When Jeff Gorvette met Lewis Hamilton, Lewis was mournfully, drunkenly babbling to a worryingly delighted reporter about what a shame it was that all the nice guys were either straight or taken. The reporter was cheerfully asking all sorts of personal questions, and the McClaren was obviously much too drunk to judge when he should stop talking. Poor guy obviously needed to be bailed out of this situation, and fast.

Resigning himself to the fact that he was going to be the subject of much gossip, Jeff shooed away the reporter and talked his new friend into heading home.
In return, he was given a free drink and a phone number.


Francesco was in the middle of telling Jeff just how completely he would be humiliated in tomorrow's race when a glossy black McClaren showed up and practically chased off the Formula 1 racer.

"You already have it, but I want to give you my phone number again," Lewis said matter-of-factly.

Jeff asked Lewis to have dinner with him instead.


Both barely managed to avoid being caught in the horrific pileup, and each tried to comfort the other as they waited to hear whether the other cars would be all right.
After that, they rapidly become inseparable.


"Hey, Lewis!" Jeff yelled.

"Yeah?" Lewis yelled back, carefully matching his speed to the Corvette so they could actually hear each other.

"I love you. Will you marry me?" shouted Jeff.

"What was that you said? I can't hear very well at the moment," called the McClaren.

"WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Jeff screamed over the roar of their engines.

"GOOD FORD YES!" At that moment they reached a tricky turn. Lewis was so thrilled that he accidentally missed it and landed in the ravine below.

Jeff shouted in fear for his husband-to-be, also missed the turn, and subsequently also found himself in need of rescuing.

Ah well, sometimes life is like that.


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