magic circle appear at his feet.

'Here it comes.' He thought. 3 shadow fists came out from the ground that would have hit Shikamaru if he hadn't transformed back into a cat. Spinning round, Shikamaru swung his tail around like a club and hit Kageyama in the face sending him flying.

'What the hell was that?' He thought. 'That felt like I was getting hit with a metal pole.' Still flying in the air he tried to orient himself before he stopped in midair. He looked around and felt his limbs were constrained by thin wire. "What the hell is this?" He cried out struggling against his restraints.

"Don't make it harder than it needs to be." Said a dull voice as Shikamaru walked up to the man placing a piece of paper down underneath him that lit up like a flashlight. "Your magic only includes you using the shadows from your own shadow, so with this you're basically useless." Kageyama grit his teeth.

"How did you do that?" He gritted out. Shikamaru looked up at the man.

"While you were laughing hysterically was when I set up the ninja wires. You were so focused on laughing, you didn't notice my subtle movements." He said with a smirk causing Kageyama to growl. "As for the rest, when I became one with my shadow I left an explosive to take care of those shadow snakes of yours, attempting to come from you behind. But since you defended adequately, I quickly transformed into my human for using transformation magic to confuse you even further." Kageyama's eyes widened. "Then I provoked you into attacking me, thinking that there was no way that I could possibly avoid your attack since I was coming from a frontal assault, then I transformed by into my original form and clubbed you with my tail in the direction of my trap." Kageyama's mouth hung open. It was such a simple plan, and like a chump he fell for it.

"But your tail felt like I was being hit with a steel rod." He said causing Shikamaru to smirk.

"Blame that sadistic bastard for making me train it up to be that way." He said while pointing at the ninja who was now walking up to the constrained man.

"Now," Shinobi said with a voice like cold steel, "You're going to tell me everything that is happening here right now." Kageyama's body began to tremble from the immense pressure that the ninja was giving off and let out a small whimper.

"Wooooowwwwww!" Lucy said with hearts in her eyes, "I think I'm in love." Lucy continued to watch the dark guild Eisenwald be demolished due to the one and only Erza the Titiana. Requiping lightning speed from her swords, to spears, to axes, she was cutting through her foes with the greatest of ease. "Whelp." Lucy said slightly stretching and grabbing one of her keys. "I might as well contribute to this fight a little." Happy groaned.

"Awww Lucy. Why do you gotta steal the show from Erza?" He whined.

"Damn cat." She said as she took hold of her key. "Gate of the crab. Cancer!" She yelled out thrusting her key out. There was a bright light that shone from the key growing large. When the light had died down everybody saw another person where Lucy was. He had black hair that was braided in red cornrows that ended in a shape that resembles crab's pincers He wore a blue striped shirt and dark trousers with two aquamarine stripes each side. In his pants there's a ring chain in the right pocket and a hairdresser tools' bag in the left side of his belt. He wore golden necklace in his hands were two pairs of Scissors. He wore sunglasses with green lens and there were six crab legs that appeared coming from his back.

"CRAB! CRAB!" Cried out Happy as he started salivating at the mouth.

"Do you want me to take care of these fools ebi?" He questioned his summoner.

"E-E-EBI?!" Said a shocked Happy, "What the hell is wrong with him?! Lucy you should send him back, you have no hope." The cat said dejectedly. Lucy just popped him one of the top of his head.

"Shut it." She muttered before turning to Cancer. "Come on Cancer." She said with a grin and getting in a stance unfamiliar to him. "We'll take them on together." Cancer just looked at his summoner like she was crazy.

"Ebi?" He said blankly. Lucy grinned.

"That's right Cancer," She said as she pulled out her own sunglasses putting them on, "You haven't sparred with me yet have you? Well let's get going!" She said while Cancer only nodded his head.

"Come on little lady." A creepy looking guy said with both of his hands up and in a squeezing position. "I want to see how sensitive those tits of your ar-… URRK!" He cried out as a whip latched around him and yanked him towards Lucy. Striking out, Lucy let out a series of thrusts with her fingers before the man was completely motionless on the floor. Everyone just gapped.

"W-what she do to him?" A random person asked. Erza even narrowed her eyes.

'I didn't see what happened' She thought, 'What was that?'

"Whatever, there's like 50 of and only her and her stupid crab. Come on guy let's go!" Another random guy said. The rest howled in agreement as they charged the duo and the cat.

"Cancer!" She yelled out.

"On it ebi." He said coolly as he snipped his way through different weapons while simultaneously stylizing their hair. Lucy dodged another attack lashing out her thrusts here and there paralyzing anyone who came within her reach. Standing back to back with Cancer, they were surrounded, Lucy let out a small breath slightly tired from the magic she was exerting.

"You've change ebi." Cancer said. Lucy smiled.

"I won't just hide behind you guys anymore. I'm going to be there fighting our battle together all the way." She declared. Cancer just smirked.

"Well alright ebi." He said charging out once again.

Palm, thrust, kick, turn, dodge. Palm, thrust, kick, turn dodge. The moves were becoming repetitious but it was effective against the small fry. Soon there was only one person left who had almost snuck up on her.

"Your in my range!" She growled out. "Two palms!" She cried out as two lightning fast strikes were made upon his body. "Four palms! Eight palms! Sixteen palms! Thirty-two palms!" The man's body was jerking uncontrollably throughout the entire combo. He fell to the ground body still twitch, but unconscious.

"Impressive." Erza said from behind her. "What was that?" She asked. Lucy took in many breaths.

'Wow.' She thought. 'That move really does wear you down.' She let out another breathe. "Eight Trigrams, Thirty-Two Strikes." She said. "It's the fighting style that Shinobi-kun is helping me out with." Erza nodded, not understanding the concept behind the style, but understood that it was dangerous.

"So that's the style that Shinobi uses?" She asked. Lucy shook her head.

"No. He said that this form clashes to much with the way that he fights." Erza nodded.

"Regardless it was impressive." She said, "Would you too like to have a spar when we return back to the guild?" She asked. Lucy blanched.

"HELL NO!" She yelled out. Erza looked around once again seeing that there were still many more opponents left for them to battle.

"Tch." She said, "This is taking way too long." As she used her magic to requip into her Heaven's wheel armor. "Tenrin: Sākururen Sōdo!"She cried out as the blades began to dance around her armor before being flung out at their enemies.

"AARRGGGG!" Many of them cried out only for Erza to launch another series of attacks at the men until only one was left. He looked around scared before he disappeared into the floor.

"Shoot." She said before turning to Lucy. "He might be heading to Eligor. Lucy, Happy, go after him!" She said getting wide eyes from both forced volunteers.

