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(Sonic's POV)

I walked slowly to Amy's house, nervousness rushing through my body. The cold winter weather biting at my skin, but I didn't care, I had other things on my mind. Finally, I arrived at her house; it was a little small, but she didn't need a big house, it was just her and her Mother.

I made my way up two, small steps, and up to the red door. I knocked twice and waited for an answer. Surely, not long after I knocked, the door swung open.

"Hi Sonic, are you looking for Amy?" Amy's Mother, Rosemary, asked happily. I nodded.

"She's upstairs in her room, you can head up." She replied. I stepped inside the warm house, mumbled a quick 'thanks', and quickly ran upstairs.

I knocked on her door, nervously, slowly.

"Come in!" She answered, her voice made me grin, like music to my ears. I opened the door and stepped in the doorway. She glanced over at me, her gaze was awestruck.

"Sonic…?" Amy huffed, shocked. She hopped off her bed, where she was sitting and skipped over to me, she hugged me tightly, like she was never going to let go. Soon, I heard her hiccup, she was in tears.

I loosened my grip and stared into her green eyes deeply and she stared back at me. We didn't speak, we let our eyes do the talking, and that was just enough.

"When?" Amy finally asked, breaking our silence.

"Just last week, I was going to come sooner, but I just got so nervous every time I attempted to." I answered nervously, she looked at me again, we were both silent.

"Did my mom know?" The pink hedgehog asked, I nodded, and she smiled. Amy hugged me, again, and it felt perfect, us tightly embracing each other, I could've stood there forever! I loved being in her arms.

"C'mon, I want to show you something." I said I motioned her out of the room. We headed out and Amy yelled to her Mother.

"Mom, I'm heading out! I will be back soon." She yelled.

"Okay honey!" Her Mother replied.

We stepped outside; the frosty air hit our faces immediately. I saw Amy's face cringe immediately, I tingled inside, everything she did was so cute, and every move, made me tingle inside, happily.

I took her hand and guided her down the street, to the local park and playground.

"The park? I haven't been here in forever!" Amy said confusion strung in her voice.

"Just wait." I reassured, I guided her through the pathway, to someplace that made us both beam.

"No way, you're joking right?!" Amy said shocked. I shook my head.

"This is our oak tree." I said; she gleamed. You see, when we were younger we would always climb the big branches and do foolish, childish things, but they made amazing memories!

"Hey, remember this?" I asked and smiled at the trunk. Amy came over and took a glance; she put a hand over her mouth at the sight.

In the trunk was carved S + A = Forever with a big heart around it. The day I left to leave for Chicago, I took Amy here and showed her this, I also confessed that I had a huge crush on her, I never forgot that moment, and neither has she.

Of course, we were only in eighth grade then, we didn't know anything about love and maybe things have changed, but I didn't think like that, I just couldn't, I still love her, and hopefully, she feels the same way.

"Remember the necklace you gave me that day?" Amy asked me. I nodded remembering the necklace perfectly.

She then reached around her neck and pulled on a silver necklace with a silver heart on it. In the heart it had the words scribed on it, love you now, love you always.

"You still have that?" I questioned, Amy nodded.

"I never took it off. And every day of my ninth grade year, I'd sit under this oak tree afterschool and think you'd show up. I was so foolish though!" She said, I thought happily, she may still love me.

"You weren't foolish, you were a kid." I said looking at her in the eyes, her eyes drifted to our feet. Then, I took her shoulders, and did what I should've down a long time ago, I kissed her.

We stood there letting a few beautiful moments pass until we let go, she smiled at me, and I did the same, we were both thinking the same thing, I love you.

"Amy, I still love you, I never stopped! I thought about you every day, I longed to come back here just so I could be with you, I…I love you." I confessed, letting out my feelings as I poured them onto her, she listened intently then spoke.

"Sonic, I just don't know what to say, I mean it's been so long, I just don't know what to think?!" She said, a little taken back, clearly.

"But Amy, you do know what to think, you just told me!" I fought on.

"Sonic, I honestly don't know what to think, I loved you in eighth grade, and most of ninth, but I didn't think you would've come back, I moved on Sonic. But now that you're here, I'm not sure if I do or don't love you." Amy said confusion was pieced in her voice as each of her words was breathy and confused.

"I know, but you can't move on, you can't!" I said my voice cracking, tears starting to prick my eyes viciously.

"Sonic." She said, about to speak. "I don't know, I just don't." She said, teary and confused, and with that, she turned her heel and left, running.

I broke down crying. Fear, anger, sorrow, confusion, were all swirling inside me, I sat down against the bark and let my emotions fly. We loved then, we will love now.

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