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A dark gray tom leapt from where he stood and ran to face a gray and black tom. The fur along his spine was on end as he spoke. "Blackstorm, how dare you kill Seedstar? He was leader of this Clan and your mentor. Has the warrior code taught you nothing?"

The gray and black tom looked at the gray tom with fire in his eyes. "Fox dung to the warrior code, Smokestorm. Everyone knows that words can't control a cat's life. Who has the right to say we can't fight for leadership? Who has the right to tell us we can't shed blood to rule?"

Smokestorm felt anger boil in his veins. "But you won't be honored if you destroy the Clan. No one will see you as leader, they will see you as a traitor."

Blackstorm arched his back. "That's better than being seen as a weak coward! Seedstar led this Clan to nothing but softness. At least when cats look at me they will be afraid." He turned his back to Smokestorm. "And they should. One by one, each cat not loyal to me will die the cowards the are. Even if you exile me and try to keep me out of the territory, I will grow stronger each day and I will return to kill off the rest of your precious Clan."

Smokestorm tried not to show his fear. "No one will follow you."

"Oh really?" Blackstorm roared. "Because I wasn't the only one murdering the warriors. Right Emberclaw and Redscar?"

A russet tom and a gray tabby stepped forward. "Yes, Blackstorm. We will follow you and help you destroy the Clans even with our lives. We will never stop fighting to prove to the forest we should rule," the tabby growled.

Smokestorm stared in utter astonishment. His loyal warriors were turning against him.

The two traitors padded to stand beside Blackstorm. "I would love to see you try to stop us, I really would. But if you know what's best for you, you'll stay out of the way and who knows, maybe you'll live." He began to back out of the camp, his two followers trailing behind him. "But you bet your tails not all of you will. You better watch your backs." And with that last menacing snarl he was gone.

Smokestorm gulped and looked at the body still laying at his paws. I'm sorry Seedstar. I should've done something the moment I knew something was wrong.

The response was a whispering breeze. Its words chilled him to the bone. "Beware...radiant...cannot trust."

He could not make out the whole proclamation, but he knew what it meant. He whipped around to look at his horrified Clan. Their eyes were glazed with terror from what they've just heard. He searched though the warriors, searching for a specific cat. Then he spotted her, in the back of the crowd, pressed up against a den with fear haunting her gaze. But their was something in her stare that made his flesh claw.

Don't worry StarClan. I'll pay close attention to her, he vowed.



Leader: Smokestar- dark gray tom with gray eyes

Deputy: Littlefire- tortoiseshell she-cat

Medicine Cat: Honeyfrost- golden-brown tabby she-cat


Slickfur- black tom with a glossy coat

Dogtooth- brown tabby tom

Cloudwind- pale gray she-cat (Robinpaw)

Fangclaw- pale tabby tom

Scarletfur- bright ginger she-cat with green eyes

Curvefang- tawny tom with a crooked tooth (Wisppaw)

Pouncefoot- brown and white tom with amber eyes

Soottail- pale gray and black tom

Radiantmask- black she-cat with white paws, face and green eyes (Dustpaw)

Furledwhisker- ginger tom with blue eyes


Willowleaf- silver tabby she-cat with yellow eyes (mother of Fangclaw's kits: Flickerkit- silver tom, Lakekit- gray tabby she-cat)


Poppyfall- dappled golden she-cat with a gray muzzle

Rainfur- gray tom


Leader: Cherrystar- cream she-cat

Deputy: Blackfire- black tom with unusual golden spots

Medicine Cat: Leafflight- brown tabby she-cat


Spiderfang- dark brown tabby tom

Beechtail- light brown with amber eyes (Maskpaw)

Palelight- white she-cat with creamish stripes

Lightstep- small ginger she-cat (Sunpaw)

Nightclaw- black tom

Lightningfoot- gray flecked tom (Stripepaw)

Thornfur- tabby tom with spiky fur and blue eyes

Acornfall- light brown and ginger tom

Spottedfur- tawny she-cat with a dappled pelt

Shrewleap- gray tom with blue eyes


Shadesky- black she-cat (mother of Lightningfoot's kits: Stonekit, Thrushkit, Fleckkit)


Leader: Ivystar- yellowish she-cat with pale paws

Deputy: Oakfoot- brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Rabbitear- brown and white tom (Silvershine)


Darkspot- white tom with black spots

Yellowfeather- golden tabby she-cat with green eyes

Swayingtail- white she-cat (Giantpaw)

Horsefoot- dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Fernthorn- silver she-cat (Smallpaw)

Eagleheart- gray and brown tom

Rustyfur- mottled ginger tom with green eyes (Goldenpaw)

Flowerfur- golden she-cat with tabby markings

Hailpelt- gray tom

Longnose- Black and white tom with a dog like muzzle


Brackenfoot: dark brown tabby with blue eyes


Leader: Fishstar- silver tom

Deputy: Seepinglight- white she-cat with golden spots

Medicine Cat: Echofrost- pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes (Barkpaw)


Beewing- thin silver tom with black stripes

Morningheart- orange she-cat with amber eyes

Grasswhisker- brown tabby tom

Ravenheart- black tom

Moonsong- gray and white she-cat

Beetleclaw- black tom with green eyes (Snowpaw)

Whitewhisker- cream tom with a white muzzle and paws

Marshleap- gray tom with amber eyes


Amberpelt- ginger she-cat (mother of Grasswhisker's kits: Brightkit, Berrykit)

Cats Outside of Clans

Blackstorm- large black and gray tom with yellow eyes (formerly of ShadowClan)

Jaws- gray tabby tom (formerly of ShadowClan)

Slicer- russet tom (formerly of ShadowClan)

Midnight- black tom

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