"EEEEH?!" Both Lucy and Happy said.


"PLEASE!" Erza growled.

"Yes ma'am!" Lucy and Happy both said before running away fearing for their lives. Erza's armor glowed before she was back in her normal armor once more.

'Driving the magical four-wheeled vehicle is really affecting me a lot' She thought as she panted heavily taking a knee. 'Natsu…. Gray… Lucy…. I'll leave the rest to you…. And Happy too.' She made that after thought before she was interrupted from her thoughts with another presence.

"I'm impressed." A voice said causing Erza to become on full alert whipping her neck back to see who it was. Her eyes widened at who was there.

"You…." She said in shock.

"I honestly didn't think that she would have advanced that far." A familiar cat said walking on the ground. "That just makes her more troublesome." Behind him was Shinobi carry what looked to be an unconscious man tied up in a thin wire over his shoulder.

"It was adequate." The ninja replied before getting a snort from the cat.

"Adequate my ass." He said, "I know your proud of her for being able to do a complete a technique as complicated as that." Shinobi remained silent as he walked over to Erza, dropping the body off to the side.

"What are you doing here?" Erza asked tiredly. Shinobi didn't say anything as he put his hands up in front of her. "What are you doing?" She asked a little angrily before she saw a soft green glow coming from his hands. Moving his hands from one side of her body to the next, the light slowly died down and he reached into one of his pouches and pulled out a spherical object handing it to her. She looked down at the object then back up at the ninja in front of her confused.

"Eat it." Shinobi said. Erza just stared at him for another few seconds before looking down at the object.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Just eat the damn pill troublesome woman." Shikamaru said, as he was busy binding up everyone who was on the ground in ninja wire. Erza gave the cat a light glare, but was too tired to really do anything about it. So she put the pill in her mouth, chewed it and swallowed it. Her eyes widened. The effects were instantaneous. She felt her magical powers returning to her rapidly. She stood up and looked at her own body.

"How do you feel?" Questioned the ninja. She looked at him in awe.

"I feel great." She said surprisingly, flexing her hands. "I feel like 70 percent of my magic has returned to me. What was that you gave to me?" She asked.

"Soldier pill." He said simply.

"Soldier pill?" She toyed with word. "I've never heard of any soldier having anything like this." She said before looking back at the ninja. "Does that mean that you were a soldier before coming to Fairy Tail?" She asked before realizing what she was asking. 'That couldn't be right. He would've had to be under 12 or 13. That's when he first joined the guild at least.' She thought. But then, how did he know about the pill he just gave her. Another thought went into her head. "What was that thing that you were doing with your hands earlier." She asked. Shinobi looked at her.

"Diagnostics." He said, "I was making sure you did not sustain any injury." Erza's eyes opened wide.

'Is he a doctor then?' She asked herself before shaking her head. Figuring out the masked mystery in front of her could wait. She needed to get the citizens of the town out and away from the train station. Leaping up she started running to the entrance.

"ERZA WAIT!" Shikamaru yelled after the woman, but she just shook her head.

"I need to get the people out of here!" She yelled back.

"But you don't unde-" Shikamaru was interrupted once again by the woman.

"Lend a hand to Lucy, Gray, or Natsu. I need to get the people out of here!" She yelled out disappearing behind the door. Shikamru sighed.

"Now do you so why women are just so troublesome?" The cat asked the ninja. "We already know what the main target of their mission is." Shinobi shrugged.

"We need to get everyone out of here before the trap fully prepared. Come on Shikamaru." He said grabbing Kageyama and running farther into the train station to find his family.

Gray was running down the hall to the central plaza of the station intent on telling Erza the information that he had just found out.

'Come on! Come on!' He thought, 'We can't be too late!' But his thought process was interrupted when he saw two figures heading towards him. "What the?..." He said peering down the hallway seeing a familiar ninja and a flying cat right next to him. "Shinobi? Shikamaru?" He asked to himself before the two blurred past him, one of them grabbing his waist by the tail. "WHAT THE?! URRRGGG!" He cried out as he was jerked backwards and being dragged by the lazy cat. "Come on Shikamaru!" He cried out. "Let me go!" Struggling against the tail, which apparently had a tight grip around his waste. "I have to let Erza know about Eisenwald's true target." Shikamaru just turned his head to him.

"We already know about it." He said getting Gray to stop struggling. "Erza left to evacuate citizens before we could tell her though. We're getting all of you first so we can leave without anymore incident." Gray just grit his teeth in annoyance but accepted what the cat was telling him.


"DAMMIT SHIKAMARU!" Gray shouted once again flapping his arms crazily. "If your gonna drag me around at least watch where you're going!"

"Aww man. This is lame." Said a certain Dragon Slayer, his arms behind his head, "I was for sure wanting to at least find that Eligor bastard. Now I don't even know where I am." He continued walking until he heard footsteps. The next thing he knew he was grabbed by the back of his scarf and quickly dragged the opposite direction. "DAMMIT! LET ME GO! I'LL FIGHT ALL YOU BASTARDS! LET ME AT'EM!" He shouted as he was dragged down the hall.

"GEEZ!" Cried out a frustrated Lucy, "I mean, why are you so attached to me, you damn kitty cat!" She yelled out, only to let out a yelp when she felt someone pick her up. "WHAT THE HELL?!" She cried out as she looked at her kidnapper. "Shinobi-kun?" She asked as she looked around and saw another person. "Shikamaru? Gray?... And is that Natsu you dragging back there?" Looking around the ninja's shoulder, an angry dragonslayer could still be found cursing at his kidnapper.

"LEMME GO YOU BASTARD! YOUR MOTHER WAS A COW! YOUR FATHER WAS A TRANSVESTITE! I PLAYED BADMITTEN WITH YOUR SISTER!" Lucy sweat dropped at the teens attempt to taunt his supposed opponent before looking down and realizing her position. He was carrying her one armed bridal style, but because of this, his hand was tightly gripping her beautifully shaped ass. A large tickmark arose on her face.

"AHHHH! HENTAI!" She started to scream as she started bopping him on his head with her fists. Consequently, Happy, who was being dragged by his tail by the ninjas arm, came loose and landed on top of Natsu's head.

"Oh hey there Happy." He said looking up. "What are you doing there?' He asked.

Meanwhile, "LET ME DOWN! LET ME DOWN!" She screamed, while on every word she would hit him on the head.

"We need to hurry." He said causing the girl to pause for a moment. "If we stay in this building any longer then we're going to be trapped with no way out." Lucy's eyes widened at what the ninja told her, before narrowing her eyes and turning away.

"I bet that's just an excuse to cope a feel." She muttered causing the ninja to sigh. But now that he was thinking about it…. There was something enticing about where his hand was placed right now.

