Hello, it's me again ^^ You know... Me who started on a fanfic for tokyo mew mew and then never did anything over the first chapter.. ehm.. yes it's me.. A bit ashamed yes, yes I am. At that time I had a lot to do in school and when I finally could have written on it I were bored with that story so I just never did any other chapters to it. Now I'm more into Natsume yuujinchou so I shall start a fanfic about him :D I am in love with Matoba but there are so few fanfics with him so I just had to write one on my own. x3

If you have any tips to the story or my grammar or anything at all then tell me :3 I don't really know what is supposed to happen between Matoba and Natsume yet but I won't make them into a couple xD Sorry yaoi fans, I love the relationship they have in the series so I will try and keep that ^^ I hope you like how I do Natsume and Matoba, I haven't read the manga nor seen the anime for a while so I have kind of lost the grip of their feelings a bit. But I shall try to read the manga tomorrow and then maybe in the next chapter I will be a bit better with Natsume x3

And by the way, sorry if I do mistakes when Natsume thinks about the past. Just pretend that it was what happened in the series while you're reading but feel free to correct me in the review ;) And one last thing. I will use some basic Japanese in the story because I think it sounds cuter and I just don't like the English word xD If you don't understand any Japanese at all, don't worry about it. At the bottom I will write what the Japanese words means. Also I won't write such a long intro everytime. It's just to this first chapter, sorry about that ^^ Well enjoy now!

Natsume looked up towards the sky. It had been a long time since he last had such a calm day. No youkai had tried to attack him, no youkai had asked for their names back and nothing had seemed to go wrong during the day. Nyanko-sensei hadn't been around for a while so Natsume hadn't had anyone screaming in his ear for some hours. It felt so calm so he couldn't help to be a bit worried. Sure, he didn't get attacked by youkai's everyday but this was the first time in a long time that he had actually felt relaxed. It felt a bit like the silence before the storm. Maybe it was so quiet because something soon would happen.

He put away the thought, he didn't want to ruin the moment. Who knew when he would be able to be so relaxed again. But he had already started to feel a bit uneasy so he couldn't get back to the relaxed mood he were in before.

It was Sunday and Natsume didn't really have any plans. He had been lying in the grass at a riverside for a while, just relaxing without anything disturbing him except his own thoughts that sometimes got carried away. He took his hand towards the bag that were beside him, from it he took out a book. The book of friends. He sat up in the grass and just looked at the book for a moment. It had once belonged to his grandmother, she had tricked many youkai's into writing down their names into the book and now it was up to Natsume to return the names, even though Nyanko-sensei had some complaints about it.

He put down the book into his bag again and sighed a little. It wasn't because he was bored or depressed, it mostly just were to get his mind away from any thoughts about youkai's at the moment. Suddenly he felt a shiver go down his spine, an uneasy feeling came over him and he felt like he were being watched. But as far as he could see there were no humans there, which must mean that there were a youkai close by, if he weren't imagining things.

Natsume rose from where he sat in the grass and looked around uneasy, nothing seemed to be there but he couldn't shake off the feeling that something was looking at him. Then he heard a voice.
"Natsume Reiko." It sounded cold and distant but still very close. Natsume felt his heart beat louder, if he couldn't see the youkai then he couldn't know if it would hear him or not when he talked to it. And if he tried to scream just to be certain that the youkai heard him then he would look weird if any human suddenly walked by. He didn't know what the youkai wanted either, probably its name but he couldn't be certain of it.

"I'm not Reiko, I'm her grandson. If you want your name back then I can give it to you." Natsume said as he tried to locate where the youkai were. The uneasy feeling didn't stop and he decided that it probably was best to not get to close to whatever youkai it was before he had found Nyanko-sensei. A lot of youkai's had tried to kill him to get the book of friends, both those who wanted their names back and some that didn't have their names in the book.

He started to move towards the forest a bit away, sensei was probably somewhere in the forest drinking sake. The perfect body guard. But just as Natsume started to leave a hand came up from the earth and took a grip on his ankle which made him fall to the ground. He looked behind himself and saw a youkai with long black and a bit shabby hair that covered her face coming up from the ground while pulling his ankle so he would get closer to her.

"Give me the book of friends." She almost growled in a inhuman voice. As the youkai took a grip on his other leg Natsume kicked the youkai and she automatically let go of him. Before she had been able to recover Natsume had already started to run away.

"Give me the book." The youkai shouted after him and even though he didn't look back a single time he still could feel her coming closer. Either he had to find Nyanko-sensei fast or be able to hide somewhere. But where woud he find a place to hide without that youkai noticing when it was close enough to see him but too far behind to catch him (yet).

Suddenly the feeling that he were followed started to fade, but he didn't stop. He looked back to see if he could see the youkai but he could not see it nor feel its prescence anymore. He started to slow down a bit and just as he turned his head to look forward he ran into something, or someone. He lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Sumimasen, I.." He said as he sat up but stopped when he saw who it was he had runned into. Natsume knew very well what a shocked expression he had at the moment, but at the moment that wasn't what was on his worried mind. It wasn't everyday he ran into Matoba Seiji, but everytime it happened it always ended bad in one way or another.

I hope it didn't become too long or too short, tell me if you want the chapters to be a bit longer or shorter and I'll see what I can do about it :)

Japanese translations:
Sumimasen - I'm sorry