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It was late at night; the moon wasn't able to shine so brightly since the sky was filled with clouds. The air was cool with a gentle breeze blowing every so often and again, which wasn't so surprising since it was fall. The mansion that belonged to the infamous billionaire in Wisconsin only had one room lit up. The living room that was equipped with a fireplace and decorated with shelves full of books and modern yet tactful furniture held two individuals. Vlad sat on the far end of the couch, reading a rather thick book in his hands. His younger lover laid spread out on the couch, his head resting on the man's lap with a pen and notebook on his stomach, unused. Danny had finally completed his homework and was relaxing in the tranquil moment in the room. Vlad was enjoying it as well when his lover unexpectedly spoke up.

"Hey Vlad, can I ask you something?"

Vlad read the last sentence of the paragraph he was reading before looking down at his lover of almost a year. "Of course you can my boy. What is it?" he found it odd that his lover looked nervous yet thoughtful. That was never a good combination when it came to his Little Badger.

"What do you think about having a threesome?" Danny asked bluntly, not knowing how else to phrase the question.

Vlad froze; his body tensing before it got over its shock from the question and was consumed with hot, burning jealousy. A threesome? They never talked about their sex life before like this. Vlad had assumed Danny was satisfied with their arrangement. He certainly never heard any complaints before! He clenched his teeth, trying to keep his temper in check. Was he not enough for Danny? Did he feel that he still needed more? Was Vlad so inadequate in his eyes that he rather just invite a third party instead of just telling him how to be a better lover for him?

"And who would you suggest we invited to join us in this…threesome?" Vlad spat out jealously, hoping he could track the name down and maim this person.

Danny looked up at his lover with confused blue eyes. He was honestly surprised to see his lover so agitated. "Invite?"

"Yes, who did you have in mind?"

"Oh." Danny blinked and then laughed. Vlad didn't see what was so funny. "I didn't want to invite anyone. I meant we use one of our duplicates."

Vlad let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding and his shoulders sagged in relief. He placed a bookmark in his book and snapped it shut with one hand. "Well why didn't you just say so?" he hadn't appreciated the scare Danny gave him.

Danny grinned, knowing what his lover must have concluded in his own fruit loop mind. "I didn't think I had to. Why would I want anyone else when I have you?"

Vlad blushed at the compliment and put his book aside as he thought of Danny's earlier question. "Well, I am able to hold many duplicate forms well enough and multitask with them. So it is possible." Although the thought of having two Danny's…he shivered as he felt his pants suddenly feel too tight at the thought.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I haven't had much practice holding my duplicates for a long time." He pouted, realizing that was something he should work on.

Vlad made a noise of agreement. "Would you like to try?" He asked while lowering his voice to a seductive tone.

"It was my idea," Danny answered with a playful grin.

"Yes, but I am the one who can make this fantasy come true."

Danny was startled when he heard those words uttered from a voice in front of him instead of above. A pair of hands grabbed at his waist and pinned him to the couch. Plasmius smirked down at the surprised teen, licking his lips in anticipation at the fun they were going to have. "I must say, Little Badger, I didn't know you had these sort of thoughts about me. It is rather flattering." Plasmius said as he knocked off the notebook and pen that was on Danny with a swipe of his arm before slipping his hands underneath Danny's shirt.

Danny's breathing quickened as he realized his suggestion was going to happen. He swallowed and let out a low moan when Plasmius began to nibble on his neck. He whimpered softly when he felt fangs bite down on the junction of his neck and suck harshly. He was still resting his head on Vlad's lap and was now feeling the man's hand play with his hair. Plasmius still had both his hands roaming Danny's chest and stomach, caressing the toned body.

"V-Vlad," Danny moaned, wanting to kiss Vlad.

The duplicate seemed to sense what he wanted and pulled away from the tempting neck to kiss Danny. Moaning into the kiss, Plasmius pushed his tongue past Danny's lips and dueled with the others tongue. Vlad watched the scene before him, feeling more aroused than he thought possible. He wanted to be the one kissing Danny and making him wither and moan like such but it was interesting to be able to just sit back and enjoy the expressions that came across the young face. The hot pants and breathy moans escaping those slightly swollen and parted lips as Plasmius phased off Danny's shirt and latched onto a nipple with his mouth only filled Vlad with desire. It was erotic as hell.