Erza looked at her bleeding arm while gritting her teeth. "What's going on?" She asked, "This station isn't their target?!"

"ERZA!" She heard a shout from behind. Turning around she found Shinobi and Shikamaru carrying the rest of her team to her.

"Damn." Muttered Shikamaru when he finally got to the woman and looked out at the giant tempest outside. "Looks like we're too late." He said. Erza looked at him.

"What do you mean too late?" She asked. Shikamaru sighed.

"I mean that this entire plan about Eisenwald broadcasting the Lullaby through the broadcasting system was a hoax." Erza's eyes widened. "Their plan was to lure us here, trap us and then head towards their intended target." Erza growled.

"Where is it?" She asked.

"Clover town." Answered Gray, "They intend to play the song and kill all of the guildmasters at the guildhall." Erza's eyes widened.

"You knew this already didn't you." She pointed at both Shinobi and Shikamaru who both just nodded. "Then why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

"Troublesome woman." Shikamaru sighed, "We tried, but you went rushing off to go evacuate the civillians before we even had a chance to tell you anything." Erza's cheeks turned slightly red at the implication of her own mistake.

"That's not important right now." Gray said, "What we need to do is get out of here. And with that…" He pointed to the barrier, "It doesn't look like we'll be going that way." Erza nodded her head.

"Yes. Anything that tries to exit the barrier…" She held up her hand, "Gets torn to shreds." Gray nodded her head as Lucy gasped looking at the wound. Shinobi took out a scroll, unfurled it, and released some chakra into the seal causing a small 'poof' to occur. Everybody watched curiously at what the ninja was doing. When the smoke cleared, it looked like medical supplies had just appeared on the paper. Grabbing some of the wrappings and disinfectant, he went over to Erza and gently grabbed her arm and paused for a second looking at the woman. When she realized what he was doing, she just nodded her head and sat down with him. He dabbed the chemicals with some cotton and went to work. Erza winced slightly as the chemicals burnt, doing their part in cleaning the wounds. Quickly wrapping her arm with bandages, he then put his hand in front of her arm, and once again, his hands started glowing a soft green. Everyone watched in fascination, minus Shikamaru, at what the ninja was doing.

"Shikamaru." He said getting everyone's attention. "Bring him up. We need to interrogate him to see if he know anything about this barrier." Shikamaru nodded before a magic circle appeared in his shadow, then slowly a body raised up from it. Natsu's eye's widened.

"Hey that's the guy who kicked me in the face!" He cried out. Gray snickered at the thought.

"From what I have gathered he is Eligor's right hand man. If anyone has information on this barrier, it would be him." Informed Shiniobi. The glow from his hands died down and he let out a small breath and shudder. Erza noticed but chose not to say anything, as there were more important matters to attend to.

"He's unconscious though." She said looking at the man, "He's useless to us." Shinobi didn't say anything as he walked over to the body, grabbing something else out of his side pouch. They watched him put something underneath Kageyama's nose before they saw him jerk awake suddenly surprising everybody. Shinobi stood back up.

"What did you do?" Gray asked.

"Smelling salts." Shinobi answered calmly, as he watched the man on the ground regain his bearings.

"What the-… Where am I?!" He said as he started to struggle from the ninja wire. "LET ME GO!" He shouted. He was then lifted up with one hand by Erza and slammed against the side of the wall, sword poised and ready to pierce in her other hand.

"I want the magic wall of wind to be nullified at once." She said with a cold glare that made Kageyama shiver. "You'll gain a new cut every time you say no. Understood?"

"U-u-und-er-stood." Kageyama coughed out as blood began spilling out of his mouth profusely. Erza in shock dropped the man, only to find a fat man halfway fused with the wall behind him, looking at his hand, which was covered in blood.

"KAGE!" Screamed Erza.

"Shit!' Said Gray.

"Kage! Hang in there!" Cried out Erza only to be shoved to the side.

"Move!" Said Shinobi forcefully pushing the girl to the side. Looking down at the body, he pulled out his medical scroll once again unfurling it. Looking at his supplies, he didn't see anything that would help him in this situation. "Shit!" He said quietly, "This is gonna suck for me later." With that he made a few hand seals and went to work, trusting in his teammates to keep him safe as he preformed this medical jutsu. Shinobi hated performing medical ninjustsu. It was always such a pain, and usually depleted a lot of his chakra reserves in the process. Regenerating bone was never an easy thing, and It looked like the man had stuck his hand through the back and severed some of the spinal chord. He hoped that none of the neurons in the area were damaged, for if they were, Kageyama was going to be losing some functional motor skill of some sort. If it was just bone, then that he could handle. Just increase the production rate of osteoblasts and accelerate there growth and it should be good.

Shinobi sat there for about thirty minutes, not making a sound until finally the glow from his hands died down and he let out a sigh. "He's out of danger." He said taking in some deeper breathes, "But still needs to see a proper doctor soon."

"What kind of healing magic was that?" Gray asked only getting heavy panting from the ninja. "Why didn't you tell us you could heal wounds like this?" He asked again. Shinobi just looked up at him.

"Because this is not what I specialize in." He said simply. "It takes too much of my energy to be able to heal wounds like these." He finished as he was wrapping Kageyama in bandages.

"What do you specialize in the Shinobi?" Erza asked, still curious about the ninja's abilities. Shinobi paused for a moment before thinking about whether or not he should answer them.

"Assassinations." He said simply, everyone going wide eyed at the teens response. Erza narrowed her eyes.

"What was that again?" She growled out as she guarded herself just in case something should happen. "You know that killing goes against everything Fairy Tail is about!" She snarled. Gray narrowed his eyes suspiciously at the ninja, but said nothing. Lucy was fearful, both of the fact that Erza might try and fight Shinobi, but also a little fearful of his nonchalant response to her question. Natsu just looked at the ninja wrapping up the injured man.

"This whole thing is such a drag." Sighed out Shikamaru getting everyone's attention. "You guys should listen more. He only said that he specializes in assassinations."

"That's still murder!" Growled Erza getting Shikamaru to roll his eyes.

"No it's not." He said, "He specializes in the field, it doesn't mean that he actively participates in assassinations. You people are so troublesome." Erza's eyebrow rose.

"How can you specialize in murder, but not participate in it?" She asked, her face still laced with suspicion.

"My body," Shinobi started, "Was trained to kill. It was honed and fine-tuned to kill in secrecy, in the shadows, in the dark. But I do not kill anymore and have not done so for many years. I still implement my training though to complete missions. Hiding in the shadow, disguises, deception." Erza noticed that he had said 'anymore' and was about to call him out on that when he stood up. "We can worry about this later, we have more important matters to attend to."

