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"Ouch, dad, careful!"

Angela Megel winced as her father struggled to unwrap the bandages lining her ribs as gently as he could, his startlingly blue eyes (that Angela wished more than anything she had inherited instead of her plain brown ones) cautious.

"I'm trying, baby," he mumbled, chewing on his bottom lip like he did when he was nervous. Angela and her father, William, were in the spacious kitchen of the Megel's mansion. The house was huge, thanks to William's job at being an executive record producer. He was rich, in his mid-thirties, and he was a single dad to Angela. All of that combined with his stunning blue eyes, suit jackets and button-up shirts, and the fact that he hadn't lost any of his hair proved to be helpful in making him the mega-famous celebrity he was.

Sunlight bathed Angela's pale skin, turning it a pretty goldish color. Her long, dark hair flowed in cascading waves down her back, glinting almost black in it. It washed over the kitchen, making everything look like it was from a fairytale. The rush of the ocean, only a few feet away from their house on the California Coastline could be heard without any ear strain, and filled the silence of the usually quiet house.

"There," William looked relieved as he successfully unwrapped the bandages from Angela's torso.

"Good job, dad," Angela sounded proud of her father, who wasn't exactly the most paternal of dads. But, he loved her unconditionally and tried his best to keep her safe and in a stable lifestyle, even though she was sort of famous. Which was a lot more than most fathers in Los Angeles did…

Even though he was a millionaire and Angela was an only child, she wasn't spoiled. In fact, up until just a few months ago hardly anybody knew Angela's name. But then she started to work for the record company, as a tour manager for Cody Simps*n and Greyson Cha*ce. One thing led to another, though, and before she knew it Angela was half of teen Hollywood's hottest couple. Cody was the other.

And they'd been hanging out since the summer time when the tour ended prematurely and they all returned home. After a brief visit to his hometown of Gold Coast, Australia, Cody returned to his home in the Hollywood Hills only three blocks from Angela's and visited nearly every day.

Her best friend Greyson, however, had needed a lot of recovery from the tour. After having his world being pulled out from underneath his feet, he needed a well-deserved vacation from all the fame and flew back to Edmond, his hometown in Oklahoma.

Angela missed him like crazy, but they Skyped at least once every day.

"Looks all healed," David studied the faint bruising around his daughter's hips, which was all that was left from the fatal car crash she had been in three months ago. "Is it sore?"

"Nope," Angela shook her head, glad to be out of all the wrappings. She marveled at her newly fixed ribs as a knock came at the door. William went to open it as Angela stared at herself in the mirror happily.

"Oh, hey," Mr. Megel said, and he stepped back to let the person at the door in.

"Cody!" Angela squealed as a tall, even taller than he had been on tour, blonde Australian boy walked in wearing a blue v neck and a smile.

"Hey Angel," Cody greeted her, but kept his distance. He was too shy to even put his arm around her when William was around, a gesture the latter greatly appreciated.

"Look, my ribs are better," Angela pulled her shirt up to show them off to Cody, who nodded.

"Maybe we should keep our shirts on when we're with our boyfriends," William reminded his daughter firmly. Angela rolled her eyes and Cody's cheeks turns a little pink. He turned to Cody with a smirk. "Sometimes Angela thinks she's Kim Kardashian."

Cody started to laugh, and Angela stuck a hand on her hip.

"Not that that's bad," Cody said quickly, catching sight of his girlfriend's face. "Kim Kardashian's cool, I've met her a few times, she's tweeted me a picture of her drinking orange soda when I was on the bottle for the Summer of Crush, and it was a nice gesture even though her shirt was sort of low and all the comments were from the angels saying how she should have more pride and how I'm fifteen and I don't need to be seeing that kind of stuff. I didn't mind though, I mean-not that I wanted to see her-Well, I-"

"Hey, maybe stop talking," Angela rescued her boyfriend from his babbling and he glance down at her with a sort of pained expression on his face.


Mr. Megel started to laugh, and Angela glanced at the clock.

"We're going to be late, Codes," she said quickly, and she ran up the stairs to get her bag. She and Cody would be going to pick up Greyson from the airport, since he was coming to stay in Los Angeles for a few weeks with Angela.

"Got your permit yet, Cody?" Mr. Megel walked over to the counter and began to put the dishes that had been washed earlier by the housekeeper into their proper cabinets.

"I can't until January when I turn sixteen," he ruffled his golden locks. "And even then I still have to wait until I can drive with other people, so it'll be like another year until I can drive with Angela."

"Thank God for that," Mr. Megel teased Cody with a laugh.

"Hey," Cody looked kind of offended.

"Kid, I've seen you in the recording studio I'm scared to see you behind the wheel of a car," David laughed again, and Cody cracked a smile too, remembering some time or another.

"C'mon, let's go," Angela popped back in with her bag over her shoulder, her dark hair in a side braid and dressed in a basic black shirt with the sides cinched and a pair of skinny jeans over Converse.

"See you later Mr. Megel," Cody called to William as Angela pulled his hand, leading him out the door. Once secure inside the limo with tinted windows and the little door to the driver pulled taut so he couldn't see what they were doing, Angela turned to Cody with a pout.

"What'd I do?" he asked quickly, reaching out and pressing his thumb against her chin with concerned, crystal aqua hazel eyes.

"You didn't give me a kiss when you saw me this morning."

"Baby, your daddy was right there," Cody said with his accent thick like it got when he was laughing or emotional. This time was both.

"But it still made me sad," Angela stuck out her bottom lip and Cody chuckled a little.

"Well I could give you a kiss now," he suggested, and she nodded. Cody leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in a soft, sweet kiss. He pulled away after a few seconds, but then decided he wanted another and leaned back in.

He pressed her back against the leathery interior of the limo seat and he held her face in between his big hands, which she found incredibly sexy. They continued to make out all the way until they got to the airport, half an hour later. Angela pulled away as the car stopped and reached into Cody's pocket for his phone.

"We weren't supposed to get to the airport until seven," she said, confused glancing down. "Oh! It is seven."

"No way," Cody peeked over her shoulder at the screen. "Huh. Short ride."

"Well," Angela giggled. "What is it they say?"

She racked her brains as she and Cody climbed out of the limo, then interlocked hands as they walked in to meet with Greyson. Cody grinned, filling in her sentence.

"Time flies when you're having fun."

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