~e~m~p~t~y~ threats,

~e~m~p~t~y~ promises,

~e~m~p~t~y~ words.

mostly, your life is just one big


-e-m-p-t-y- bowls,

-e-m-p-t-y- sheaths,

-e-m-p-t-y- paint jars.

with him there,


is a better word.

/e/m/p/t/y/ houses,

/e/m/p/t/y/ chairs,

/e/m/p/t/y/ nights.

everything is full of pain now, jason.

come back to me, please


when you see her holding another girl's hand,

the *W*O*R*L*D* changes forever.

your life is one big



and you'll shout into the void,

but he won't be there.

(i'll always feel this way about you, son of jupiter.

no matter what happens—

just remember that i'll always love you.)

/sealed with a kiss\