Helloooo! So this is my second "The New Normal" fic that I hope you will all enjoy more than the other one :) This fic is going to be all about the 'firsts' in David and Bryan's relationship. Though these firsts aren't exactly the usual ones you'd have in mind…

But first I must give credit to where it is due. PrincessPanda93-who is my biffle, my best friend, and the Bryan to my David-has come up with so many of these prompts. She has been a huge help with this story and I hope I write all of these chapters up to her standards!

Okay, so in this story the words that are in italics are present time. And the words that are in normal type are the memories :)

Disclaimer: I don't own The New Normal, nor do I have any wish to.

"I still can't believe it," David said softly as he shut the door behind Goldie and Shania. "We're having a baby!"

David turned to see Bryan grinning at him-the grin that had captured David's heart since the moment Bryan had unleashed it. Bryan was still holding the puppy-but it was only a matter of time before a baby would take its place.

"Are you excited?" Bryan asked, biting down on his smile and moving closer to David. He set down the puppy before going to take David's hand.

"You know I am," David said, swatting aside Bryan's hand in favor of wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's waist.

Bryan beamed, returning the gesture. "Our first baby."

"The happiest first we'll ever have."

This made Bryan laugh. "Oh, Babe, do you remember some of our other firsts?"

David chuckled. "Yes I do." He let go of Bryan but took his hand and led him over to the couch. "I remember one first in particular," he said, smiling.

There is my super short prologue :)

I hope you all read the story because there are some funny memories coming up ;)

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