Prologue: Introduction

Fate Testarossa
A nine year old girl who gets abused by her mother for an unknown reason. Nobody knows her secret not even her sister Alicia. Fate has no crushes or feelings for anyone but she has a close friend name Jason who always helped her healed the scars and bruises on her body and her other friend Hayate who is a close friend too.
Jason Kimaki
A boy that is nine years old who is always try to help others before himself. His close friend Fate who always had scars and bruises on her for an unknown reason. He has a crush on Fate but he doesn't show it, since they have a close friendship, he doesn't want to break it.
Hayate Yagami
Also a nine year old girl who is friends with Fate. Hayate is a cheerful girl who has a desire to dress up anyone she wants to. She has no crushes at all like Fate. She is a girl who will put a warm smile on her face to keep others happy too.
Alicia Testarossa
A fourteen year old teen who is admired by everyone and has many friends. She loves her little sister Fate and is very protective of her too. She has a crush on Hayate ever since she met her when Fate introduced Hayate to her. She will protect anyone that comes between her loved ones.
Nanoha Takamachi
A fourteen year old girl who is friends with Alicia and is quite well known. She has a older brother, old sister, mother, and her father. She is best friends with Yunno. She has a crush on Fate when Alicia showed a picture of Fate in sleeping clothes holding a pillow close to her face while blushing. She is a girl who shines to reach her true love.
Yunno Scrya
Also a fourteen year old boy who is friends with Nanoha. He also has a crush on Fate who he met when she got lost near his home. He gives care to all his friends and his loved ones as well including Fate who he shows for love. He would do ANYTHING to get his love.
Precia Testarossa
An OLD WOMEN that hurts her youngest daughter for UNKNOWN reason. She lost her husband when Alicia was 7. She loves Alicia and spoils her with many gifts and love. She blames Fate for an UNKNOWN reason that she will never tell.
Chorno Harlaown
Another fourteen year old teen who is friends with Alicia and Yunno. He has a crush on Fate when he saw her with Alicia. Ever since his father died, he tried to work hard to make his mother happy like she was in the past. Though he is helps people with their desires, he also wishes for his own desires to come true as well.

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