I made it back to the elf house safely, with the food, but all at a huge sacrifice. Since they had seen me, the area became much more familiar to seeing patrolling guards. Normally, you'd think, 'how crazy would she be if she stayed in the same spot? No one would do that!' yet here I am.

Groups of three and four would go by occasionally below, sometimes on foot, other times on horseback. I had enough food to last me about two or three days. I managed to grab a sheepskin sack full of water when I had escaped last night.

Only since this morning did the guards arrive, yet again it is approaching nightfall. I had thought it over for many hours, and came to a decision. Loki is obviously not returning, and I cannot remain here forever. Tonight I would seek him out, as I have no where else to go. I am wanted everywhere, by everyone, and it is surely only a matter of time until they discover this house hidden in the trees.

I waited until it was almost completely black out, and I crept down the tree, the satchel around me. No guards in sight, so I headed north. I put the mask on to muffle my breathing.

Though I do not have an exact idea of where I am in this dense forest, north seems to be logical, since the guards always say they're headed south or west. To the east is the pond and the rocks. Another thought hit me, what happened to my horse? Surely it isn't still here after all this time? Curiosity took me and I walked to the area that Loki led the horses to some days ago. Sure enough, through the dark tunnel, came a hidden, enclosed area with a pool of water and grass everywhere.

I saw my horse laying down in the grass. The saddle was by the entrance. His head popped up when he saw me. I wonder how long he would have been here if I hadn't remembered?

It felt strange to see such an innocent creature. Harmless, only helpful, enjoying his days grazing on the green grass and drinking the crisp water, or running around the enclosure. I pet his head and neck, and almost felt like staying longer, but instead grabbed the saddle and secured it around him. We went out through the tunnel, and I wondered if it was a mistake to bring a horse. The noise could get the interest of a nearby guard.

But since I had no idea exactly how close Asgard is, I took a chance. And it was a good chance, too, because it took me several hours of running around on the horse to finally locate the great Asgardian walls. The absolute darkness did not help, my only saving grace the occasional stream of moonlight that I would go to to guide me.

Several times I decided to stop and wait until dawn. But the thought of a group of patrolling guards catching me motivated me to continue nearly blindly into the forest.

The trees thinned and moonlight helped me see much better. Soon enough I could see the city of Asgard, the walls lit by night watchmen with torches. The largest obstacle would be the enormous gap of an open field between the edge of this forest and the bridge. I decided to remove the saddle from the horse and let him go back into the trees.

Luckily there were slight hills between here and the wall, providing cover for me every time I feared a guard might see me. It was remarkably easy to make it to the bridge. Two guards on either side of bridge disrupted this lucky streak.

I snuck far off from the bridge, slowly and quietly inching my way towards it. They all stood at attention, large spears perched in their right hands and a rectangle shield on their back. The sight of them felt intimidating, but I couldn't let that get in my way.

Getting across this bridge is going to be one hell of a task, especially without being seen or heard. Below it was solid darkness. Whether it fell into the endless realms below or into a endless pit, I did not know, and have no intentions of finding out.

I silently crept behind the guards, adrenaline flooding my body. At first I thought of jumping and grabbing hold of the wall that lined the bridge, but this risked too much noise. Instead I dangled my body off of the ledge and used my hands to slowly scoot across it.

This was very tiring. My arms began to ache badly, and I was only halfway across. The endless darkness called for me below and I shook off my fear. A simple mistake could send me falling below. Finally I made it across the bridge after what seemed like half an hour.

My arms felt stiff and stretched. Just as I prepared to swing my leg over the ledge, some more guards arrived and talked with the ones guarding there already. I should have paid attention to what they spoke, but panic began to overwhelm me.

I could feel my gloves loosening and the darkness pulling me down. My fingers began to slip as the guards chatted. I prayed that they would disperse soon, and it seemed that they were indeed beginning to go away.

Just as the only guard turned to face away from me, I swung my leg up on to the ledge, and felt the sweet relief in my arms. I crept off to the right, into a dark alley to massage my arms and fix my glove.

I sped down the dark alley, readjusting myself to the city. I climbed a wall to have a look around. Asgard, as always, appeared beautiful and mystical. Lights flickered everywhere.