"As curious as I am about all this, I have to say that he's right." Gray said, "We still need to get out of here." Natsu started grinning like a mad man.

"Don't worry about it." He said getting everyone's attention. "While Shinobi was healing Kageyama, Happy and Lucy here came up with a great idea!" He grinned. Lucy smiled and nodded at the group before taking out one of her golden keys.

"OPEN! THE DOOR TO THE VIRGIN! VIRGO!" She thrust the key out in front of her causing there to be a bright light to occur. When the light died down she looked at the spirit. "HUH?!"

"How may I serve you mistress?" Came a gentle voice. There stood a maid with shackles around her wrists, short, pink hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing a typical black and white maid's outfit. While introduction were being made, Shinobi was having a heated conversation with his own partner Shikamaru.

Using his tail he swished it back and forth in a rhythmic pattern conveying his message to the ninja. 'What the hell are you doing? Why did you say that?' Shinobi using one of his hands formed signs discreetly with his finger.

'I don't know alright! I don't know why I answered their questions.'

'What do you mean you don't know?!' Shikamaru's tail twitch irritably. 'After all this time your now being open with them? Why?'

'…. I don't know….' Shiniobi signed.

'I thought the whole reason why you have kept in the shadows all this time was so enemies couldn't plan their attacks accordingly against you.' Shikamaru's tail swished. Shinobi sighed.

'Yea….' Shinobi was interrupted from his conversation with Shikamaru when he sensed a face in front of his own literally 2 inches away from his own. "May I help you?" He asked, a little upset that he was so distracted in his own conversation he hadn't noticed the girl with the chains pop up in front of him. She merely touched the sides of his mask turning his head back and forth looking at each side of his head. Shinobi sensed to ill will from the girl so he went along with what she was doing.

"Your spirit…" She said quietly, "Is so… beautiful my Lord." Shinobi raised an eyebrow in his mask when all of a sudden she pressed her lips firmly against his through his mask causing him to freeze up. All mages in the vicinity had their jaws on the ground seeing what the spirit was doing. Lucy was the first to recover.

"H-H-HEY!" She yelled while her face was a bright red. "I'm the one you should be listening to! We need to get out of here!" Letting go of the ninja's face she turn around to her summoner and bowed.

"Forgive me hime. Do you wish to punish this lowly servant?" She asked in what Lucy thought was somewhat of a hopeful voice.

"N-No. J-just get us outta here!" She said.

"Shame." Virgo replied, "As your wish hime." With that, a magic circle appeared underneath the girl and she began to tunnel under the ground. Gray just let off a whistle.

"I dunno." He started, "There might be some truth to what master said about Shinobi being a little player here."

"IT WAS A MISTAKE!" Yelled Lucy, only for her head to crack against the metal breasts of Erza.

"Well done Lucy." She complimented the girl. "Now lets hurry!

Once on the other side, they noticed that neither Happy or Natsu were present. Guessing that they already went ahead, the 5 members of the team, with one injured bad guy, went ahead and 'borrowed' a transport and headed on the railways.

"I'm worried about Erza." Gray said looking at their fast past that she was setting. "She's been running her magic like crazy for the many hours. I think she's on her last leg."

"She'll be fine." Shinobi said causing both Gray and Lucy to look up at him. "She had over half of her magical reserves replenished a little earlier. She should have enough energy."

"How did she do that?" Gray asked. Shinobi didn't answer anything as he looked off to the side and spread out his senses. "Tch… Typical. I wish you would open up to us a little more Shinobi." Gray said as he himself looked away. Lucy looked uncomfortable at the situation.

"W-why did you guys save me?" Asked a confused Kageyama, "We're enemies right?!" He cried out. "If your thinking about using me as a hostage to negotiate with Eligor-san…. It's a waste of time. He'll probably kill me out of principle for being captured by you guys." He sighed out.

"If you really want me to, I can end your life right now." Gray said causing Kageyama to sweat. "Life and death aren't the only two possible outcomes of a conflict right? You should live your lives more positively." He said.

"All life… " Shinobi said quietly though everyone could hear him clearly, "Is precious. No matter the circumstance. You should treasure your life and fight for it, no matter what." Then he became silent as everyone just stared at him.

'Shinobi-kun….' Thought Lucy as the vehicle continued down the tracks.

"DAMMIT!" Cried out Natsu, "And after we just saved him too! How could he do that?" He asked stomping his foot down on the ground. Moments earlier, after Natsu had defeated Eligor, Kageyama had then stolen the flute and taken their magical transport as well leaving the mages stranded there on the tracks.

"That's not important." Erza said, "We need to hurry up and reach Clover Town before it's too late!' She cried out as she started running down the tracks. Everyone following her. Shinobi paused and looked at the battered man on the ground. He made a single hand-seal.

'Kage Bushin'

A clone popped into existence and proceeded to bind the man with ninja wire. "Catch up when you're finished with him." He said getting a nod from the clone before he too took off after the others, quickly catching up. Erza looked back.

"Lucy I must say, I'm quite impressed that you can keep up with us at these speeds." She said.

"WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN!" She yelled out angered at the fact that they thought she was slow.

"We need to go faster. Can you keep up?" She asked getting a nod from the girl. Erza grinned, "Alright, let's pick it up a notch." With that the mages and the ninja ran quickly down the tracks.

"LOOK THERE HE IS!" Gray pointed out as Kageyama stood with the lullaby in his hands in front of Master Makarov.

"JIII-CHAN/MASTER!" All but Shinobi and Shikamaru cried out before an odd, short, bald, cross-dressing man held up his hand in front of them to stop them.

"Shhhhh!" He said quietely holding a finger to his lips. "The best part is coming up. Just watch." He said in a very flirty voice before looking at both Natsu and Gray. "Ohhh, you boys just look so delicious." He said blowing a kiss at the two who were overly freaked out.

"Wh-who is this?" Lucy asked slightly disturbed.

"Master Bob from Blue Pegasus!" Erza said.

"Oh my Erza-chan." Master Bob said with a hand on the side of his face, "You sure have grown into a beautiful woman." He said before looking at Shinobi. "Oooooo!" His eyes lit up. "The ever mysterious Shinobi-kun. What I wouldn't do to unravel your mystery cutie!" Though thoroughly creeped out, Shinobi bowed.

"Master Bob, it's good to see you again." He said.

"What's going on?" Everyone heard Master Makarov say. "Hurry up already." They all saw Kageyama trembling with the flute in his hands.

"NO!" Yelled Erza when another presence made itself known.

