Austin's POV

I rushed into Sonic Boom to find Ally talking to Dallas, I stopped in my tracks. Ally and Dallas. They've been together for almost three months now. It's seemed like forever. I once told Dez this and he assumed that I loved Ally, that I was jealous. I didn't mention it after that. Ally turned to see me staring at her and Dallas. She smiled and walked over to me, Dallas staring at me with a cold look on his face, what was his problem? Ally was my best friend, nothing more than that. Ally had changed so much in the past year of our career, she wasn't that lame cloud-watching girl who seemed to get stressed all the time and didn't believe in the word, 'fun'. She was the complete opposite; she says that hanging around with me all the time has caused her to be like that. But I loved the new Ally, she was gorgeous. What am I saying?

Ally's POV

I walked over to Austin to find him staring into space, his usual. I snapped my fingers in his face, he flinched, I giggled. Austin suddenly seemed to be staring at Dallas, I looked at Dallas, he had that look on his face again, I don't think he and Austin will ever get along. They were okay before Dallas asked me out, now I think Dallas assumes that Austin is jealous and has a crush on me or something. Dallas gets stressed, more than I used to. I then turned around to look at Austin; I snapped my fingers in his face again. He gets distracted way too easily. He flinched again; I love it when he flinches. It's so cute! Wait, what?

Dallas' POV

Ally and I have been together for almost three months now; we're officially an item. Austin just seems to be getting in the way of things. I think he likes Ally. But I'll make sure he doesn't get her, she's my girl, and he needs to understand that. And if he doesn't, he'll be sorry.