"Ya, what's wrong? Is Bella ok?" I asked in a jumbled, worried mess. My lack of oxygen wasn't helping either.

"We're at the hospital." My heart picked up ten fold. Rosie looked at me worried.

"We'll be there in 20 minutes." I said into the receiver of my phone, snapping it shut after hearing Helen agree. I got up off the bridge, helping Rosie up and we made our way down to the jeep.

"What is wrong with Isabella?" Rosie looked like she was about to cry. I couldn't blame her; I will too if anything happens to Bella. But Bella's her daughter.

"I don't know, Rosie. All I know is Helen and Bella are at the hospital." Rosie's face changed to shocked. I didn't know what to do to calm her worries this time. I hated not knowing things.

We made it to the hospital in 11 minutes. When we got to the waiting room Helen was in the back corner of the waiting room.

"Helen what happened?" I asked as soon as we got up to her. She looked up at the both of us with the saddest look I've ever seen her have.

"I don't know. I was playing with her on the couch in my living room and I got up to get something in the bathroom. When I got back, I saw she had fallen cut open her head and was bleeding pretty bad, so I went to bandage and clean it up, but it wouldn't stop bleeding." She looked down again.

"Helen, it's not your fault." I tried to sympathize with her. As worried as I am about Rosie, it really wasn't Helen's fault. I looked over at Rosie; she looked oddly calm. Probably still shocked.

"Carter is right; it is not your fault. I do not blame you." Rosie spoke softly as she gently took a seat next to Helen. I sat next to her. She leaned into me, which shocked me, but I just brought my arm around her and rubbed circles around her back.

It was about seven minutes later when a doctor came into the doorway.

"Parents of Isabella Raihson." The doctor spoke, looking up from his clipboard.

"Yes." Rosie and I said at the same time. I surprised myself. Rosie looked over at me, but just made her way to meet the doctor halfway. I followed.

"Mrs. Raison, your daughter has suffered seriously from a minor injury. And when I say minor, I mean it. Your daughter sustained an abrasion on her head from a short fall. Normally with this type of cut, all you'd need is a band-aid and some TLC, but in your daughter's case, she doesn't have enough hemoglobin in her blood to clot it when she gets a gash or a cut. That made the injury a little more serious." He looked at all of us before continuing.

"We have her stabilized, the bleeding has stopped as well." I looked from Rosie, to the doctor, hope shining in my eyes.

"So, she's okay to go home?" The doctor shook his head.

"Because this fact wasn't present on her records previously, when she showed up in our office, we had to run a couple of tests to get the proper diagnosis. She lost quite a bit of blood in the past two hours. And for that reason, she is a little bit weak as of yet. Right now, we have her in a bed, with a fluids IV, restoring that."

"Okay, where does that leave us. When can we take her home?" The doctor, whose eyes have been trained on Rosie for the majority of his spiel now turned to me. I just realized during this whole info session on Isabella, Rosie's daughter, I was the only one who spoke up.

"When will I be able to take my daughter home?" Rosie spoke directly to the doctor. He looked over his clipboard before he answered.

"We're holding her for observation for the next two hours. Then, we'll reevaluate her and take it from there." He looked in between Rosie and I.

"Okay?" He asked politely. I just nodded my head.

"Yes, thank you so much, Doctor." Rosie and he shook hands.

"No need to thank me." He smiled. "If you need anything, just page the front." He turned to go.


"Yes, Mrs. Raison?"

"Am I allowed to see my daughter?" The doctor let out a nervous laugh.

"Of course, my apologies. Your daughter's being kept in room 111. It is right down that hallway, 4th door on the right." He pointed of directions to Rosie.

"Thank you again, Doctor." The doctor just nodded with a knowing smile and left. Rosie looked at me.

"I'm going to go see Bella." I nodded, staying where I was until she disappeared around the corner. Then, I went and sat down next to Helen who didn't hear what the doctor told Rosie and I.

"Hey," I said, putting a friendly hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at me.

"Where's Rosie?"

"She went to check on Isabella." Helen became quiet again.

