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"What is this book?" Matoba asked. Natsume felt his heart racing, he couldn't let Matoba find out what the book of friends could do.

Natsume shrugged and tried to look as if he were uncertain. "I don't know, I just know it were my grandmas. I don't think it's anything special." Natsume told Matoba while trying to keep his voice calm. As he lied he unconsciously tried not to look at the exorcist.

"Then why are you carrying it around with you if it isn't anything special?" Matoba continued with his questioning as he walked around the desk and stepped closer to Natsume. Instinctively Natsume took one step back.

He tried to come up with a good lie for Matobas question, something that would sound believable. But if he didn't answer fast enough then nothing would sound believable so he just took the first thing he could think about. "Because it belonged to the only other person in my family that has been able to see the same things as me." Natsume said as he looked up at Matoba. Natsume mostly had the book with him so that no youkai would be able to take it from his room, or so he would be able to return names and protect the book. But it also was because it was the only thing he had from Reiko, the only person in his family that had gone threw the same things as him as a child.

The grin Matoba had had on his face just a moment ago disappeared, but just for a slight moment. He turned around to Natsumes surprise and walked back to the desk. "I think you're lying Takashi-kun." Matoba said. Natsume felt how the panic rose but he forced himself to stay calm.

"He can't know for sure, just don't say anything and he will eventually think it's the truth." Natsume thought to himself.

"Why do you think that I am lying?" Natsume asked but realized that maybe it would have been better to deny it instead.

Matoba didn't answer at first and suddenly Natsume started to feel a lot more uncomfortable. Then Natsume heard a match being lit and Matoba took the match to a candle on the desk to lit it up. Natsume weren't certain at all what the point of that was, but of some reason he got a really bad feeling about it. Especially when Matoba looked at Natsume again with a smirk that sent shivers down his spine.

"Well, if that's true, then it's of no use to me." Matoba told Natsume and took up the book towards the candle.

If the book of friends would get burned into ashes then so would all the youkai that had written their names into the book. "Stop it." Natsume screamed and without thinking about what he was doing he tried to take the book away from Matoba.

Of course it was a big failure. The exorcist was both taller and stronger than the fifteen year old boy so it wasn't hard for him to hold the book out of reach for Natsume while he took a grip around the boys arm and held him against the wall. Since Natsumes hands were tied together by the paper he couldn't even try to reach the book with his other arm.

"What makes this book so important?" Matoba asked, his grin was gone and he had something threatening in his tone. He probably were tired of not getting the answers he wanted.

"It contain names of the youkai's Reiko met. I only have it in case I meet someone she knew." It wasn't a complete lie, though it wasn't a complete truth. Even if it had been the truth it was still nothing Matoba could use, he only wanted things that could be of use to him.

"What a pity, I really thought I had found something interesting." Matoba almost sighted in disappointment. Natsume almost believed that he would just let the book be, but he was wrong. "Seems like we won't be needing it then." Matoba said and took the book to the candle again.

"All youkai who wrote their names in the book must obey the owner of it." He said as fast as he could and Matoba took away the book from the candle just when the small flame had touched the book. A small burn-mark were on one of the book's corners but the pages hadn't taken damage, though Natsume didn't know that at that point. Matobas grin returned, he finally got something interesting out of the boy.

"Though, the only ones that can use the book are relatives to Reiko." Natsume continued when he had calmed down after the shock. He had been terrified that all the youkai in the book could have died. Especially since Misuzus name still were in the book. He weren't certain though if Matoba would believe him. But it shouldn't be that weird that someone like Reiko would have tried to keep others from using it.

As Madara noticed Hinoe sitting on a branch in a tree he shouted out to her. "Oy, have you seen Natsume?" Madara had been in Natsumes house just a bit earlier but he hadn't been home.

"Not in a while." Hinoe replied and looked down on the maneki neko. "Has something happened?" She asked a bit worried. But Madara didn't have an answer on her question.

He didn't know if something had happened yet. Natsume could as well have gone to a friends place or just for a walk while Madara was gone. "I'm going to go check some places and see if I can find him." Madara told Hinoe.

Just as Madara had changed form and were about to take off both he and Hinoe turned their heads when they heard two familiar voices. It was those two foolish chukyuu youkai, the ox-like and the one eyed.

"We saw Natsume-sama.." They repeated as they ran towards Hinoe and Madara. "He was taken." The one eyed youkai said before they stopped in front of Madara.

"What are you talking about?" Madara demanded. The two fell down on their knees, a bit frightened by Madara.
"Natsume-sama..." The one eyed youkai started.
"He was taken..." The oxe-like continued.
"By an exorcist." The one eyed finished.

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