Finally melody has got her wish to be able to be a mermaid whenever all she has do is concentrate or get wet and she'll be a mermaid and she can go back to been human easily by either concentrating or becoming completely dry a bit of a survival instinct. however oneday when she got lost at sea during a storm and was knocked unconciouse and when she awoke she realised had been washed up onto a beach and instantly afterwards she'd been their a while since her tail had turned back into two legs.

when she rose to her feet, she was about to dive back in the ocean when she heard it a boy...laughing and a...small jingle like a bell until she listend harder to the jingle and she understood it peter get back here and don't start trying to get another girl to stay for a while.

after hearing this she decided to go and investigate so she began to stroll into the urban thick jungle. dhe walked for a long time until she suddenly she came to a clearing. she then looked up after hearing more laughter to see the boy flying next a small bright light, on seeing this she fainted just from seeing this impossible, even though she was half-mermaid she still could hardly beileve what she saw.

peter was flying with tinkerbella trying to convince her to come with him to find another girl who will come to neverland, however he was having no such luck until he reached a clearing and looked down after he heard someone/something fall, and then to his surprise it was a young girl with black hair and peach skin and wearing some kind of swim wear, he then flew down and picked her up, and when tinkerbella went to get a closer luck she unwillingly put enough pixie dust on her to fly like peter pan.

peter then took melody back to hangmans tree and laid her on his bed and went to get her some water (he had learnt to do this from watching what wendy did when she came) when he returned he had a small bowl constructed with leaves, sticks and rocks, full of water he then damped a leaf and was about to put it on the girls forehead when all of a sudden her eyes shot open and were instantly drawn to peter pan and screamed from how close he was, this then shocked peter so much he flew back and spilled all the water on the floor.

and from all the comotion a small fairy emerged from a small hole and turned to see melody and peter and then smacked her forehead before dragging down her face.