Danny wanted his pants off; he hated that he couldn't feel Plasmius. His body felt like it was on fire and it was only the half ghost duplicate above him who could fill his desperate need to be touched. Plasmius was too busy marking his chest, leaving hickeys next to the already faded ones decorating it. Vlad's hand gripped his hair harder. Baby blue eyes met cobalt ones, neither hiding their desires and lustful gleams.

"Vlad, please, I want to feel you too," Danny begged.

Vlad and Plasmius chuckled in amusement, causing a pleasant shiver to race up Danny's spine. "All in due time, Daniel. Have I not taught you patience?" Vlad asked with a smirk.

"Fuck patience!" Danny spat out, his mind fogged with lust. "I want—ahhh!" he was cut off when Plasmius suddenly grabbed at his covered erection.

Plasmius replied, "I know what you want, Daniel." His voice was husky, knowing it would drive the young halfa insane. "But you can't get it just yet." he stroked the clothed erection.

Danny squirmed and arched into the touch, needing more. "Vlad! Please!"

Vlad answered that one. "Please what, my dear boy?"

"Don't tease me," the teen demanded in reply.

Plasmius smirked and took off the teen's pants and boxers. "You'll take what I give you Daniel and you'll love it." Plasmius responded as he hungrily eyed Danny's erection. It was hard and demanding to be touched. Precum was already gathering at the tip. Vlad was tempted to reach over and stroke it so he wasn't completely cruel to his young lover, but he could wait. Danny lay panting, the flush look on his face making Vlad's own need demand for attention. He could also see the erection from his duplicate and didn't blame him. Danny was an exotic and arousing sight to behold.

Danny whimpered as Plasmius kissed the inside of his thighs. He was so close to his hard on but wouldn't go near it. Instead, he placed licks and kisses all around but the area he really needed to be touched. Annoyed, he gripped Plasmius' hair and tried to force the halfa to attend to him. Vlad was amused but wouldn't have it. Sharing a look with his duplicate, Plasmius suddenly flipped Danny over so he would be on his stomach on the couch. Danny was now facing Vlad's clothed erection. Vlad moaned as he felt Danny's hot panting breath on him. Plasmius lifted Danny's hips and steadied them so he could lick the toned cheeks of Danny's tight ass. His tongue traced patterns on each cheek, eliciting low moans from the younger halfa. Firm hands gripped either side and parted them, making room for Plasmius' tongue to lick his hole.

Danny let out a scream as he felt Plasmius' tongue tease his hole. "O-Oh! Vlad! Ahh! So good! Nngh." He gasped, the sensation felt amazing. He eyed Vlad's erection before using his hands to unbutton the man's pants and pull down the zipper. He opened the pants up enough and slipped his hand in to pull out the thick cock. Vlad watched as Danny licked it like a pleasant treat. He was surprised Danny was doing this for him and couldn't help but let out a lustful moan.

"Daniel…" he groaned and placed his hand on the raven hair, gripping it tightly. He didn't know which to watch, Plasmius pleasuring Danny's tight hole with his tongue, or Danny licking at his cock. He settled for a little of both. The feeling was arousing and he was definitely getting off on it. "Suck," he demanded gruffly when the licks were no longer enough.

With a moan, Danny took in all of Vlad and sucked. He had enough practice to know how Vlad liked it. He tried hard to focus on pleasing Vlad with his mouth and knew by the gasps and groans coming from above him that he was doing a good job. That is, until he felt the wet appendage push further in his hole and began to thrust in and out of him. He moaned. It was so hot to be sucking on Vlad's cock while being rimmed. Plasmius tongue fucked him for a while and it felt so good, but he needed more. He moaned and gasped, sometimes having to pull back from the cock in his mouth so he could get some air back in his lungs. He wasn't at all bothered when Vlad pushed him back down onto his cock. In fact, it turned him on. Eagerly, he obeyed the unspoken order and continued to suck him.

"Oh, Little Badger, you're so good at that." Vlad praised, enjoying the moist heat wrapped around him. Danny being a quick learner was something that really paid off. Danny only sucked harder and wrapped a hand around the bottom half of the cock he couldn't reach and stroked it in time. He licked around the head before trying to take Vlad in as much as he could.

Plasmius pulled away to insert a finger in the wet hole. He prepared Danny roughly, egged on by Danny's pleased shouts.

