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I know that I've said it a lot by now, but I'm sorry for the delay. This chapter is just a little drabbly thing about why it is a bad idea for Ace to see that people are attracted to Luffy in a romantic sense. I bet you guys have absolutely no idea who I'm talking about. (note the sarcasm)

Characters: Luffy, Ace, Strawhat crew, Hancock, Mari, Sonia
Warnings: There isn't really anything warning worthy...I guess Ace being possessive?

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Having an over-aggressive suitor can lead to rather…tense situations.

The Strawhats really should be used to this by now. 'This' not being anything in particular. Which explains the problem right there. The problem being that anything and everything happens to them without any warning.

So when Shichibukai Boa Hancock shows up out of no where, they really shouldn't be surprised.

They also shouldn't be surprised that out of every man in the world, she's fallen completely head over heels in love with Luffy.

Sanji, naturally, is completely enraged. The rest of the crew, however, just shakes their heads, all of them thinking the exact same thing.

That poor woman.

And of course while all of this is going on, Ace just happens to decide to visit his brother.

Really, the crew should have seen this coming.

Ace isn't jealous. He's not. Honest. He's just slightly…disturbed by the image currently being presented to him. Yeah, that's it.

This is not what he expected to see when he boarded his brother's ship.

Not that he's really sure what he was expecting. This is Luffy's ship after all. That simple fact in and of itself is pretty self-explanatory.

He knows – logically – that he should not be surprised that Boa Hancock, that most beautiful woman in the world is on his brother's ship. He knows – logically – that he should not be surprised that Boa Hancock is in love with his Angel. He knows all of that. Logically.

Emotionally, however, is an entirely different matter.

The crew stares in complete disbelief as Boa Hancock fawns over their captain.

Sanji is off sulking in the corner, while Zoro and Robin both look equal parts amused and resigned.

"We should have totally seen this coming," Usopp mutters to no one in particular.

"Seen what?" Nami asks, "That of all the people to fall in love with that idiot, it would be her?"

Usopp shrugs. "Well, given our track record…"

Franky sighs. "Some things really are wasted on him."

"Do you think she would let me see her panties?" Brook asks, only for Nami to knock him over the head.

"Do you think someone should tell her she has no chance?" Zoro asks, arms crossed over his chest, head cocked to the side.

"Why wouldn't she have a chance?"

The crew glances behind them and see Hancock's sisters, Marigold and Sandersonia, standing behind them. They look amused by the interactions of the crew as well as curious.

"Well, for one thing," Nami says, crossing her arms, "It's Luffy."

"That in and of itself should be a good enough explanation," Usopp whispers to Chopper, receiving a stifled giggle in reply.

"And for a second thing," Nami continues, "Well…"

Robin gives the two sisters a serene smile. "The second thing would be Ace," she says calmly.

Mari blinks. "Ace? You mean Fire Fist Ace? Luffy's brother?"

"The one and only," Franky says.

"What does Ace have to do with this?" Sonia asks.

"What do I have to do with anything?"

The Strawhats collectively sigh. Of course.

"I told you we should have seen this coming," Usopp says.

Robin smiles. "Well, speak of the devil and he shall appear," she muses, "Hello, Fire Fist-san."

Ace flashes a grin her way. "Hello, Archeologist-san. So what's going on?"

Nami rubs the back of her neck nervously. "Well…"

"Some crazy lady is in love with your brother," Zoro says bluntly, making Sanji cry louder.

Ace freezes. "Excuse me?" he asks.

Something in his tone makes the crew, with the exception of Zoro and Robin, begin to slowly back away from him. Before anyone can answer Ace or before Mari and Sonia can defend their sister, Luffy's voice echoes across the deck.

"I'm not going to marry you!"

As one, they turn and, sure enough, there's Luffy followed ever so faithfully by Hancock, whose face is flushed and swooning like there's no tomorrow.

Ace's eyes are shaded by his hat and no one can tell what he's thinking. That is, until steam starts rising from his shoulders, quickly evolving into small flames. The crew doesn't even blink and he's next to Luffy, pulling his brother from Hancock's arms and into his own.

He glares darkly at the woman and before she can even form a response, he kisses Luffy full on the mouth right in front of her. Luffy blinks in confusion for a moment before realization kicks in and he kisses back. Hancock stares, horror struck that her sweet, beloved Luffy is kissing someone else. Her sisters aren't much better, their jaws hanging open in shock.

Then Ace pulls away and hisses, "Mine."

Hancock somehow manages to recover. "Luffy does not belong to you!" she cries, "As his future wife, I demand you release him immediately!"

"Wife?! No way in hell!"

And then Luffy is shoved behind Ace and towards his crew as the two start screaming at each other.

"Oh my," Robin chuckles, "That escalated rather quickly."

Luffy just smiles. "Shishishishi! Ace's always been like this."

The crew just gives resigned sighs and go about their business as usual.

"Seriously, guys," Usopp says, "We really should have seen this coming."

And they all nod. Because they really should have.

Kinda short. But like I said, it was drabbly. The next one will be longer.

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