"Mom, Dad, honestly, you don't have to worry!" I called from the top of the stairs as I slid on my red pumps, resting my hand up against the wall for support.

Tonight was my first college party. I was eighteen, and for the time being, I lived with my parents. It's not that I had any sort of weird attachment problems. No. My parents sort of did and we couldn't very well afford the price of on campus living. It didn't bother us one bit though, seeing as I only lived about fifteen minutes away from my campus in Scottsburg, Mississippi. I'd like to think the education Gods were looking out for me.

I had a feeling my parents were extra strict on me due to my major. I was doing a double major in pre-med and biology. The work load was excruciating, which was I needed this party all the more.

"You know we worry about you, Blythe. Telling us not to worry is like telling Damen not to keep girls locked in the garage for the night," my Father said as I saw his eyes trail off. I could only assume they were heading in my brother Damen's direction. Damen, my twenty one year old brother, was known for his ridiculous sexcapades. There had been numerous occasions where he'd sneak a girl in, only to make her sleep in the garage before my parents wished him goodnight. The sad thing is that the worst part of that plan wasn't the humidity of the garage. The worst part was the fact that both of my parents parked their cars in the garage. Not only did they park their cars in the garage, they went into the garage every morning to retrieve their cars for work. Damen was so stupid sometimes that it warmed my heart a little. It was endearing, really.

"Well, I'm not Damen, thank God! Besides, isn't he supposed to be at work anyway?" I called as I clomped down the stairs, Damen's relaxed posture coming into view.

"The boss gave me the weekend off since I pulled a muscle on the job'," he said as he rested his arms behind his head.

Damen worked as a full-time firefighter. He genuinely loved what he did. The women, albeit, loved it just a little bit more. This job was what was leaving our refrigerator empty every day. He worked up an inhuman appetite.

Damen didn't technically live with us; he just decided he liked it here more than his bachelor pad (a tiny one bedroom apartment).

I rolled my eyes and nodded, no longer up for the discussion. I grabbed my purse from the hook that my car keys shared with it. I unlocked my car from the front window and turned to look at my parents.

"Mom, Dad, I'll be fine. I promise. My phone's got a full charge, my phone charger is still in my car, and I've got Kim, Rhea, Maddie, and Jess with me. I swear to call you guys if something happens and I don't feel comfortable, okay?" I was trying my hardest at a compromise with them. When you're the only girl on your Father's side of the family, you were sort of screwed when it came to freedom.

My parents shared a penetrative glance before turning to look back at their "little girl."

"Okay baby, but I expect you to call me as soon as you get there!" My Mom said as she grabbed me by the shoulders, pulling me into an aggressive hug. I laughed and patted her back, hoping she'd pick up on the hint. She pulled away and smoothed her shirt.

My Dad looked at me before opening his arms up to me.

"Do use proud, kiddo," he said against my ear before releasing me from his grasp. I smiled and nodded at him.

All three of our gazes landed on the still lounging Damen. He sighed before getting off of the couch and coming to stand in front of me.

"If anyone, and I mean anyone touches you, let them know I've got two able fists just waiting to pound them," Damen said as I laughed, embracing me just as tightly as my parents.

As I made my way out to my silver 2010 Honda Accord, I couldn't say I blamed my parents for being as overprotective as they are. My generation is by far the most dangerous now-a-days, what with the Great Revelation.

When I was about fourteen, Vampires had revealed their existence to every country on Earth. Every television set and radio was set to their confessions. I remember being in history class when our class television suddenly cut on, showing us a pale faced, brown haired female Vampire. She was gorgeous and had the most piercing green eyes I'd ever seen. Not one flaw was shown on her skin.

The brown haired Vampire, Eliza, said during the broadcast that the Vampires were no longer a species to fear. There were dozens of new synthetic blood products that they could subsist on, making the need for human blood obsolete.

I remember seeing the shocked faces of all of those around me. One girl, who sat two seats down from me, fainted. I just remember thinking it was completely awesome how this legend, one that had captivated humanity for ages, was actually real. It no longer existed in the realm of make believe.

I decided to drown out my thoughts by hooking up my iPod and belting out some Britney Spears. She never went out of style.

By the time I made it to the party, the frat house was completely trashed. Beer cans, kegs, and cigarettes littered the yard. I could tell I was in for a wonderful night.

