"Why couldn't we just get the pre-cut pumpkins?" Apollo complained as he sawed through the top of the large pumpkin in front of him. "And why couldn't we just get one?"He sighed heavily, pulling the seeds and insides out from the pumpkin and into a large bowl next to him that nearing its fill. It had only been an hour or so since they had started but he had already emptied out five pumpkins.

"Apollo!" Ema tossed a Snackoo at him but he dodged it. "Jack-O-Lanterns are one of the best parts of Halloween, they can be anything you want and best of all they're one of the first lines of defence against trick-or-treaters." She smiled down at the smiling face of her current work. It was also one of her favourite parts of Halloween because it was something that Lana had always done with her when they were younger. Her sister was usually really busy around All Hallows because of the high crime rate, so creating Jack-O-Lanterns had been their only time together when Ema was younger.

"Yeah, but it's just so yucky." Apollo grimaced as he tried to get slimy pumpkin off of his hands.

"Well, as soon as you cut that one, we'll be done."

"Wait a second; you're seriously letting me cut one. By myself!" Apollo stepped back in dramatic surprise. He had been given strict instructions that he was not to do any of the creative work as it was his first year making one.

Ema looked up from the delicate operation she was performing on her Pumpkin and sighed "It's the only way that you'll shut up." She swiftly returned to her work, her tongue stuck out slightly in concentration.

Apollo was delighted to have been released from lobotomy duties and jumped up and down in excitement. Although she pretended not to notice, Ema smiled as she worked.

When the Pumpkins were placed, Ema clasped her hands to her face.

"Oh, don't they look amazing!" She gushed, grinning widely.

"Even mine?" Apollo teased, pulling her into him by her waist.

"Especially yours." She smiled up him.

He caught her smile in a light kiss, but she pulled away after only a few seconds, her expression thoughtful.

"So, what should we do next, the dry ice or the invisible ink" She asked.

"Wait, what? Invisible ink?"Apollo asked, still slightly surprised after she suddenly pulled away.

"Yeah, I was thinking we could use UV lights on it to create spooky blood writing." Ema replied. "I'm just not sure what we should write." she pondered tapping her finger against her lips which Apollo couldn't stop looking at.

"Couldn't we just do that tomorrow?" He suggested, his hands pulling her back into him.

"What?" At first she looked confused but when she saw his face she smiled.

"If you had your way, we'd never get anything done." She giggled, pushing his hands away but he brought them back to cup her face and kissed her strongly.

He hadn't meant it to be forceful, he just couldn't help himself and for a second his body had taken over. He felt guilty because he knew she was right, but then he felt her kiss him back, her hands around his neck. He smiled against her lips, neither of them had any will power when it came to each other. Carefully and slowly, he picked her up and held her in his arms carrying her into the house and kicking the door behind him, leaving the grinning pumpkins to glow in the night sky alone.