Taking Care of Sarah

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Notes: Alright guys. Yet another one of my older fics. In case I hadn't mentioned it before, I have decided to continue the Paraguay storyline. I am currently working on it trying to go back through the season to define certain moments I want to redo. Don't expect it tomorrow, but do look for it in the near future. So in case anyone gets lost, this story takes place after the "4% Solution". I wrote this in 2004 right before New Year's so I guess happy late 2005 everybody! :) Sorry for any mistakes.

Two Days Later

Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

Washington, D.C.

23:30 Hours

"Mac will you stop acting like a kid?" He stated in a strong voice as he leaned towards her to apply the ointment they had given her for the bruise on her face.

"Harm, I can do it myself." She tried to squirm away from him.

"I know you can, but I want to help. Besides, the doctor told you that he would release you only if you behaved on my watch." He gently pulled her left arm in an attempt to get her closer.

"I only agreed so he would let me out." She smiled devilishly at him.

Harm stopped trying to get her near him. He dropped the ointment tube on the night stand next to him and clutched at his heart. He pretended to be in pain and fell back to land on the floor.

"Harm quit it." She chuckled.

"You wound me marine. Here I thought you actually wanted me to take care of you. But no, that's not it. You only wanted to escape the confines of your hospital room. That hurts." He got up and got on his knees next to the bed.

"Can you blame me?" She teased.

Harm only stared up at her with both hands under his chin. No matter how battered or bruised her face might be, to Harm, Mac would always be as beautiful and as radiant as ever.

"I'm glad you're here." He knitted his eyebrows together thinking back to another time her had told her the exact same thing.

"I'm glad I'm here, too." She pulled one of his hands from under his chin and into hers.

"Ok. Then let me help." He reached for the tube again.

"No! Harm, I feel like a little kid." She squirmed again.

"Ah, and is that why you are acting like one? Stay still." He captured her at the waist and pulled her to him.

"Harm!" He held onto her face lightly with one hand as he tried to apply the gel on her face with the other.

"Mac, stop it. You are a mature woman. Should I mention that you are also a marine?" Mission accomplished. She stopped moving in his arms and let him apply the stuff on her face.

"You're lucky I'm too tired to run." She stated as Harm accomplished his task.

"I would catch you anyway. Now, do you want anything before I put you to bed?"

Mac couldn't get past that simple question. She knew it was only a decent query made by Harm, but her mind, all giddy and teenage-like, was responding in other ways. She laughed. "What? Right now? I'm too tired."

He was stumped. What the heck was she talking about? Oh, wait. "What...no, Mac that's not what I meant." `Or did I?' "I mean not that I wouldn't want to." `Man I want to.' "I mean it's just that I..." `Sound like a complete idiot.'

"Shut up Harm. I was only joking. You're funny." She pulled the covers higher to tuck her body under them.

Everything was going to be ok. Right at that moment Harm knew it would be ok. He had been further convinced at the hospital while he held onto Mac's hand, but there was always a little part of him that never allowed him to completely lower the walls around his heart when it came to her. It wasn't because he was afraid that she would reject him or hurt him, he had gotten used to the fact that sometimes heartaches were worth the love that longed to be shared, but because he was afraid of saying the wrong things and hurting her. He was afraid of losing her. He knew he could not go on in life without Mac. Once he met her he knew she would be an important part of his life. Almost as important as the air he breathed. That is precisely why before their friendship became stressed and uncomfortable, he had been willing to throw everything away for her.

He would give his life for her, he was sure of that. And that's why finally, now that Mac was opening up to him again, he would risk everything again. Should she reject him it would not be the first time, and surely not the last because he would keep trying until she accepted the fact that their love was greater than anything in this world.

`Stared too long while deep in thought.' Harm thought to himself. He smiled at her to let her know that he got her joke loud and clear.

"Ok then, you have to rest. I'll see you in the morning." He finished tucking her in.

"Fine." She pouted.

"Don't whine. Now go to sleep. Wake me up if you need anything. Goodnight." He turned to head into the living room where he was doomed to sleep on the couch. However, it was a small price to pay to have Mac safe and in his life.

"Hey, Harm" She stopped him as she grabbed his wrist.


"Thank you."

"You're welcome Sarah."



December 28, 2004

Harm's Apartment

18:00 Hours

It had been four days since her accident and they had both spent more time together than they had in the last year. It was beginning to feel a lot like the old times. The times when they could go to each other for help without hesitating. Or when they could drop by each other's place just for fun without any reason, logic or excuse to do so. It was something they both missed.