"Helen, it's really not your fault. Rosie doesn't blame any of this on you." Helen nodded aimlessly, not believing me.

"Isabella's going to be okay." She lifted her head to look at me.


"Yeah. They have her all settled. We just have to keep her here for observations for the next couple hours."

"That makes me feel a little better."

"Good." I smiled at her.

"Why don't you go home, I mean, there's no reason for you to be stuck here. And I'll call you when we get back home." Helen looked skeptical.


"I promise."

"Alright. Thanks, sweetheart." We hugged and I saw her off before returning to the waiting room wondering if I should stay in here or go in the room with her and her daughter.

I sat there in the waiting room basically alone, aside from an older women, sitting by herself. I thought about the past three weeks. What brought Rosie and Isabella here, what Rosie had gone through before hand.


Rosie's been through a lot in the last 6 years some I know and some I don't know about, but yet she still keeps her head held high and goes on. I don't think I'd be able to do that and I've been trained by the best. But that's just who Rosie is, she's one hell of a strong woman.

"Miss. Mason?" I turned to see the same doctor who met Rosie and I earlier.


"Mrs. Raison asked for me to come get you." I got up silently, thanking the doctor as I made my way to Isabella's room.

When I got to room, the door was closed. I braced myself, taking a deep breath and letting it out before opening the door. I opened the door and saw one of the most precious things; Rosie was singing Bella a lullaby in French. It sounded to soothing. I just stood in the door way in watched for a few moments, not wanting to ruin their mother-daughter moment.

After a couple of minutes of watching the interaction between Rosie and her daughter, I softly knocked on the door. Rosie turned to look, when she saw it was me she gave me a small smile. Then Bella looked and saw me.

"Car!" She exclaimed excitedly, but a little less than her normal self.

"Hey, Pal. How you holdin' up?" I made my way toward the bed, putting a comforting arm around Rosie. Bella's face fell to a pained frown.

"Sorwer. Tiwerd." She mumbled, followed by a yawn. The sight tore me apart. Isabella was in a way-too-big-for-her hospital bed, with an IV attached to her tiny wrist. Though I knew it was helping her, it still pained me to see young girl in that position. I watched as her little eyes slowly closed. Then I turned my attention to Rosie, giving her shoulder and gentle squeeze.

"Hey, Rosie?" She leaned against me, looking up to my eyes.

"How're you feeling?" She turned and faced her whole body to me.

"I am alright, I suppose." She sighed. She was silent, but I could tell there was more she wanted to say. So I waited patiently for her to continue.

"What can I do? My daughter is in a bed in a hospital, with a needle in her arm, in pain and I can't do anything to comfort her besides sitting here." She looked down as a couple stray tears fell. I gently wiped them off her face before I even noticed what I was doing.

"Rosie," I lifted her chin so her eyes and mine connected. "There's nothing you can do. Babies fall and scrape their knee and what not; It's like not-baby-ish for them not to. It's just Bella needs to be more careful now; that's all. And we'll make sure of that." Rosie stopped crying and even gave me a small smile. I got up from my crouching position going to get a chair.

"Where are you going?" She turned and asked me. I gave her a smile.

"I'm just going to get this chair." I picked up the chair and put it next to Rosie's. When I did, Rosie moved next to me. I put my arm around her and she leaned in closer. I leaned back, getting more comfortable, letting a welcomed silence come around us.

"Is there a reason why you called me in here?" I asked, eyes closed. I felt Rosie let out a breath before answering.

"Isabella asked for you actually. Well, she asked where Car was." I let out a soft laugh as did she.

"Is there a reason why you didn't follow me in?" She asked a few moments later. I shifted, opening my eyes, staring at the corner of the wall and ceiling. Rosie moved as well. She stared at me.

"I wanted to make sure you had your time with her. For you to look her over or talk to her or whatever. And I felt like if I was in here, I'd be interrupting that." I looked down to her mocha eyes, which were still staring at me. She looked down and then back at me.