"Just stay quiet. This should be interesting." Said the older gentleman with sunglasses, causing the girl to widen her eyes at the man

"Master Goldmine from Quatro Cerberus." Erza said quietly before looking back at the master.

"Now." Makarov said with seriously. A thousand thoughts were racing through Kageyama's head at once.

'I just need to play it.' He thought, 'Everything will change after that!' Makarov let out s sigh.

"Nothing will change." He said looking at the shocked Kageyama. "Weaklings will stay weakinglings together. But weakness is not evil. Since Human beings are weak creatures to begin with. Alone, you feel nothing but insecurity; That's why we form guilds. That's why we have nakama." Kageyama just stared at the old man in front of him. "We walk together in order to live a strong life. The clumsy will run into more walls than the others. And it may also take them longer to get there. If you believe in tomorrow and put yourself out there, you can naturally obtain your strength. That's how you'll be able to smile and live strong." Makarov gave him a knowing grin. "Without having to depend on such a flute of course." Everyone just watched at they saw Kageyama's shocked expression in front of Makarov. It wasn't until he dropped the flute in defeat did Lucy, Happy, Erza, Natsu, and Gray rush to the master.

"JII-SAN/CHAN/MASTER!" Came their respected calls. Makarov's eyes bulged.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" He screamed out before getting his face smashed into Erza's metallic busom.

"Master, you're amazing! Your words deeply touched me!" She cried out.

"OUCH!" Came the Masters reaction.

"Finally." Came Shikamaru's voice, "It's about time we finished this troublesome mission." Makarov looked up at the cat, then the ninja, which he was perched upon.

"Shinobi? Shikamaru?" He asked, "What are you guys doing here with this lot?" He asked pointing his thumb over his shoulder. Shinobi merely pulled out a small package that was wrapped in a brown paper bag.

"You asked me to retrieve this item for you master." Shinobi said, Makarov's eyes going wide with excitement.

"Y-Y-YOU M-M-MEAN YOU ACTUALLY GOT IT?!" He cried out. Getting the nod from the ninja he let out a girlish scream and snatched the book out of the ninja's hands ripping the paper off of the package, which revealed a book.

Icha Icha Baiorensu

"Oh my Maki," Master Bob said with his hand in front of his mouth. "Is that what I think it is?" He asked girlishly.

"Your damn right it is!" He cried out. "The newest Icha Icha edition signed by the one and only Jiraiya-sama!" Getting the rest of the guildmasters attention, they crowded around the book. Lucy looked disgusted.

"Bunch of pervy old men." She muttered, but she could have sworn that she saw Erza try to take a glance or two at the ecchi novel.

"HAHAHA." Came a voice out of nowhere. "You mages have no guts!" Everyone's eyes widened at the talking object on the ground. "I can't hold it any longer." The flute said, "I'll just eat you all myself!"

Then there was an explosion, a pair of enormous wooden legs struck down, clawed feet shot out to each side of the valley. Mounted to those legs was a gigantic body, gaping holes all through its middle, converging into a massively wide wooden chest. Two wooden arms stuck out from its shoulders, each ending in razor sharp claws. Then there was the twisted head stuck to the neck of the beast, three dark eyes glaring down at everyone, a long tongue licking its lips. Its long, pointed ears stuck out horizontally from its head, hiding just beneath a pair of giant horns, shooting into the sky.

"….Troublesome…." Muttered Shikamaru, as he looked up at the creature

"What the hell is that thing?" Yelled Kageyama.

Master Gold Mine seemed to have the answer as he replied. "That must be a demon from the book of Zeref."

Shinobi stood in the back behind his peers, as he raised his hands to form a simple hand sign. 'Kage Bushin!' He muttered quietly, as four clones popped into existence behind him. Nodding to the four, they took off in their separate directions, already knowing their assignments.

"What… is going on? How could a demon come out of a flute?" Asked Lucy.

"That devil is the lullaby itself. Meaning, it's living magic." Shinobi said surprising everyone with the fact that he spoke. "It's living magic…. Zeref's magic

Gray turned to Shinobi "No way, Zeref's magic? You mean from ancient times?"

Grinning wickedly, Lullaby pondered over its new prey. "So, which of you want to be eaten first? If you know you have a tasty soul, please, jump forward first!"

Raising a fist, Natsu cried back angrily. "How about none of us! You wanna eat so badly? How about I eat your soul ya bastard!" Thinking about what he had said he turned to Gray. "Hey, you think souls taste good?" He asked.


Shinobi turned from his position and saw a large gathering of people off to the side, all dressed in matching medieval knight outfits, flags upheld by a few of them with strange designs fluttering proudly above their heads.

"This guy isn't anything we can't handle! Men, onward with the attack!" The leader cried out

Letting out a loud cry, the men began charging. This managed to draw the attention of the titanic wooden beast. Raising a brow, the beast snorted. "Not even worth my time. Disappear!"

Taking a large breath, Lullaby exhaled and fired out a monstrous yellow beam of pure energy. It covered the distance from itself to the knights in a fraction of a second, hitting the mountain behind them causing it to explode violently, massive chunks of earth thrown everywhere. Shinobi felt the tremors of the blast hit their spot as well. Many in their own party had fallen over due to the destructive power of the blast.

Shikamaru analyzed their opponent before looking down at the ninja for disrections. Shinobi just shook his head. 'This beast has a lot of power. But we're in the midst of many different guild masters, so I shouldn't need to jump into anything yet.' He thought looking around at the masters, 'They don't seem too shaken up at anything either…. I already did enough to where they should be able to wrap this up.'

Hearing a cry of retreat, Shinobi and Shikamaru sweat dropped as the formally brave knights turned tail and fled. He couldn't blame them though. He guessed if he was as weak as them, he might be scared of the beast.

"You know, I haven't eaten anything in couple hundred years. I think I'll just eat you all at once!" Cackled Lullaby

"Natsu! Gray! With me. Shinobi you take care of civilians alright?!" She cried out as she shot forward requiping her armor. Just as everyone took off, Lullaby reared its head back and let out a deafening roar, the very air shaking with the power of the vibrations. Erza charged in, requipping out for the power of her Heaven's Wheel Armor. Shooting her swords, she let out a satisfied hum as she heard the swords cut deeply into the surface of the beast.

Gray came in next, placing a fist on top of an open palm as he charged his ability. Thrusting his palms face out, he braced himself as hundreds of long frozen spears exploded out, shooting up and into Lullaby's torso. 'Ice Make: Lance!'

Natsu, coming out of nowhere, arms ablaze as he shot into face of the thing with a mighty punch. 'Salamander's Brilliant Flame!'