"Ahhh! More! Oh—Vlad! Fuck! I need you to fuck me!" He begged, wanting to be filled by his lover.

Vlad wanted to be inside his lover. He waited as Plasmius continued to stretch the tight hole until he felt he was ready. "Switch, Daniel." Vlad commanded, helping Danny lift up to move. Danny, still in a daze did what he was told. Vlad hummed thoughtfully before grabbing the younger's waist. "Come, this will be more comfortable in the bedroom." Vlad and Plasmius warped Danny into their bedroom and landed on the soft, king-sized bed. Danny was surprised but didn't complain.

"V-Vlad, come on, fuck me already. I can't take it! I need you."

"Of course, Daniel." Vlad answered while lifting Danny's hips. He placed the tip of his erection on the eager hole and slowly pushed himself in, moaning as he did. "You always feel so wonderful, Daniel. So tight."

Danny practically purred at the compliments. Someone coughed in front of him and he looked up to see Plasmius' own erection in front of his mouth, waiting. Without a thought, he took it in his mouth as Vlad from behind began to steadily thrust into him. He moaned around the cock in his mouth, feeling intoxicated. The touches and sensations were so much, yet so sinfully good. Plasmius switched back to his human half and watched Danny suck him.

Vlad began to thrust harder into Danny. He felt so good and tight around his cock and it was a burning turn on to watch him suck his duplicate at the same time. Danny was even letting out pleased moans and gasps. His duplicate's eyes were closed and a blissful look of pleasure was on his face, clearly enjoying Danny's ministration. That was understandable; Danny was very talented with his mouth. Danny suddenly tightened around his erection and he let out a surprised gasp. Oh yes, Danny felt good on both ends.

"Daniel!" Both Vlad and the duplicate groaned in unison. Vlad continued, "You're so good, Daniel. Ahh…I love you."

Danny, surprised to hear that from the older man, pulled back from the erection to answer, "I love you too." He moaned. "P-Please touch me."

With a wicked smirk, Vlad wrapped his arm around Danny's chest and pulled him up so that his back was flushed with Vlad's front. He repositioned them so he could still fuck Danny, using his arms to hold Danny's legs up and lean back enough to give the young halfa support. Danny questioned Vlad's reason for this position until he felt the duplicate's mouth suddenly swallow around his neglected and aching hard on.

"Ahhhh! VLAD! Oh, Vlad!" He shouted, feeling Vlad thrust harder into him and hit his prostrate straight on while the duplicate sucked around him. It was too much. "Oh Vlad, Vlad, gonna-! Gonna c-cum!"

Panting harshly, Vlad huskily moaned in Danny's ears and said, "Cum, little badger. He'll swallow it all."

Those words sent a spark down Danny's body and spread as he felt the familiar tug on his lower stomach and he spilled himself into Vlad's duplicate's awaiting mouth. Vlad's duplicate swallowed him eagerly and milked out all the cum Danny had to offer, even giving it an affectionate lick after he was done.

Vlad was so close. He continued to thrust into the warm body. Danny, suddenly wanting to make both Vlad's cum, readjusted them so he was on his knees and hands. He once again took the duplicate's erection into his mouth and doubled his efforts. He sucked, licked and even grazed his teeth on the cock, pleased when he heard both Vlad and the duplicate gasp. He bobbed his head and sucked harder. He was rewarded seconds later when both cried out and filled him with cum. He swallowed eagerly, moaning as he felt the erotic sensation of cum sliding down his throat and filling him up from behind.

After Vlad finished his climax, the duplicate disappeared with a puff of smoke and left the two halfas together to regain their breaths. Danny collapsed on the bed, Vlad following suit, and let out a breathy laugh.

"Well that was fun!" Danny said with a goofy grin, rolling over to place his head on his lover's chest.

Vlad's heart pounded against his chest. He smiled, glad Danny enjoyed himself. He never wanted Danny to feel like he needed someone else to satisfy his needs; Vlad would give it to him all. "Mmm, yes, it was." He ran his hands through the sweaty locks, knowing he would have to get up and take a shower with his lover soon.

Danny sighed happily and placed a chaste kiss on the man's cheek before settling back. "Thanks, Vlad."

"My pleasure, Daniel. Feel free to tell me what fantasies you want fulfilled whenever you'd like."

Danny laughed, keeping that in mind.