Title: Paper Planes

Summary: Because Fate has the funniest ways of catching up to you when you're least expecting it to. Tragic Anthology.

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Naruto.

Follow Love And It Will Flee, Flee Love And It Will Follow.
- Anonymous

"31... 32... 33," she counts as more dead bodies litter the ground. She's covered head to toe in blood - blood that is not hers. With a swift uppercut, her opponent falls to the ground with a reverberating thud. "34."

She's not used to battle - not meant for war. But she continues on headstrong, knowing her enemies' screams will haunt her nightmares forever.

She continues because she has to.

She has to find him before they do.

And she does, in the midst of the battle. For a moment, she forgets where they are. For a moment, it's just the two of them.

But then reality slaps her in the face, and the anguished cries of war rushes back into her ears. And she realizes - really accepts - the fact that they're on opposite spectrums of this war. While she's fighting for the safety of Konoha and the ninja world, he's fighting for the ruin of the world as they know it.

She is the proud kunoichi. He is the S-ranked criminal.

If Konoha wins, he will die. If Madara wins, she will die.

Their love is fated to never be.

But that doesn't stop her - doesn't deter her - from dashing towards him. Bodies and weapons are flung at her all the same, but she avoids them with accuracy she never knew she possessed.

She's only one yard away from him when he cuts down five ANBU in his way. He turns away to parry another blow, but he doesn't notice.

He doesn't notice that he missed the ANBU's vital points.

Doesn't notice that the ANBU are slowly getting up.

Doesn't notice that the ANBU are now hurling fuma shuriken and kunai at him.

Doesn't notice that she tosses herself in front of the projectiles.

Doesn't notice that she acts as a barricade to save him.

"Sasukeā€¦" she calls weakly, her bloodied hand reaching out for him.

He never notices.