I Know You.

I bounded for the doors; eager to go and see the showing the military was putting on. It of course was to help raise money for the military and their fight overseas. And from what I've heard it was gaining much publicity going through the cities all over the country. The man called Captain America led a singing number that helped boost bond sales and in turn helped pay for the war efforts.

He was the only reason I was here, much like many other of the women and girls crowding the seats. With each city he went to act in, the numbers seemed to double and triple with both men and women flocking to see him.

Female dancers in America themed suits started off the leading number that called out the Captain. He ran onto the stage, taking center stage in a vivid America themed tight suit and carried a large shield of the same theme.

A girl next to me grabbed my arm and excitedly bounced in her seat, "Oh my gosh, it's true!" She smiled widely, squeezing my arm. "He's so handsome!" I couldn't help but laugh and smile at her, completely agreeing with her and the hundred other girls that screamed at the gorgeous man on the stage who defeated Hitler with only a punch. "Captain Steve Rodgers will be my future husband!" She sighed, leaning against my shoulder as she gazed happily at the man.

I laughed at the comment, no doubt all of the women here thought they'd become his wife. Then, "Wait, what's his name?" I stared at the girl, slightly confused because I knew a man by the same name only he wasn't built to perfection and in no way could probably become as perfect because of clinical issues.

She instantly looked at me, amazed and confused. "What?! You don't know his name? It's Steve Rodgers! He's so handsome don't you think? Where do you think they found such a face?" She held the bosom of her dress as if her heart hurt just thinking about him. She smiled at me, "Do you know anything about him? Like where he came from or where his hometown is? I haven't found anything on his background yet."

I stared up at the man, trying to get a glimpse of the face under the mask. That couldn't be Steve; he was small and skinny, barely taller than me. He couldn't just become buff and large like that in a few years could he? This guy was the opposite of the Steve I knew.

I looked over at the girl beside me and smirked at her, piquing her interest immediately. "Would you like to sneak into the back of the stage with me?" Her face lit up instantly and she was unable to hold in her squeal of excitement. "Come on, I know the way to go." Honestly I didn't but I could definitely figure it out.

We walked through the crowd of people, pushing and shoving to make a path through. We walked out and to the back of the building, ducking and dodging the military escort that walked the premises behind the back of the building. "We can get through the back door if we run," She suggested, pointing at the guards that paced around the area. I grabbed her arm, "Now." And we ran for it.

"Hey! Hey! You can't go in there." A guard yelled as he turned just in time to see us sprinting across the road. A couple of the others turned at his yelling and a group of three of them ran after us. The back door from the stage opened and a few men and women walked through it, stopping us from getting any further.

Then as luck would have it, the Captain was ushered out of the building by a couple of suited military men. The girl next to me tried frantically to get out of the grips of the men holding her whereas I just craned my neck to look at the man, that's all I wanted was just a look. He glanced at us, smiling shyly as he gave me a small wave. He was so much like him, Steve the shy and quiet guy who didn't know how to talk to girls. They both had the same, side swept hair, big blue eyes, and a handsome smile.

Ah, what the hell? "Steve?" I yelled. He looked back at me instantly with a curious and questioning look. Wow did he look like Steve, but how could he be so big? "Steve Rodgers?" I called again. This time he stopped and turned to come my way.

He held out his hand, waving at the guards, "Stop, stop. Let them go, please." We were brought to a stop and the men let us go, stepping away and busying themselves with other things. Steve stood a few feet in front of me, towering over me now. He stared at my face, trying to figure out who I was and suddenly in his presence I wasn't able to say a thing. "Do I know you?" He asked, an eyebrow arching up.

The girl beside me twitched excitedly, holding her hand out to him. "I'm Jemma Louis, Captain. It's an honor to meet you." He looked at her quickly, having not even noticed her.

He smiled and shook her hand, "Nice to meet you Miss Louis." He looked back at me, holding his hand out to shake. "And your name Miss?"

I slowly took his hand, "Phyllis Thompson." His eyebrows furrowed briefly as he thought about it. "I-" I took a quick breathe, trying to regain my voice and courage. "Are you the same Steve Rodgers I went to high school with, the small boy, barely my height, who had asthma? The kid who could barely talk to girls without turning red or saying something wrong?" His face instantly began to turn red and he rubbed the back of his neck. "How did you become…" I motioned to him. "This?"

He looked down at himself and then back up at me, smirking. "I-" His face contorted in doubt. "I don't remember you from school Miss Thompson." Suddenly he seemed to be thinking about something else, giving both Jemma and I questioning looks.

I opened my mouth to speak but was rudely interrupted by a military man. "Time to go Captain Rodgers." He stated, looking between the Captain and us. "No time to dally with pretty women. You've got a schedule to keep."

Jemma glared at the man, crossing her arms. "Can't he come and have a drink with us?" The man just gave her an icy glare. She huffed and turned around, sticking her nose in the air.

The Captain chuckled lightly, patting the mans shoulder to calm him down. "Alright, lets go." He looked at us with a bright smile. "It was very nice to meet you ladies. I'll look back in my old yearbooks some time Miss Thompson. Maybe I'll spot you in them."

Jemma grabbed my arm and began to pull me away from the place. I smiled and nodded, turning at the last minute to walk with Jemma. She leaned in close to my ear, whispering, "Did you two really go to school together? If you did that is so cool!" Her voice broke into an excited squeak at the end of her sentence.

I nodded, "I wasn't particularly a close friend of his, if it is the same guy. I just…noticed him more than any other girl."

Her smile grew to consume her face, "Oh my gosh you had a crush on Captain America!" I shushed her looking back at the men to see if they had heard. "Oh, oh sorry," She looked back as well. "He didn't seem to remember you though."

I nodded, trying to emphasize the point. "Exactly, so I don't want to sound like every other girl who's drooling all over the man. I knew him and liked him way before he became so…handsome." I glanced over my shoulder directly at the Captain's eyes. We both looked away, had he heard Jemma? I sure hoped he hadn't, I didn't want him to forget me and remember me as some lovesick girl like the one beside me.

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