Struggling under the rapid succession of attacks, Lullaby tried to step back but couldn't move its feet. "What the helll?!" The beast continued to try to move

Erza tried to find the source of this. 'What's going on?! Why can't it move it's feet?' She then saw some glowing symbols on the ground at Lullaby's feet. 'Are those…. Runes of some kind? But who could be casing them' She asked heself. Turning her attention back to Lullaby, Erza flapped her polished wings as the monster lashed out with a massive arm, just barely missing her and turning the ground behind her into nothing but rubble. Natsu and Gray also dived out of harm's way as the arm swept around, trying to grab a hold of anyone.

"Oh!" Master Bob said, "Well look at that Maki. Who do you think is responsible for that." He said with a flirty smile. Makarov,, just shot a quick glance at Shinobi who was in the back, before turning back to see his children fight the demon.

"You insects are really annoying!" Lullaby growled

The three simply began attacking again, any visible part of the massive wooden body being targeted and slashed, stabbed, frozen or set on fire.

Shinobi was just monitoring the situation from behind the group just to make sure that everything was going ok. His clones had already gotten the civilians away so he just chose to stand back and watch what his fellow comrades could do. The next second he heard a scream coming from his right. Reacting to the sound, he shot off like an arrow to the source, seeing Lucy and Happy about to get crushed by some excess debris. Shinobi flickered into existence beside them, grabbing one around the waist, the other by his tail, before vanishing with them just before the large chunks of debris came down on their previous position. Landing a safe distance away, Shinobi placed them down gently and made sure they were ok.

"You ok?" He asked with general concern. Lucy felt something within her stir a little.

Seeing them nod, Shinobi stood up. "Don't worry, I wont let any harm come to either of you." He said with some emotion in his voice that cause Lucy to blush and Happy to get an-awe struck face on him.

"Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!"

Natsu unleashed powerful flames into the side of Lullaby, grinning as he saw large scar marks appear on the body of the gigantic beast.

"Ha! Your not very strong are you?! Your just a big bag of hot air"

"THAT'S IT! YOUR DEAD!" The Lullaby cried out in rage as his hands shot out flattening the forest round about the area. Dodging, Natsu landed on the giant's arm and began charging up it, rapidly drawing near to its furious face.

'Fire Dragon's Claw!'

Unleashing a devastating fire fuelled kick into Lullaby's face, the beast cried out in pain. "Damn you!"

'Ice Make: Geyser!'

Suddenly, a towering pillar of ice shot up from the ground behind Lullaby, striking from its side and piercing the demon through his body. Howling out in pain, Lullaby's massive weight forced it down onto the spike, impaling itself on to the ground.

"THAT'S IT! YOUR ALL DEAD!" He cried as he broke the giant ice spike and took a large breath. "ENJOY MY SONG!" Everyone tensed as they were prepared to hear the fatal attack, only to hear the sound of a slight wheezing noise. "What's going on?!" The beast cried out. "I can't play my song!"

"I see," Master Goldmine said, "Because of all the attacks, the beast is so full of holes that it cannot produce a single note."

"You mean, it's a giant living flute that can't play notes?" Lucy asked. "…That's kinda lame."

"YOU! YOU WILL NOT MOCK ME!" The creature cried out as it unleashed a raging torrent of fire into the forest around, aiming at really anything he could hit.

'Ice Make: Shield!'

Gray smashed his hand together to produce a thick wall of ice in front of the bystanders, protecting everyone from the vicious flames. Lullaby was cackling the entire time as he watched his fire start to burn through the ice. But suddenly, the flames started to away over towards Natsu as the boy inhaled.

After managing to swallow the entire raging inferno, Natsu looked up at Lullaby, wiping his mouth. "Thanks for the meal, those flames were delicious! Ha-ha, now I've got a fire in my belly!"

"Y-y-you're a monster!" Lullaby shuddered in fear.

"HA! YOUR ONE TO TALK!" Cried out Natsu as he took off again at the beast. Lullaby struck out at the oncoming teen only for Natsu to dodge and land on its arm and started running along its arm.

'Requip! Black Wing Armor!'

Flying in for support, Erza swapped her Heaven's Wheel outfit for a much sleeker one. This armor was black with silver trimming that had silver crosses is several places. It had a revealing silver-edged breastplate and plates flanking her shapely hips that reached down to her waistguard. The waistguard leaves the front of Erza's body exposed, to the enjoyment of many perverted older men, but also the black bikini bottoms didn't help that much either. There were large plates also guarding her legs. She had two wings that have black metal 'arms' acting as the wings leading structure, but the parts used to fly were composed of a membrane-like material. Erza's hair was now tied in a simple ponytail.

Shooting past Natsu, Erza cut deep into Lullaby's side with a single swing of her magnificent sword, the demon opening its mouth in a loud roar of pain. Turning back, she saw Natsu nearing the head and cried out at him.

"NATSU!" She cried out, "DO IT NOW!"

'Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!'

Igniting both hands, Natsu brought them together, generating a massive fire ball bigger than his own body over his head. Jumping forward with a scream, he launched the massive ball of flame at Lullaby, the beast shrieking as it felt the ball slam into its chest, flames exploding upon impact. Not able to move its feet, the beast fell over on the face of the land, destroying acres of trees in the process. With a large groan Lullaby once again got back up. "THAT"S IT! I'M NO LONGER GOING TO EAT YOU, I'M GOING TO WIPE YOUR EXHISTANCE AWAY FROM THE FACE OF THE PLANET!" He cried out.

Eyes wide, Natsu took a step back. "Damn! This guy is tough!"

Nodding her head, Erza looked back up at the beast. "NATSU! GRAY! With me!" She cried out getting them to nod their heads as they lined up. Gray closed his eyes as he focused, Erza's sword began glowing as energy charged through it, Natsu brought his arms back behind himself. Then they all dashed forward and unleashed the power one last time into the howling demon.

'Ice Make: Saucer!'

"HrrrrAHHHH!" Screamed Erza.

'Fire Dragon's Wing Attack!'

As the attacks connected, the beast let out a horrific wail in agony, its voice shattering as its body destabilized into millions of particles in the air.

"HAHAHAHA!" Laughed out old man Makarov, "What do you think?! Aren't they great?!" He continued laughing as he started to do his own little jig around the area. All the Fairy Tail mages were gathered around grinning like fools. Shinobi let out a small sigh and smiled underneath his mask. He leaned on a tree in the back letting his teammates enjoy their moment of glory. He was tired and he wanted to go home and sleep. He was low on chakra from using his medical ninjustsu. Damn! He hated using it, but the situation called for it. He let loose a sigh as to what his teammates had learned about him this mission. Keeping up this façade, especially on missions was exhausting. That's why he usually only worked with Shikamaru. He was a lot more careless on this mission though. He wondered why, what would make him do such a thing? He was pretty annoyed that this who situation happened in the first place…. Oh well, nothing that a little rest and relaxation couldn't fix. Makarov continued his dancing until something caught his eye, which caused him to blanch. The other old geezers looked at where he was looking and gapped.