Surprisingly, I felt a slight warmth being here again. I always hated the richer people, for wallowing in their greed and treasures, but my thoughts turned to Loki when I realized they are not all this way. Only some. And I am here to get rid of the ones who are.

I jumped down the wall and made my way to where I assumed Loki might be, living within the City of the Gods. The city within a city.

I hid in darkness the whole way, taking plenty of caution. I could not even think of the possibility of being captured.

Dawn couldn't be more than a couple of hours away. This thought encouraged me to speed up slightly.

After an hour, I had made it to the great doors of the City of the Gods. This time, there were more guards standing in front of the doors than before. I felt defeated and lost. How could anyone possibly get in through there?

The massive doors appeared to look disappointingly at me. There must be another way to get in...

Just as this thought rumbled in my mind, I saw a large cart, pulled by two horses turning this way. As it passed, I jumped on and hid inside. I didn't bother to see what was in there, or more importantly who, just the fact that the remarkable timing of this sent me into a feeling of outrageous joy, which was quickly crushed when I saw who lied before me.

The guard I had burned last night was either asleep or unconscious right here, right in front of me. I froze in place and even held my breath. The stench was horrible. Like burnt, old lamb and rotten vegetables. Not even the mask could keep this putrid smell out.

The reality sunk in when I realized he wasn't unconscious or asleep. But dead, and very much at that. Somehow the smell got worse when I realized I sat next to a dead body, and that I caused his death. I couldn't wish for anything more than to get out of this covered cart.

I looked out the cloth cover and saw we had made it inside. I couldn't see anyone, so I took my chances. But before I jumped, I made a prayer. A prayer for the guard that I killed.

"Wicked men may be cursed but innocents are forever blessed. I pray that my sins be forgiven in the afterlife and this soul be taken to Valhalla, for I ended his life before it was time for the better of the Nine Realms"

If someone were to ask me if this was for him or me, I don't think I could answer. He was an obstacle that needed to be removed. I regret his death but it was for the good of Asgard...

I jumped out of the cart and sped down a hall. I honestly had no idea where anything was, but I figured the best way to find out is to look around. I nearly accidentally walked into two guards, but I luckily pulled back just in time. I saw a dark hallway that looked safe and crept towards that, my heart pounding so loudly I am surprised no one has heard it.

The hallway looks empty and haunted. The rooms to the left and right are dark and eerie. Just as I began to relax and think that I could be safe here, I felt two hands pull me harshly.

To my horror, I see a guard has somehow discovered me. "A-ha! I found her! I found the prisoner!" he yelled down the hall. I elbowed him harshly in the face, causing his face to fill with a stream of blood.

I ran down the hall and came out into another hall, this one well-lit but still empty. This one was much greater. The ceiling is unbelievably high, and doors dotted the walls ever now and again. As I made it the end, I saw several guards turning towards my way. "There!" one of them shouted.

Yet another hallway. I felt horribly lost, how many cursed halls does this stupid place have? To the end of the hall going left, it was brightly lit and had a fire going. To the right appeared dark and old. I turned right.

Since there we no windows here unlike the last dark hall, I had to feel around for the most part. I could hear their footsteps rapidly approaching but I had already run as far as the hall would go, and I couldn't locate a door. My hands groped the walls desperately for a handle.

One of the guards had a lantern which lit up the entire hall. They easily spotted me, I am cornered. Defeated. There is no where left to run. They grabbed me and shackled me.

I pulled against them but it was clearly hopeless. Dread surged through me and I felt desperate. They pulled me through to the Great Hall in an eerily similar way to the first time. One of the guards pulled my hood back and ripped my mask off, and threw it across the hall.

My head hung down and I almost began to think I deserve this. Maybe I don't, though. At this point I don't think I care, just kill me already and let's end this endless circle.

The guard told the King of my crimes, and how they believe I am the prisoner that everyone has been looking for. I waited to hear the All Father Odin's deep booming voice ordering the guards to execute me right here, right now. Unlikely he would risk the possibility of what happened last time, again. Kill the prisoner here, where nothing could possibly go wrong!

Instead I heard a soothing, melodic but powerful voice. I looked up slowly, and shock ran through me. On the great throne of Asgard, in the seat of the king, sat a man in a beautiful horned helmet and a mystic staff. That man, is Loki.

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