One Day Before Olympus

It had been so long since Torina had seen another being besides the Soulless. These people that had just arrived were so different, she doubted that they came from nearby cosmos. She followed them all over Ta'lla, noting their slight interest in some of the the statues and writings on the walls.

There were four of them. The biggest one was square and silver, and he seemed to be all machine. The smallest one was purple, spikes coming out of the back of her head. The other two were roughly the same size, only one was blue and had no face and the other was mostly orange.

The four seemed to be friends. They did not speak her language, but she could tell that there was no harsh feelings among them, and while every once in a while they did hit each other, there did not erupt fist fights, and no one person seemed to think they were better than anybody else.

They had just reached the entrance to the Lava Mines, when Torina decided to trust them. She stopped sneaking around behind the machines and walked right up behind them. They all turned abruptly, not seeing a Soulless commander drop behind them.

Torina's eyes grew wide, and she pointed. They pivoted, just as he began his attack. Backed up against the door to the inner mines, he had no place to go except over their heads and that would be a problem. Above the Soulless, there was a huge lever which allowed the door to open for sixty ticks, even when there was no power. If they could get that open...

Torina darted up the stairs, barely missing a projectile that went a astray. She lid to the lever, and grasping it, she shoved it forward, the gears grinding in protest. Weight systems began to crank as they door was pulled open. She could see the foursome push the Soulless back, but they would never get in the room in time.

Torina leapt over the railing of the ledge, dropping down to the original level. Just when she reached the grounded, she charged like a raxtus-bull, ramming into the blue one and the orange one, shoving them inside the room, just before the door swung closed.

The blue and orange ones tripped and the Soulless hissed, than darted forward, grabbing at Torina's throat. She shoved the arm away and tried to punch the face. He in turned clamped his jaws down on her fingers. Torina shrieked in pain and kicked as hard as she could. He howled, letting go of Torina's hand.

The orange and blue ones were up, firing at the Soulless, who backed away glancing over its shoulder at the bubbling magma behind him. Strange, skeletal beings half rose out of the magma eying the Soulless with apprehension.

" Fenjadors." Torina whispered. She knew these creatures. They were necessary for creating steal, but the creatures often ate more material things than fire. Man for instance. Bone, her bleeding hand, Torina ran forward, and jumped aiming to kick the Soulless in the chest, hopefully sending him back into the lake.

Instead, he grabbed her foot and swung her around, letting go just at the right moment so that she flew into the wall, her head hitting a rock that jutted out from the rest of its surroundings. Groaning, Torina fell to the earth, barely not rolling into the lake of lava.

Though that did not stop the Fenjadors. While the Soulless dueled the two strangers, they leapt onto the land, bringing much of the liquid fire with them. They crawled over to Torina, who lay sprawled on the ground, her head leaking blood.

Her sight was fading, as were all her senses. Something touched her broken hand, but she couldn't do more than twitch. Blackness began to envelope her as she fought to rise, but nothing would awnser. Even her eyes closed and the Fenjador began to feast eagerly.