Birthday Bash

I don't own these characters; I just like to spend time with them. No other profit to be had.

Author's note: I seriously need to give thanks to my friend LilyJack for all her help on this. A lot of the best ideas came from her.


It had all started with a simple question.

"So, what are you and Matt going to do for your birthday?" Doc asked her. Kitty's birthday was the next day..

Kitty shrugged, "I don't know. Matt hasn't said anything."

Doc looked a little askance at her. "He does know when your birthday is, doesn't he?"

Kitty nodded. "Of course he knows, Doc. I mean after all these years….and besides, if you remember after what happened last year, he promised me he would make sure this year would be different.

Doc took a swipe of his mustache and nodded. He did indeed remember the party, Matt left in the middle of, to chase after a girl who had been taken by the Kiowa Indians, only to find she really wasn't kidnapped and her father was Kiowa. It had taken awhile, before Kitty had forgiven that incident. "Well, maybe you're right." Doc said non-committedly.

"I am right." Kitty avowed, although she really wasn't as sure about that right then as she had been.

Doc saw the expression on her face, took another sip of his coffee, then stood. "Well Kitty, I've got to get on my way. I've got some calls to make, and I need to stop and check on Matt."

A look of concern crossed her face and she nodded. "He did look pretty wiped out last night, and that eye looked pretty bad too, where that Gart Pringle hit him."

Doc shrugged slightly. "Well, if he'd listened to me in the first place he wouldn't have been hit. I told him to get some rest before he tangled with that bearcat. But you know him. Stubborn as they come."

Kitty nodded, she did indeed know Matt Dillon. "Will you tell him I'll be over later to check on him?"

Doc nodded. "I sure will. But don't worry about him; it's just a little black eye. He'll be alright in a day or two."

As Doc took his leave, Kitty sat back in thought. She really did hope he was alright, because if he had forgotten her birthday, she was going to give him more than a black eye.


Doc bustled into the jail, irritating the big man more than he already was. With a black eye, and an upcoming meeting of the temperance committee, Matt was just not a happy man. "What do you want?" he grumped, as Doc sat his bag down on the small square table in the room and turned to peer at him.

"Well, there could be a lot of answers to that." Doc said, with a slight grin. "But I came over here to have a look at that eye of yours. You weren't looking too good last night, according to Kitty."

Matt laid his head wearily in his upturned palms as he looked at the mound of paperwork on his desk, which also needed to be done. "The eye's fine, and I'm just a little tired, Doc, nothing to worry about."

"Well maybe so," Doc said. "But you need to take better care of your self. Have you had dinner?"

Matt shook his head. "Wasn't hungry Doc. Besides, I have too much work to do."

Doc brow creased as he pushed his hat back on his head and tugged at his ear. "You really must be sick." He said with amusement in his voice.

Matt glared at the physician's sense of humor, before getting up from his desk. "Besides heckling me, in the name of practicing your profession, is there anything else you came over here for?"

Doc walked over and grabbed a coffee mug and held it out while Matt was pouring. "Yes there is," he answered. "Kitty's birthday is tomorrow. I was wondering if you remembered that."

Matt nodded, with a satisfied smirk. "Yeah I did, Doc, and for once I'm way ahead on that front. I've been working with Sam on a surprise party for her. After that I have a little something else planned for the weekend."

Doc grinned in amazement. "Well, well," he mused. "I'm impressed. Learned your lesson from last year huh?"

Matt's glare returned. "Now you know, last year wasn't my fault. I had no choice in that. Kitty knows that too, or at least she does now. But…well, you're right in a way. She deserves a happy birthday, and this year I'm going to see to that she gets it."

"Not if you don't take care of yourself," Doc commented. "You won't be able to give Kitty anything but an exhausted lawman to take care of, otherwise."

Matt rubbed the back of his stiffening neck. "Yeah, I think you're right about that." Matt looked down again at the paperwork on his desk and the flyer for the temperance meeting. "Come on, Doc." He said, as he headed for the door. "Let's go get some food."

Doc grinned. "Now that's more like it."

As Matt and Doc ambled down the boardwalk to the café, one of Mrs. McCarthy's chocolate pies disappeared from her window sill. The third such pie to disappear in the last two days.

As they dug into the heaping plates placed in front of them, a box of cookies disappeared from the table in Mrs. Fields kitchen.

And as Matt and Doc finished their dinner, and prepared to leave the restaurant, Mr. Bodkin's gold pocket watch went missing from his pocket, as he returned to the bank from having his noon meal.