New School

Sisters Chapter 3

I own no characters from Annie. In a previous story Molly expresses to Grace and Oliver that she was bullied at her former school and that's the reason why she is so afraid to make new friends. This is her first person reflection of that.

I was bullied before I came to the 14th Street Girls Orphanage. I never told any of the other orphans that.. not even Annie I felt so terrible keeping a secret from her but I just didn't know how to tell her about. Pepper picked on my quite a bit but not as bad as the bullies from my previous school had.

Mommy and Daddy hired tutors for us throughout the summer so Annie and I would not fall too behind when we started school. I was a little bit anxious about starting school mostly because I was afraid of being bullied again. Starting in a whole new school didn't help too much either.

The night before school started I went into Annie's room before bed.

"Annie, can we talk?"

"Sure I'm always here for you kiddo. What's on your mind?"

"I'm just so nervous about school tomorrow."

Annie pulled me into her lap.

"Everyone gets nervous on the first day of school Molly. Even me."

"You sure don't do a good job of showing it."

"I'm mostly excited… only slightly nervous. What's your biggest fear?"

I looked down at the bedspread.

"That the kids at school won't like me."

Annie looks really surprised.

"Why would you say that Molly?"

I shrugged. "I didn't fit in at the school I went to before I came to the orphanage."

"Well every school has its share of people who will tease you. You're such a sweet girl Molly. Don't worry, you'll make a ton of friends. Just wait and see."

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" I asked.

"Of course." Annie said moving over to make space for me next to her under the covers.

I snuggled in next to her.

"I love you Annie. I'm glad you're my big sister."

Annie kissed my forehead.

"I love you too Molly. I'll always be here for you no matter what happens."