At Domino City, a man named Yugi Moto has skip school to go with his other self the pharoah who was inside an anicent artifact called the Millenium Puzzle for thousands of years. The pharoah is a world champion in a game called Duel Monsters after he won a tournament called Battle City which was headed by Yugi's ultimate rival, the former champion and owner of a gaming corporation named Seto Kaiba. Yugi won that tournament to get three special cards called the egyptian gods who are named Obliesk the Tormentor, Slifer the sky dragon, and the winged dragon of Ra. Yugi was heading there right now but was stopped by his friends named Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, and Tristan Taylor. They wanted yo go with him because there a team, so Yugi accept that.

They went inside the museam to find the ancient egyptian stone to unlock the pharaoh's memories of his past. The pharoah hold the egyptian god cards in front of the stone, but then the stone turn into ice and the cards power were out of control.

"Yug whats happening pal?" Joey says.

"I feel that something is draining the power of the egyptian god cards." Yugi said.

"So drop them" Tristan said.

"I can't" Yugi said as they heard a scream.

They went outside to check it out when they saw monsters rampaging throughout the city.

"Woah looks like someone's duel disk went heywire." Tristan says.

Then all of a sudden, a portal opened revealing trucks, a car, and a motorcycle. Then they transformed into robots ready to attack. Yugi and the others can't believe their eyes as they saw this.

"Autobots attack" the blue and red robot commanded.

They started attacking the monsters as the blue and red robot protected Yugi, his friends, and the other humans.

"Are you ok?" said the robot.

They nodded and the robot transformed into a pickup truck.

"Autobots lets get them home." the robot commaned.

The started to transform and Yugi and his friends hop into a yellow car.

"Thank you but who are you and what are you?" Yugi said.

"I'll explain on the way." the robot said.

"Guys, what have we gotten ourselves into this time?" Joey questioned.