"NUAAAH!" THE REGULAR MEETING SITE HAS CRUMBLED TO DUST!" They cried out in a collective manner.

"Man that thing is absolutely toast!' Laughed out Natsu. Yells and shouts were given as the Fairy Tail mages started to tremble in fear at having to repay the damage that they had caused.

"SHUT UP!" Came a shout. Everyone gapped at the source of the shout seeing Shinobi now standing with his fists clenched. "You yell at them like this is entirely their fault!" He shouted out in anger, "In case you old fools haven't noticed, there just seems to be a plethora of fricken guild masters here who supposedly have immense power. You all knew the destructive power of Erza, Gray, and Natsu. Yet you old bats did nothing. So don't take it out on them!" He shouted out, now panting a little after his short but vicious speech.

"Oh my…" Master Bob whispered, "That's the most I have ever heard him talk." The other guild masters who knew of the ninja could only nod in agreement. Shinobi paused for a moment thinking about what had happened before seizing up.

He bowed to the masters in apology. "Forgive me masters. I don't know what came over me." Makarov gapped.

"Shinobi-kun…." He said quietly, "What happened?" Shiniobi sighed.

"…. I don't know." He said, "Maybe I have just been spending too much time around Natsu." He said trying to lighten the mood a little and hopefully have the master just brush this little incident off.

"Alright then!" Makarov cried out in a cheerful voice. "From now on, you and Natsu are teammates!" He shouted pointing at the ninja who just stood still in shock for a moment.

"WHHHHAATTTT?!" He cried out. Makarov just dug his pinky in his ear making sure he could hear again,

"You heard me Shinobi-kun." He said, "I haven't seen you open up this much in well… forever. So it's decided. Effective immediately your going to be teamed up with Natsu until you open up a little more." He thought about what he had just said. "Or…. You show us your face under that mask. And I'm not talking about that other mask which you have under that mask you have on." Shinobi cursed under his breath. Shikamaru's eyes were wide with disbelief.

"….You mean we have to work…. Every mission…. With that hyperactive pyro?" He asked quietly. Then Natsu came in out of no where trying to put Shinobi in a headlock only for him to move out of the way.

"Alright Shinobi!" He shouted, "Me, you, Happy, and Lucy all partners! I know how to celebrate! Fight me!" As he launched himself at Shinobi he just sighed.

"Natsu, Gray said you were the weakest mage in the guild." He said, and with that, Natsu launched himself in a new direction at the black haired streaker.

"What'chu say about me bastard!" And with that they started throwing fists at each other.

That evening, the group of Fairy Tail mages were gathered around the camp fire. Natsu and Gray were pretending to be best friends because Erza was there, but behind their back they were furiously poking the crap out of each other. Happy was happily eating a can of tuna that was supplied by Shinobi. Shikamaru was currently in Lucy's lap, which normally he would have thought would be troublesome, but the woman had damn good hands when it came scratching his head. Lucy giggle silently as she felt and heard the feline in her lab purr loudly. Looking up at Shinobi she sighed.

'He really has made me stronger.' She thought, 'But, still nowhere on the level of these guys.' She looked at her fellow mages thinking about the fight against Lullaby that they had.

"You did very well you know." Came Shinobi's voice interrupting her thoughts. She glanced up at the ninja.

"What?" She asked.

"The entire mission, you did very well." He said, getting the blonde to blush a little at his praise. It was rare for him to do so.

"I-I didn't do all that much." She said. Shinobi turned his head to let her know he was looking at her.

"Yes you did actually." He said, "You played a large role in this mission. If not for you, the fight with those other mages would have left Erza in a more exhausted state than she was. If it wasn't for you, we might not have gotten out of that wind barrier." Lucy was now burning up with the complements that he was giving her. "And the most important thing is…." He paused causing Lucy to lean in just a little in anticipation. "You gained an enormous amount of respect with one of your partners." Lucy looked back down to the cat in her lap smiling fondly at how Cancer had even commented on her change. Shinobi stood up. "Shikamaru." He said getting a groan coming from the girls lap.

"Do I have to?" He whined before getting up and hopping on his shoulder. Lucy gave the both of them a confused look.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Out." He said simply causing the girl to sweat drop. "We'll be back in a bit." Came a late response. With that both Shinobi and Shikamaru walked off into the night. Makarov's eyes followed the duo carefully.

"You've been awfully quiet tonight Erza." He said to the red-head who was sitting right next to him just starring at the fire. "Something on your mind?" He asked. Erza bit her lip in thought.

"…..I learned a little about Shinobi-san today." She said causing the old man's eyes to open from their normally closed position.

"Oh?" He said. Erza nodded.

"He said that he specialized in assassinations." Makarov silently looked at the girl in thought. "But he said that he doesn't do them anymore. But…" She clenched her fist, "What if he still does Master? Do we really want to take that risk? You know that murder of any kind is not tolerated within the guild!" Makarov sighed.

"As interesting as that is my child, I must pose this question to you." He said getting Erza to look at the master, "When did you start passing judgment on a person before you even got to know them?" Erza's eyes widened. "Shinobi-kun's been with us for a long time, yet, no one has tried to get to know him besides a few of the members of late. With the way our guild is run, you wouldn't think that would be possible. Not to say that this is the guilds fault by any means, but Shinobi-kun has chosen this path for himself and I respect that…." He paused as he took another puff from his pipe, "I am not sure about everything, but I know for a fact that Shinobi-kun has sacrificed much for this guild."

"What do you mean Master?" Erza now thoroughly confused. What did he mean sacrifice?

"I can truly say that I trust Shinobi-kun with all my heart. If I didn't, I wouldn't have let him join the guild right after you did." He took another puff. "The things that you've seen today, or heard from him today, is the most that probably anyone has ever heard from him. And here you are passing judgment on just one of the things that he has revealed about himself. Things in his past, that he says he takes no part of anymore." Erza looked down slightly ashamed of her accusation. "You should know better than anyone my child, most people in the guild don't have a happy beginning, but that's why we stick together as nakama. So we can bring a brighter and happier future together." He smiled.

Erza thought about what the Master had said to her. Several minutes she was silent before she stood up. "I'm going to go talk to him." She said marching out of the camp in the direction that the ninja went. Makarov just let out a fond smile.

Marching a good distance out into the darkness, Erza let out her senses getting an idea of the area before hearing something a little farther out.


