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In this particular chapter, David does not live with Bryan. He still lives with his friend Amir.

Note: I am not implying that I approve of getting completely and utterly drunk. I suppose alcohol is okay in moderation, but events in my life as well as friends' and families' lives have made me highly disapproval of getting completely and utterly drunk.

The day had finally come. Amir was finally moving in with his girlfriend. He was leaving his "bachelor pad" behind and taking the next step in his relationship. Amir was not only moving in with his girlfriend-he was marrying her.

David couldn't be happier for his friend. He and Bryan had both been there when Amir had proposed to Cassandra. They were having dinner with the pair, and they had seen the look of glowing happiness take over both of their faces when Cassandra had seen her ring placed carefully on top of the dessert, immediately sliding it onto her finger and throwing herself into Amir's arms.

Now it was a few months later, and Amir and Cassandra were to be married the very next day. So of course this meant that tonight was Amir's bachelor party. He'd invited just David, Ian, and Freddie, and since it was supposed to be a bachelor party, David wasn't allowed to bring Bryan. Luckily, David's perfect boyfriend hadn't minded at all; he had a lot of work to do anyways.

So that was how David found himself staring with his jaw dropped as three female strippers and one male stripper strutted into what was soon to be just David's apartment. Recovering himself, David grabbed Amir's arm and dragged him backwards into the hallway, away from the others.

"What were you thinking?" David hissed.

"David, what are you talking about?" Amir asked back in a normal-toned voice.

"You got me a male stripper?!"

Amir rolled his eyes. "Well he certainly isn't for me, Ian, or Freddie."

"Amir, you know that isn't my thing," David said, sighing and running a hand through his hair.

"David, relax," Amir said, grinning at his friend. "It's a bachelor party-there are going to be strippers." He laughed when David muttered something about him being "completely cliché." With a wink, Amir added, "Just pretend that he's Bryan."

David's face flamed as Amir walked back into the living room. He could feel his skin burning from the blush. He and Bryan hadn't done anything remotely sexual yet. The farthest they'd ever gone was making out in his boyfriend's hot tub.

David drank alcohol, but he had never gotten completely drunk before. But there was a first time for everything-and if he was going to make it through the party tonight was as good a time as any.

A few hours later, the roles had been significantly reversed. Usually Ian, Amir, and Freddie were the ones to get drunk…but now it was David who had consumed a ridiculously high amount of alcohol. His friends were staying sober for once, but most of the reason for that was that they wanted to keep an eye on their friend.

David was thoroughly enjoying himself. He'd learned the name of his stripper-Jack-and was enjoying the move of his body as he danced. David never touched Jack, and vice versa. Jack just danced in front of him, occasionally removing an article of clothing. He was now down to just his skinny jeans, and that was where David had asked him to please stop taking his clothes off. He hadn't been completely drunk yet…but he was now.

David's eyes widened when it seemed as though Jack was going to straddle his lap, and he was trying to think of a way to politely say no when he saw Amir grab Jack's shoulder and tug him away from David. The dancer turned around, glaring at Amir, who just gave him a look back.

"I think it's time for you to leave, sir," Amir said. "David's had enough entertainment for tonight."

"Whatever." Jack shrugged before taking the money Amir held out to him. He slung his jacket over his shoulder and smiled sultrily at David before saying, "Call me" and handing him a number.

David looked down at the number in horror. "Oh, no, Amir!" he shrieked. "I flirted with another guy! He even gave me his number."

Amir rolled his eyes, but he was grinning. "You didn't flirt with him, David," he said. "He just thought you were cuter than you really are."

"I have to go apologize to Bryan!" David said, as though he hadn't heard what his friend just said. He got up and stumbled over to the door, grabbing his keys off the hook.

"Whoa, whoa," Amir said, grabbing his arm. "You're not driving like this."


"No, David," Amir said. "Don't worry, I'll just drive you." David beamed at his friend and took his hand, tugging him out the door.

"Let's go!"

Bryan looked up from his laptop in surprise when he heard a knock at his front door. Rocky and Roxxie were both gone for the night, so he shut his laptop and walked out of his office to answer the door. When he opened the door, he was surprised when he saw David standing on his front steps, grinning at him. Glancing behind him, he saw Amir wave at him before driving away in David's car.

"Hi, Bry!" David said, throwing his arms around Bryan and hugging him tight.

"Hi, David," Bryan murmured, smelling the alcohol on his boyfriend's breath when he kissed David's cheek. He pulled out of the hug, but David kept his arms around Bryan's waist, nuzzling against him. "David…?"

"I'm sorry, Bryan," David said, looking up at him and sticking out his lower lip. "I did a bad thing tonight."

Bryan furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you talking about, babe?"

David dropped his gaze, burying his face in Bryan's sweater. "Amir's male dancer gave me his number! I must have been interested in him!" Bryan couldn't help his sigh of relief, followed with a soft chuckle.

"David," he said, tilting David's face up and cupping it in his hands. "Do you have any idea how unbelievably good looking you are? Of course that guy gave you his number."

Now David was the one to furrow his eyebrows. "You're not mad at me?"

Bryan laughed again. "No, babe."

"Oh, good!" David said, and cuddled back against Bryan.

Bryan had no objections to this, and he cooed softly as he led David to his bedroom, lying down with his boyfriend on top of the blankets. He pulled David back against him, who turned in Bryan's arms to burrow back into Bryan's chest. Grinning at his suddenly sleepy boyfriend, Bryan pressed a kiss to David's forehead before letting his own eyes close.

"And then I woke up and threw up in your bathroom," David said, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

Bryan laughed at him. "And I was surprised to learn that it'd only been your first time getting drunk."

David shrugged, draping an arm over Bryan's shoulder and going in for a kiss. "I was a nerd," he murmured against his fiancé's lips before moving down to nibble at Bryan's jaw.

"You were adorable," Bryan gasped as David moved down further to suck in the skin of his neck.

David pulled back, cocking an eyebrow. "Adorable, huh?" An evil smile graced his angelic face. "I can think of a time when you were pretty adorable…"

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