"I don't know why you would think that, Carter. But thank you for given us some time, although I would not have minded otherwise for you to be in here." I just shrugged before returning to my comfortable position and pulling her back to hers.

"Ladies?" I faintly heard.

"Mrs. Raison and Miss. Mason?" I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a couple of times. My vision cleared and I saw the doctor. I shifted uncomfortably. Rosie was still asleep beside me.

"Rosie?" I waited. She didn't wake up so I shook her again. This time she did and looked at me.

"The doctor's here." I said getting up and stretching, she followed suit. The doctor looked down at his chart, wrote something down and then looked at the monitor Isabella was hooked up to and jotted something else down. After he was down that he turned his attention to us.

"Her vitals seem relatively normal now, just a bit low, but that should be normal by lunch time tomorrow. As for her blood pressure, her color has returned to normal, so there's no need to wake her up and check for that." He took a final look down at his tan folder in his hands.

"I'd say she's ready to head home." Rosie's face brightened and I let out a breath I wasn't aware I was holding.

"All you need to do is sign this." The doctor handed Rosie a paper and his clipboard to write on.

"And you guys are good to go. Just when you're ready, check out at the nurses office so they can clip her bracelet." He spoke as Rosie handed him back the paperwork. We both nodded, giving our thanks.

Once the doctor left Rosie went over to her daughter, lifting her up into her arms. She stirred a little bit.

"Mommy, Car. Where oso?" Her head rested against Rosie's shoulder.

"Shh," I watched as Rosie soothed her baby. "Mommy and Car are here, Buddy's in the jeep." Bella's head drooped further, accepting the answer.


"Mhm." I let her walk in front of me with Bella. She stopped at the Nurses' counter long enough to have them cut Bella's bracelet off, then walking out.

As we walked out in the parking lot, Bella noticeably shivered. It was much cooling in the time of night it was than when she got her, some five hours ago. Seeing as Rosie and I came no longer than an half an hour behind Helen and Bella, Rosie had no coat to offer. But I had my buttoned up, flannel shirt, which I always wore an undershirt with. I unbuttoned it as we walked to my jeep, tossing it over Bella as we reached the it. I saw Rosie draw a quick glimpse at me before she climbed into the passenger side.

The ride home was almost completely silent. Rosie kept her gaze from her daughter to looking outside her window. And I didn't talk, no sense to.

When we did get to the house, we got out and I unlocked the door, excusing myself to the bathroom. I changed, brushed my teeth and washed my face before going to see where Rosie went. I found her in my bedroom and Bella in the old bassinet still placed at the end out my king size bed. She adored the edge while singing to Bella.

I softly took a seat beside her. She was singing in Spanish again. I wondered what the song was about, so after she finished I asked, "What the story behind that song?"

"It is basically about a bird, the size of your hummingbird. It starts off small and fragile, hating the world because of it, but ends up finding its song and place in nature."

"Interesting. You'll have to teach it to me sometime." I gave her a warm smile, which she returned. I looked at what she was still wearing; her clothes from this morning.

"Are you gonna get changed into something more comfortable?" She nodded discreetly, taking one more look at her sleeping baby before she left to change.

"Sh-sugar donuts!" I loudly whispered, catching myself before I swore. Even if Bella was asleep, I didn't want her to add any swears to her vocabulary at least not from me. I forgot to feed Sparky. I got up from the corner of my bed and walked out to my kitchen.

"Whoa!" I grabbed Rosie's hips, making sure neither of us feel, from me running into her. "My bad." I excused as I let her go with a cheeky smile, going to my fish. I gave Sparky a few sprinkles before heading back to my room. When I entered Rosie was just snuggling into the comforter. The sight made me smile even more.

I shut the light off and closed the bedroom door before doing so myself. A couple of minutes in, Rosie migrated toward me and snuggled up against collarbone. I wrapped my arms around her, getting more situated. I felt her smile against my exposed skin.

"Better?" I asked with a sarcastic undertone. Rosie head rose as she looked me in the eyes. "Much." She said, giving me a peck on the lips before taking back her previous position.

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