A few minutes earlier:

Shinobi and Shikamaru ran out a good distance into the field away from their companions. Shinobi felt the presence of their follower right behind them. Thinking it was a good distance away from the group he stopped and looked around.

"You know, i'm surprised you were able to cut through my wire." He said. Silence permeated the desolate area for a moment before he heard some chuckling.

"You know I'm surprised." Came the voice as he walked out into the clearing, leaning on his scythe, "I didn't think any of you fairies would have noticed me."

"What do you want Eligor?" Shinobi asked. "Your guild has been imprisoned and disbanded. There is nothing left for you." Shinobi got an evil cackle as a response.

"No. That's where you are wrong I'm afraid." Eligor put up his finger. "You see, there still is one thing left for me…. Revenge." He smiled wickedly. "You see, if it wasn't for you fairies, everything would have gone according to plan. I will make sure that every man, woman, and child from your guild crying in agony. Loved one's will be lost, and all of Fiore will burn. Blood will flood your guild halls as your fellow comrades weep for their deceased." Shinobi just looked at the man.

"I see." Shikamaru hopped off as Shinobi started reaching into his ninja pouch.

"You think I'm just going to let you attack?! You'll be the first to die Fairy!" With that Eligor stretched out his arm as a magic circle appeared before him and many large wind blades came blasting out of the circle at high speeds hitting the ninja. "Hmpfff. Pathetic." He said as he turned around to walk away only to hear something high speed coming at him. Quickly moving he barely dodged in time as a Shuriken sailed past him. A large cut appeared on his shoulder. 'What?! I know I dodged that! How did it hit me?!' He glared at where the weapon was hurled at him only to widen his eyes.

Shinobi laid the shuriken flat on him palm before exhaling a stream of vacuum-like chakra onto the shuriken in a pin-wheel like fashion, turning them into massive buzz-saws. 'He's using wind magic as well?!' Eligor thought as the ninja hurled the buzz saws at the man. 'Bōfūi!' He cried out as he was encased in his wind armor, only for one of the shurikens to cut him deepingly in his side. 'How?!' He thought as his 'Storm Mail' disappeared from the pain. More shuriken came from behind curving around the man before catching him off guard when thin wires wrapped around him causing him to drop his scythe before he was thrown around at great velocity crashing into a large tree causing a crater to form around him. Looking over he saw a second ninja there manipulating small wires from his fingers. 'What kind of illusion is this?!' More shuriken flew past him effectively binding the man to the tree. Blood flew from the man's mouth as the ninja grabbed his throat causing the man to gag.

"Your wind is very powerful, but you haven't mastered your control over it. That is why my blades are sharper than yours." Shinobi said. "So are you going to cooperate now?" He asked.

"FUCK YOU!" The man snarled in rage.

Erza bent down behind a nearby rock as she saw Shinobi apparently choking someone. Looking over she saw who it was. 'Eligor?!' She thought, 'What is he doing here?!'

"You think this can hold me you stupid Fairy!" He shouted, "Watch th-?!" He froze as marking glowing markings started to spread across his entire body. When they stopped, they dimmed down and it looked like only dark lines had been tattooed across his body. Shinobi stepped back.

"I should kill you, you know." He said, he voice cold as steel as he pulled out his tanto. Erza's eyes opened wide. To hell with that! There was no way she was going to be a witness for an execution. She got up to make a move only to be held back by a tail. Angrily she looked back to find Shikamaru looking at her seriously, shaking his head he looked back at the scene. Erza, confused and pissed, grudgingly looked back at the ninja, appeasing the cat for the time being.

"I know what its like." Shinobi continued, "To kill so much that it becomes an addiction. My hands have been stained with so much blood, I am ashamed sometimes to even affiliate myself with my guild." He held up his blade to Eligor's throat, cutting it a little causing blood to run down his neck. Eligor gulped. "Why shouldn't I kill you?" He asked causing the man in front of him to sweat. "You yourself said you would going to flood our guild halls with the blood of our children, killing you would be the most logical choice in making sure my family stays safe." Shinobi shot out his killer intent at the man. Eligor's eyes widened in fear.

'S-s-shit!' He thought, 'He really is going to kill me!' Images of many different brutal situations fill his mind. '! I can see my death! I-I-I can't take this anymore!' He thought visibly trembling. "P-p-please…." He managed to gasp out.

"You must be determined…. If you've already gotten that much movement back from my seal." Shinobi said toying with his tanto, not once letting up on his killer intent. Images of Eligor's mutilated body passed through Elifor's mind in flashes causing to man to tremble more and more with fear. Shinobi thrust his tanto at the mans neck spilling blood.

"NO!" Cried out Erza as she tried to rush out to save the prisoner only to once again be stopped by Shikamaru.

"Watch!" He said seriously, the tone in his voice could have cut steel. Erza stared at the cat before returning her gaze to the bound man. She noticed that the tanto hadn't gone straight through the mans neck, but only grazed the side.

"I will spare your miserable life tonight." He said in a cold voice, Eligor still sick with fear, "But if you ever make a move against my family, I'm not sure if I could stay my blade again." With that he pulled out his blade, flicking off the blood before returning it to his sheath. "The only reason why I have not taken your head tonight is because something that has been taught to me…." He said, Erza leaning in to hear a little better. "Joining this guild," He tapped his mark on his shoulder, "has taught me something which I deem precious. Life…. Every living being is precious…." He held up his hands in front of him. "I have taken so many lives, I'm not even sure if I qualify for being able to retain my own… But I was given a second chance. A chance to save myself from my own chaos. This is what I am giving to you Eligor." Eligor stared at the man in front of him. "I am still atoning for my own sins, it's time that you do the samw. Remember this night, the night that I held your life in my hands… And remember that this, is your second chance to redeem yourself. Don't waste it and don't make me regret sparring your life." With that knocked the man out and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Erza widened her eyes at what Shinobi had said. She looked over to where Shikamaru was…. Only to find that he had vanished as well. 'When did he….?' She thought. She was still for a few moments before getting up she started walking back to their camp. 'Shinobi….. Who are you?' She thought pondering the words in which he had spoken to his captive that night.

She got back to the camp, looked around, she saw neither ninja nor cat in sight. Makarov looked up. "Have a good conversation did we?" He asked. Erza turned to him, pensive about her thoughts.

"I-I understand a little more about Shinobi now master." She said quietly.

"Oh?" said Makarov. Erza nodded.

"Yes." She said, "….He was given a second chance…. And he's trying not wasting his." With that the girl went straight to her tent and disappeared under the flap.

Makarov stared into the fire a little longer before letting out a soft smile. "It looks like your finally believing in your family Shinobi-kun." He said to no one in particular.


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