"Harm I need to pick up some more clothes." She sat next to him on the couch.

"I'll pick it up for you. What do you need?"

"Harm, it's been four days, I'm ok now. I can drive myself."

"Nope. The doctor said a week Mac."

"Harm?" She opened her mouth to protest.

"Mac, just humor me alright. I like doing things for you." He smiled his famous grin at her.

"I like you doing things for me, too, but I want to do some stuff on my own now. I'm up to it." She laced her fingers with his and gave him a puppy face look. "Please."

How could he say no to that face? It was going to kill him one of these days. She had been using it on him for sometime now. When ever he had to apply the ointment on her bruise, which was practically gone now, she would use that same look on him.

"Alright. You're a big girl." He teased.

"See. I knew you'd come to your senses eventually." She kissed his cheek before grabbing the keys to his Lexus.

Harm couldn't help the huge smile that pulled at his lips. It was impossible to deny what he felt for her any longer. Watching her, being around her, and sharing his life with her the past few days only helped to strengthen the love he thought he had lost for this woman.

Mac's Apartment


She had packed her bag tighter than she intended, but her mind was running wild as she stuffed clothes in. She was very happy, happier than she had been in a long time. Ever since her accident she had begun to see things from a better perspective. She had begun to look forward to each day and each night that approached. Was it because every day and every night she was with Harm? She thought with a smile in place.

She finished her job and headed out. Once she had settled her belongings in the Lexus, she dialed the familiar number.

"Hello." Harm answered on the other end.

"Hey sailor."

"Mac are you ok? Where are you?"

"Ok, relax. I'm on my way to your place already." She chuckled. "Hey, I'm hungry."

"I should have known that's why you called." He teased her.

"Why else?" She followed along.

"So, what do you want to eat? You want to go out?"

"Um…no. How about you cook for me."

"Ok. What is your stomach up to?"

"I'm guessing any meat is out of the question?"

"Nope. You name it." He smiled to himself as he felt the rush of joy filling his heart. He was going to take care of her while she let him.

"Really? Wow, never thought I'd see the day."


"Ok. How about some steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli..."

"Ok. Slow down." He laughed. "I'll have to go pick some stuff up, so I probably won't be here when you get back."


"Just be careful and don't drive too fast."

"Ok, Harm. I will."

"You will what?"

"Never mind. Just hurry with my dinner." She smiled.

"Yes your highness."

"See you."


Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

Washington, D.C.

22:45 Hours

They had shared a great meal with some talk about nothing in particular. They simply enjoyed the time they were spending with each other. It was a good feeling that soared through their hearts when they were around the other. `Just like old times' Harm thought.

"Wow. The food was great Harm. Thank you." She assisted Harm with the dishes.

"You're welcome." He smiled as he dried the plates that were handed to him.

"I can't believe you ate dead cow. That's got to be a first."

"Um...no not really. I haven't been a vegetarian all of my life you know. I ate dead animal when I was younger. It was only until I was old enough to know what that crap did to you that I stopped consuming it."

"What changed you mind?"

He paused. The words he had formed in his brain seemed too hard for him to formulate into verbal sounds, but he tried it anyway. "You did." Were his only words.

"Wow. That's the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me." She said sarcastically.

"It wasn't easy you know. I haven't done that for anybody else."

"Only with me?"

"Only with you."

And so the staring game began. Neither moved for what seemed to be hours, but in fact turned out to be more like five minutes. The tension was so thick that they could take a bite out of it if they had wanted to. It was becoming unbearable standing there a foot away from each other not being able to grab, kiss, or hold onto each other.

They inched closer and closer wanting to feel what had been buried deep in their hearts. They wanted to love. When they were merely inches apart, Harm stopped in his tracks.

"Mac, I can't. It wouldn't be right without telling you everything that I have to say to you. There's so much I need to get out in the open. There's that conversation that we have managed to table for years now. I don't want to start something without clearing up things between us." His eyes showed the obvious regret for being the one to put a hamper on things.

"Sure. Anyways, I'm getting kind of tired. How about we discuss this later ok." She turned away from him as she headed to his bedroom.

"Mac...wait. Mac, please don't get mad. Sarah." He stood there defeated and shoulders slumped as he watched her walk away. "Always, Rabb. Always."

To be continued...