I stared blindly at the floor, feeling absolutely empty. What was to become of me now?

"Colonel Phillips." Mr. Dugan said, pronouncing our presence. I watched his feet turn to face me. "Miss Thompson," Mr. Dugan asked kindly, lifting my chin to look up at him. "I need you to come back for a while. I know you've been through a lot but we're going to need you to explain who you are and what you were doing with Hydra."

I looked past him at a grieved looking man. He held himself strong and orderly but something had recently happened to sadden him. His eyebrow lifted questioningly. "First off, can you even speak Miss Thompson? I'm in no patient mood right now. If you-"

"He put the serum in me," I said quietly. He quieted instantly, staring at me like he'd attack if I were lying. "They kidnapped me from the docs in Italy, took me to a facility I didn't know. He changed me, said I would be like Captain America. There were at least two-dozen needles stuck in me by the time it was over. And a fiery hot pain followed that didn't stop until I had finished the third phase…" I stared at the ground, my eyes beginning to water as I remembered the pain, the dead man. "He made me perfect," A tear slid down my cheek. I looked up at the Colonel. "Gave me the Super Soldier Serum."

The Colonel's mouth hung open slightly as he stared. Maybe six others in the room including the Colonel and each of them gawked at me. Suddenly the Colonel's expression changed and he frowned in anger and doubt.

"Cuff her and transport her to base." He ordered, looking at Mr. Dugan. Everyone now turned his or her stares to him, not understanding.

"But sir," Mr. Dugan began. The Colonel shut him up with a stare. "We don't know if this woman is lying. We don't know if she is like the Captain, we know nothing about her. For all we know she could be a plant for Hydra." He looked down at my uniform. "She is to be confined to a cell until we can regroup for an interrogation."

Mr. Dugan did nothing but stare.

"Now." Colonel Phillips ordered.

"I understand." I said as I dropped my head. "May I make one request though?"

He rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Why not?"

I looked around the room, glancing at all the faces that looked back and forth between the Colonel and me. "Can I talk to Captain America?"

He looked down at the floor after a moments thought. He squeezed the bridge of his nose and looked back up at me, his eyes downcast in sadness. "A moment ago Captain America commandeered Red Skull's flying ship and plunged it into the sea. We will not know if he has survived until the search. As of now the Captain may be dead."

My head dropped and I have fallen if Mr. Dugan hadn't been next to me and caught me. I was hopelessly alone now…

I stood up straight, using up the last of my courage to ask Colonel Phillips one last thing.

"I wish to ask to be allowed to help in the search for Captain America. I may be useful to the team you place together."

A woman with wavy red hair walked into the room. Her eyes were red and puffy from having been crying. She looked at me, straightening her skirt and then she looked at Colonel Phillips with a defiant nod, "We can use all the help we can get." She looked back at me. "You're in."

Colonel Phillips looked at her, lifting an eyebrow up. He crossed his arms over his chest and gestured toward me. "Did you hear any of the prior conversation Officer Carter?"

She shook her head, adjusting her suit jacket now. "No but we aren't in the business of denying help with the current situation."

He sighed, glancing over at me and then at Mr. Dugan beside me. "I can't believe I'm going to agree to this but… Dugan, Carter, it will be your second priority to watch Miss Thompson here and make sure nothing goes wrong. She is to be within one of your sights at all times. When the search is over she is to be brought to base immediately. Understood?"

Mr. Dugan saluted the Colonel instantly, "Sir, yes sir." Officer Carter did the same but more slowly with a feminine attitude. She stared at me curiously, now wanting to know the prior conversation. "Sir, yes sir."

And with that Mr. Dugan escorted me out of the room.

"Officer Carter. I want you to stay for a moment." Colonel Phillips ordered. He watched and waited as Mr. Dugan hustled the girl out of the room before he spoke again. He looked at Officer Carter, slightly angry. "That lady that just left with Dugan had finished telling us how she was injected with the Super Soldier serum which should be impossible. And because of your brash reasoning skills I allowed her to go with you and the search team."

She looked over at the door, utterly surprised. "She's a Super Soldier? Like Steve?"

He shook his head in disbelief. "I do not believe it because Dr. Erskine's serum was destroyed after Steve was…changed. Hydra couldn't possibly have any form of the serum without a vial of Dr. Erskine's."

"So she's a plant then?" Officer Carter asked, her eyes slowly squinting in anger. "Hydra planted her to be captured by our men and taken back with us."

"Highly likely," Phillips stated, beginning to walk toward the door. "She says that the man who performed the procedure on her had done it in three stages. I don't know if Erskine's formula allowed for that but Stark-"

"It was clearly printed in Dr. Erskine's reports that he was going to do the serum as one procedure. Nowhere did it say that it couldn't be done by more than one procedure. It is very plausible that it could have been done in three." She walked at his side down the hall. "We only went on the assumption that Steve was the only way we could duplicate the serum but what about Red Skull? He was, after all, Dr. Erskine's first test subject. They could have found a way to perfect it and duplicate it through him."

Colonel Phillips stared straight ahead, disliking the turn of events. "If it is true we may have a problem. For now we will go on the assumption that she is a normal woman who's been planted by Hydra."

"But sir," Carter started sounding sad. "We can't just assume the worse of her instantly."

Phillips stopped and looked at her. "Why not? We know nothing about her or why she was there other than her word. We can't just assume she's telling the truth when she's wearing Hydra dress. Until we find out the truth we will assume the worst." He turned and began but then stopped again. "It will be your job to befriend the woman, find out who she is. Hell-learn her life's story. But I want you to quietly test her abilities, strengths, speeds, and reflexes. I want a full report on my desk by the time the search is through."

Officer Carter just nodded.

Colonel Phillips sighed again, loosing his serious tone. "I'm sure we'll find him." She stared at him for a moment, confused by the turn of his tone. She looked down, nodding in agreement.

"Goodbye Colonel Phillips," She said as she turned. She walked down the opposite direction with a brisk pace. He nodded and kept on the same path.

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