This chapter isn't going to be as long.. Sorry guys! ILY.

When I got home from school there was a box sitting on the table next to the T.V. It was signed by my mom and had my name on it. I picked up the box and sat on the couch. I tried opening the box without scissors, not knowing how hard it would be. I sat the box next to me and went in to the kitchen and got a butter knife. I went back to the box and cut open the tape. When I got the box open I noticed it wasn't like a stupid scarf or some dump sweater from grandma. It was my black dragons uniform. It was the same one I had before I quit. I knew because when I was 12 I had put my name on the tag in a pink sharpie. My hand writing was that bad. It was curled and I had dotted the 'i' with a simple little circle. I laughed at the memories I had in this gei. I remembered the time I had first got it. I was 12 years old and it was way too big for my little body. My mom had taken a picture of me in the new size, and I had demanded that she sent it to my dad.


"Kim! Come down! I wanna see it!" Mommy called for me from down stairs.
"It's way to big! I'll trip down the stairs!" I said laughing and holding up the pant legs walking out to the top of the staircase.
"Oh, Kim.." My mom said laughing to herself too.
"Shut up! You ordered it way too big! how am I going to do any kicks with this stupid thing." I said playing with the sleeves.
"C'mon Kimmy. It's not that bad." She laughed again. This time Brendan decided to walk into the room to see what all the laughing was about.
"AHAHAHAH!" He burst out laughing and having to sit down.
"SHUT UP BRENDAN! I HATE YOU!" I yelled jokingly running down the steps and jumping on top of him.
"Kim! Brendan! Smile!" My mom said making us turn to her as she clicked the camera. I was on Brendans back clinging to his neck and laughing, while he was just standing there smiling to the lens. When he put me down and went to his room mommy told me to stand on the staircase and smile like I was a butt-kicking princess. I did what she told me and smiled big.
click the camera flashed. I ran down the steps to see what it looked like.
"Look at you Kim, a real princess, you are." My mom said putting the camera down and picking me up.
"Mommy?"I hesitated to ask.
"Yea buddy?"
"Could you send that to daddy?" I asked her looking right into her eyes.
"Definitly." My mom said putting on a fake smile for me. I hugged her tightly and smiled to myself. But something told me that picture wasn't getting to my father.

I put the silky gei under my arm and walked up to my room. I hung it up in the back of my closet and found my bobby wassabi gei. I sighed and picked it up. It was thicker than the black dragons one. It definitly kept me warmer than that one. I threw it on my bed. What the heck have I done. I was so happy with everything at bobby wassabi. With the black dragons I just felt so alone but with bobby wassabi I was like family to everyone. Thats what I liked, but I screwed that all up now, and if I quit again, the black dragons would skin me alive. I shook it off and put my ipod on my dock. I started playing 'it girl' I started to sing along to it while I looked around my room for my box of old me photos. When I found it I sat on my bed and crossed my legs. I picked up the one of me and brendan in my old-new gei. I laughed at how stupid we looked. I tacked it above my bed. Then I found one I hadn't seen for a long time. It was of me, Brendan, dad and my mom. We all looked happy, I looked so small. Brendan actually had a tiny looking face. We were all so young. Even my mom and dad. Wow. We're all so different now. I wanted to burn it but something told me to put it back in the box and continue looking around in the box. So thats exactly what I did. As I continued looking through the box There was a picture of me and a little boy that looked so much like Jack. It was me and this boy sitting on a rock and I was kissing his cheek. Who was this kid?

"Hey Kim" Jack said as he walked up to me and my locker the next day at school.
"oh, hey Jack." I said. Looking back into my locker.
"You Ok?" He asked me.
"Not really.. um did you ever live in seaford before you moved here?" I asked him.
"Yeah. But only when I was super little. Why?" He asked.
"Yesterday. I found this." I said pulling out the picture and giving it to him.
"Whoa! Um.. ok. So. Yeah.. uh. This is me." He said giving me the photo back and scratching his neck.
"This is so cool!" I said all excited. He for one didn't look so happy about it as I did, and I could tell too. "Whats wrong. This is awesome!" I said all happy.
"I-it-it's nothing." He said. I gave him a glare.
"Really. Ok, Fine. Lie. Whatever. Gotta go. See ya." I said slamming my locker and leaving him standing there. What was biting him. This was so cool. Like we've known eachother longer than we thought and he was acting like I found a clue to him killing someone! Like what the heck!