"Blythe!" I heard the familiar shriek of my friend Jess.

"Hey!" I returned her shriek, getting enveloped in a monster hug. Kim, Rhea, and Maddie followed behind her, smiles plastered on and red cups in hand.

"I see you guys have already indulged in the party favors, huh?" My eyebrows rose as I pointed to their cups. Kim giggled.

"Well, duh! You were taking too long and we all wanted to have a good time!" Maddie raised her arm high in the air, swaying from side to side. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Alright then, catch me up to speed guys!" I yelled, earning a celebratory group yell from my friends.

Since I was awful with the task of bartender, I allowed my friend Rhea, who was twenty one, to do the honors. She had made me a lovely gin and tonic. Not that I knew what they were normally supposed to taste like.

Five gin and tonic's later, I was absolutely gone. The music had taken me over and I was surrounded by my girls, grinding and bumping in every direction. I was feeling great.

After about the tenth song, my head was swirling.

"Hey, I'm going to step outside and get some fresh air, I'll only be a minute!" I called over my shoulder as I attempted to make it out of the back door. The girls nodded as my hand fidgeted with the door handle.

Once I made it outside, I plopped down onto the cement steps, my white lace dress slightly riding up my thighs.

"Mind if I squat next to you?" A cool, southern voice boomed next to my ear.

I looked up and spotted the owner of such a delicious voice. I can't say I was too disappointed.

He wore a pair of dark denim jeans, a brown Henley, and his messy brown hair hung playfully above his eyebrows.

"Oh, not at all," I tried to say as smoothly as possible, my drunken slurs not allowing for that to happen. With that, he sat next to me.

"May I inquire your name?" He asked, earning a tiny giggle from me.

"Sure, I'm Blythe. You?" I asked him as my hand extended outward to earn a handshake from him. I was nothing if not polite.

He smiled at me, taking my hand in his. His hand was oddly cool.

"I'm William, but you can call me Bill," he stated, bringing my hand up to give it a slight peck. I blushed like a mad women and let me eyes wander away from his.

William, or Bill, used his fingers to lift my chin, making me gaze deeply into his blue orbs. Once our eyes met, I felt myself slipping away.

"Blythe," he said calmly as his eyes burrowed into mine.

"Yes?" I dully responded, mesmerized by him.

"You will follow me into those woods without question," He pointed just behind his shoulder, "you will not tell anyone where you're going or who I am. You are completely relaxed and happy to comply with my wishes. You will do whatever I command of you. Do you understand?" With that, I shook my head reverently, wanting desperately to make this mystery man happy.

We both stood and I followed him, ignoring the pleas of my friends to come back inside. All I could hear was the steady beating of my heart as Bill took my hand, leading me into the deep, dark woods.

I could feel my phone buzzing in my bra to alert me to a call, but I didn't care. I couldn't care. I kept my eyes trained on the back of Bill's head. I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful this man was and how lucky I was to be next to him in this moment.

Once we made it to a log, he instructed me to sit. Mindlessly, I obeyed, my eyes never leaving his. He instructed me strip out of my clothes. I stood and slid my dress down my body, kicking it off to the side. Bill's eyes grew dark as he took in the sight of my mostly bare skin.

"Continue," his words washed over me like a cool current.

I then unclasped my bra, bringing it forward of my shoulders, dropping it off somewhere to the side. My underwear then follow suit.

"Come to me," his fingers curled toward him.

I smiled and walked, slowly yet steadily to him.

Once I made it to him, his hand brushed my long black hair behind my shoulders, leaving my goose-pimpled flesh exposed to him.

He ran soft, slow kisses down my neck, causing me to groan out from the contact.

"You are so beautiful. You taste of sunlight," he said as his tongue flicked out to lick greedy trails down my skin. I was too entranced to speak. All I could do was let my head fall back, reveling in the feel of his soft lips.

"I'm about to give you immense pleasure, but you will not remember this when you wake up, are we clear?" His voice became more authoritative, but I just smiled and nodded.

He pushed my head gently to the side, his tongue licking the curve of my neck gently.

"Just breathe," He told me and I heard a clicking sound.

"What are you?" Before I got my answer, his fangs plunged deeply into my skin, earning a earth shattering moan from my lips.