Chapter 20;

"A Bright Future"


The next month consisted of Jade and I preparing to move out of my parent's house immediately after graduation, and getting ready for our journey to New York.

As graduation day approached, my mind was bombarded by bittersweet thoughts. Jade and I were finally starting our future together, where we could live in one of the largest and most exhilarating cities of the world, but that meant leaving behind a place we both grew up in, a place where our friends were staying except for Andre. But I promised myself that I would put forth the effort to keep us all in touch, no matter what the cost. My friends were apart of me, a part of us and that's what I'll remember for the rest of my life as we all move forward into the never stopping challenge called life.

So when I crossed the stage to receive that one piece of paper I had worked so hard to get, I knew that this was the start of a new beginning. A clean slate, millions of adventures awaiting us all, paths that were all going different directions, and who knows when they'll cross again? We don't. And that's the scary, gut twisting part of it.

I made memories at Hollywood Arts that can never be erased, and I met the girl who I'm positive is my soul mate and forever best friend. Thank God for Trina's tongue having an allergic reaction to the weird throat remedy she took, because if it wasn't for that I would've never met such a group of unique and wonderful people. Or crazy teachers like Sikowitz and Lane.

Or met the girl of my dreams.

And she stood there next to me, her beautiful smile directed towards me, and she looked so happy, genuinely happy. Soon the air is filled with graduation caps as we all stand there and just take in that moment, that moment of having our whole lives ahead of us- and just freedom.

Jade and I went out to dinner with my family to celebrate, and we felt like a family. Even Trina and Jade got along. It was perfect. We even went to celebrate with Jade's father, and her new baby step brother. Yep. Jade's a sister now, and wasn't too thrilled with the thought, but once she held him for the first time and her eyes lit up, I knew she was proud. "I guess he's not as gross as I thought." She said, making us all laugh. That little boy has the best sister anyone could ask for.

That night when we were driving back to my place when she turned to me at a red light. "Baby, I love you. And despite all we've gone through, I think it's made me love you more and more each day. I promise you Victoria Dawn Vega, that I will give you the best future ever. You deserve it." Then she leaned over and pulled me in for the most passionate kiss I've ever gotten, almost like the one on our first date. Needless to say we had sex in the back seat when we got back home, and my parents may have been home? What? Don't judge.

Anyway, after finishing packing up our boxes the next week, we hired someone to fly everything over to New York. We spent our last night in L.A with our friends on the beach, not knowing when we'd all be together like this again.

Of course Cat was absolutely hysterical over this, clinging to any one of us in sight and crying. I felt terrible, but we all reassured her that we'd see each other some time in the near future. Even Jade felt pity for the distraught red head, even permitting her to hug her for longer than five seconds. Jade mumbled under her breath, "You've rubbed off on me Vega." I chuckled, wrapping my arms around my girl and kissing her softly. "And you love it."

After our good byes and prying Cat off of us, Jade and I stayed at the beach a little longer to watch the sunset. Jade clearly has hatred towards sappy stuff like that, but she only does it with me. She puts aside a lot of things for me, and I love that. We sat hand in hand on our towel, watching the oranges, reds, and pinks swirl together in a paint like fashion. I sat in between Jade's legs, my back pressed against her chest. The silence between us was calming, as listened to the crashing of the waves. Pale arms were wrapped around my waist, and Jade would occasionally whisper an "I love you" in my ear followed by a kiss on the cheek. We stayed there for a good two hours until the sun completely disappeared behind the sea, the horizon now black as stars covered the night sky.

The next morning we were off. I hugged and kissed my parents and Trina good bye, telling them I'd call them when we got there. Jade drove her car to the airport, and we unloaded our remaining luggage and entered the airport. Andre wasn't on the same flight, he was leaving a week from that day. So Jade and I took one last look around the LAX, and boarded the plane.

Once we took off, I felt overwhelmed, but in a good way.

During the flight Jade fell asleep after complaining about the restrooms, and I calmed her down by kissing her until she eventually tired herself out from ranting. She curled up against me as best as she could, an arm draped around me protectively.

About five to six hours later I peered out the window, greeted by the lights of the Big Apple. My heart started thumping in my chest, excitement taking over me. I kissed Jade's forehead, nudging her. "Baby wake up, look outside." A grumble and groan left my girlfriend, and she woke up after a few kisses. She glanced out the window, a sleepy smile curling on her lips. "We're here." She murmured, her voice laced with sleep.

"Yeah, we are."


"Yeah babe?"

"Thank you for giving our love a try, I am so glad I have you in my life."

"Aw Jade, you're so sweet! I am so fortunate to have you too. You're my life now."

"Don't be so sappy Vega."

"It's true."

"I know and I love you, now shut up and kiss me."

So I happily did.

The End :)

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