** WARNING. FANGIRLING MAY ACCURE. WHILE READING THIS CHAPTER. ** Sorry its short.. I have writers block :/ but in the end it'll be totally worth it all.

It was totally weird. Jack had never been so, whats the word, for lack of a better word, Odd I guess. At lunch when I sat down he avoided my gaze.
"Jack, Seriously. Whats wrong with you!?" I asked getting annoyed.
"Nothing. Really." He said totally not convincing.
"As your best friend, You should feel comfortable telling me."
"Kim, take my word. Nothing is wrong." He said again, not sounding exactly believable.
"Ok, don't tell me. Thats fine. I guess we aren't the best friends I thought we were." I said getting up and leaving the table. I could hear in the distance my name being called.
"Kim, Kim! Kim! Wait up! C'mon. I thought we were cool" Jack called running up to me.
"Yeah, so did I" I said turning around about to leave, he then turned me back to face him.
"Kim, I'm sorry. I can't tell you. It's kinda personal."
"I thought that's what we did. We told each other things we couldn't tell the guys! You know, the personal stuff you're talking about." I said making a good point, that's what I thought anyway.
"I know, And you're right. We do tell each other that stuff, but this. I can't. Please understand that." He said holding on to my arm making sure if I tried to leave again, He could keep me with him.
"Look, to me Jack, you can't tell me this because you can't trust me, and that hurts. A lot." I said looking deep into his beautiful chocolate-brown eyes.
"Kim, Don't be like that." He said, looking sad and like he would do anything for me to forgive him, and for me to stop feeling the way I did.
"Please, Just tell me."
"Fine. Come here." He said leading me to my locker and making sure nobody was around to see.
"Kay, Tell me." I said crossing my arms.
"Yeah, that's us in that picture, and yes, I lived in Seaford before now. But The thing that has me all weird, is that. I can't believe that the girl I loved when I was little is my best friend now." He said. I felt as if there was more behind what he was telling me.
"Is that all?"
"No, she's also the girl I love today."

2 years later (Kim,Jack,Jerry,Truth,Eddie and Milton are 16 and Kim and Jack just broke up after dating for the 2 years)

I was lying down on my couch, depressed and in sorrow.
"Kim. You have to get up and move around, get some fresh air! Take a-shower.. Maybe?" My best friend Oriana begged.
"Eh, I don't feel like it." I mumbled.
"You haven't felt like it since you and Jack broke up. Please Kim. At least take a shower. For everyone else's sake."Truth added.
"No, I just, I can't"
"Well, I know this is a bad time to tell you and all, but I think you should know something about Jack" Oriana sighed, sitting at the foot of my bed.
"What about him." I said, sounding concerned and sitting up.
"He's dating Saffron." She said not looking at me.
"Omigod. This can't be happening."
"I know it sucks but it's going to be ok. It really is." Truth hugged me.
"This can't be happening."
"It's ok Kim. Everything is gonna change for the better. Really."
"No, Truth, Oriana. Look. The reason why I've held on to the idea of Jack coming back is because... Well. I'm pregnant." I said. They both looked at me. Not taking their eyes away, hoping that I would start to smirk and laugh. But I wasn't. I was being serious as ever now.

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