My impression of Peter Parker is my personal interpretation of him, so he many seem a little OC at times but I don't mean to offend anyway shape or form. I didn't really like the sad and tearful Spider-Man and I yet have to see the new Spider man, but on a psychically debate, he looks like the new spider man. I've also given him the small wrist devices as well, I haven't seen the movie like I said but people have told me about them...I hope it makes more sense than I imagine it making...

Peter jumped across the stone wall, falling at least six stories before hitting a solid again. He swore under his breath as he landed heavily on the stairs outside his bedroom window, the silence that followed gave him reassurance however. He stood from the knelt position on the metal stairs before running his hands along the window ledge; the cold rain hit his bare knuckles, the blood of his skin soaking through the torn fabric of his blue and red suit. He lifted the heavy glass gate, gazing in on the darkness before stepping into his room. He span on the bed, catching the window before it could slam shut, awakening Jarvis or worse, his family. Suddenly, thunder rippled through the air, lighting the room for just a second. The lock was silent under the sound of the thunder and safely, the window was closed. He backed off the bed, taking a step back and stretching his suited body. The red and blue of his suit shone nicely against Uncle Thor's thunder and it brought a smile to his masked face. He pulled off the skin-tight mask, taking a deep breath as he was now safe from the villains, but not from his dysfunctional family.

"Peter…" Peter yelped at the quiet voice, throwing himself on to the ceiling and looking down on his intruder. "…what are you doing?" A pair of emerald eyes peered at him through the darkness, glistening with mischief and sin. Peter calmed down almost instantly, sighing as he relaxed and dropping his shoulders. Hiss happiness was suddenly overcome with a new type of fear. He had been caught.

"Uncle Loki…I-I can explain." His tall, godly uncle flickered on the bedroom light, filling the room with soft beams and exposing Loki from the shadows. His uncle entered the room fully, taking a seat on the furthest end to the bed and sitting patiently with a straight, unreadable face.

Technically, Loki was still an enemy to the Avengers, but as he was Thor's brother, he was family to peter. Regardless of Tony and Steve's thoughts, Loki was there when peter was only a baby, tending to the poor child's needs when his two fathers would go and fight the bad guy's. Now as he was a teenager, they were just as close if not closer. Peter had to remind himself daily not to get too emotionally attached to the demigod; he wasn't going to allow himself to be manipulated to the dark side.

The older god held his hand out, signalling to the space next to him.

"I'm waiting for an explanation if you could please get off the ceiling." Peter nodded sheepishly, releasing his grip on the ceiling and falling to the floor. He flipped before landing angelically with a silent foot, ignoring the way Loki tensed when he fell to the floor, but smiling when he faced the older man. Loki rolled his emerald eyes, sighing dramatically. "Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Don't get smug…there's only so much of your farther I can handle." Peter cackled softly, running his hands through his hair before moving towards the bed and collapsing on to the mattress. "So, want to tell my why you were hanging off the ceiling?" It was going to be a long night…

"Well, it all started when we took a school trip…"

"See, I made this myself." He revealed his wrists, showing off the small devices with a smile on his face. Loki didn't look at the subjects on Peter's wrists; instead he looked at the tall boy before him, unable to hide his own smile.

"You're just like your dads you know." Peter laughed, shrugging softly and pulling down the sleeves to his suit, hiding the mechanisms once more.

"So I've been told…they say I have Dad's brains and Pap's selflessness…it's a good combination." Loki laughed darkly, nothing harsh behind it but it was threatening either way. "'re not going to tell them, are you?" Loki sighed, standing from where he had been sat. The God took a few steps forward, pulling the lining of his green jumper nervously, unable to meet the young teen's eye.

"It's a lot to keep to myself Peter and I don't want to be the reason you are in danger, ever. I don't-"

"Please, I just want to help people, they won't understand that!" Loki cocked an eyebrow at him. "…okay, so they're heroes, they still wouldn't understand! I'm their only child!" Loki didn't seem convinced but stayed where he stood. The God picked the dirt from under his nails, stretching his fingers and rolling his feet. "Let's say you have a child-"

"I do have children." Peter looked at him, cocking his head to the side and frowning.

"…really?" Loki huffed, turning around to leave. "No, Loki wait, so let's say your child, your eldest, wants to fight the avengers. Would you let them?" Loki thought about it for a moment, the concentration on his face undeniable.

"You have a point Peter, but this is Steve and Tony. This is Iron Man and Captain America."

"I know but listen, how about we make a deal?" Loki cocked his eyebrow again. "I show you that I can defend myself against the bad guys. If you're convinced, we don't tell them. If not, you can call me out and I'll deal with being a boring child with superdads." Loki frowned at the boy on the bed, Peter was manipulative and very stealthy, must have absorbed some of that from the mischief maker when he was taking care of him.

"I won't tell them…yet. But you have to tell them someday Peter. It feels amazing now, saving people, helping them, but I know what you mortals are like…" He crossed the room, towering himself over the teenager. Peter fell back against the bed, his nose brushing against Loki's as the god pinned him to the mattress. "…Spider-man's going to be a scandalous gift to the poor and unfit…some are going to hate him and some are going to love him…" He stood again, allowing Peter to breathe, but only just. "You're going to have to tell someone…it's in your nature as a human, all this appraisal you're going to's going to make you very jealous..." He turned away from Peter, walking back to the doorway. Peter shrugged, knowing the God could see him still.

"What about our deal?" Loki sighed again, flicking the light switch off, concealing Peter in darkness.

"…I don't make deals with super heroes." He walked out of the room, and continued down the hallway "Now go to sleep, it's a school night."