Chapter 1: Forget Me Not

-After Rosco crashed his patrol car while chasing the Duke Boys, he feigns amnesia. Boss and Rosco come up with a scheme, using his fake amnesia to drive the Dukes out of town for good.

Tonight on the Dukes,

A police car is chasing the General Lee.

Trouble seems to find the Duke boys once again.

Bo and Luke are chasing someone in the General Lee. Rosco is right behind them.

And just to think it all started with an accident.

(Rosco climbs/stumbles out of his overturned car.

Boss comes up with a scheme that'll run the Duke's out of town, rather than stickin' them behind bars. Boss is in his office at the Boars Nest talking to Rosco. "They won't be comin' back for good."

And then this happens.

Two guys, Boss, Daisy, Cooter and Bo and Luke are on the side of the road. Rosco has his gun pointed at all of them. One guy on Bo's left points a gun at Rosco. Bo kicks the guy. Luke grabs the gun that falls on the ground. Cooter punches the guy to his right in the jaw and the guy drops the gun.

Two guys jump Bo in the Barn at the Duke farm.

Cooter and Daisy are at Cooter's garage. The same two guys are getting gas. Cooter suddenly punches one and Daisy high kicks the other. They run to Cooter's tow truck.

There's a lot of fightin' goin' on. How do you reckon that started? You best stick around and find out.

After Rosco crashed his patrol car while chasing the Duke Boys, he feigns amnesia. Boss and Rosco come up with a scheme, using his fake amnesia to drive the Dukes out of town for good.

Rosco was sitting outside one of his speed traps as usual, waiting for the Duke boys to speed by. While Enos, was back at the police station. Rosco began wondering how the dipstick would've messed this one up, if he was on patrol as well. Soon enough he had the orange Dodge Charger in his sights and took off after it.

"Rosco P. Coltrane here." He said into the CB. "I got the Duke boys in hot pursuit. Kew. Kew. I repeat hot pursuit over." Then he put on a serious face. "Over."

"Over." Enos replied on the other end of the CB. Another boring day, at the office, Enos thought. He wished he was out chasing the Dukes too. He wouldn't catch 'em for nothin' but he still wanted to chase 'em. He leaned back in his chair and sighed.

The Sheriff's voice came back over the radio. "Kew, Kew. I got 'em now dipstick. Over."

"Sheriff now you best leave them Duke boys alone. They're my family now…" He waited for the Sheriff to yell at him, but he didn't. Maybe he had cut him off.

You see what Enos meant by family, was he and Daisy got married a few months back. And it was a fine one too. Doc Applebee found a way to treat Enos' hives and they got married the following week.

"Sheriff." Enos repeated into his radio. He got nothing back but the sound of static.

It had been a nice peaceful day, in Hazzard County. The familiar feeling of the roads as Bo Duke drove over them, the breeze through the open windows. His cousin in the passenger seat as always looked over at him in disapproval at his speeding. This time it was because Luke was convinced that were coming up near one of Rosco's speed traps. Bo exclaimed that it was farther down, though he didn't really actually know.

They got the answer, when Rosco's patrol car, was coming up behind them, sirens blazing. He wasn't going to let his cousin eat his ego. He was prepared to lose him. What he was about to do was what he called an air-borne shuck n' jive.

"Here we go." Bo said, honking the Generals horn as they jump a dirt ramp, off of Hazzard Creek. Rosco swerved to avoid it. He was going too past to put on the break and come to a complete stop on time. He drove over a flat rock sticking out of the ground. The forward momentum of the car and the combination of the backward momentum (from stomping on the brakes while the car was still in motion,) sent the car into the air, flipping over twice as it made contact with the ground again. Bo drove on, neither him nor Luke aware of what happened.

Enos was trying to get hold of Rosco. "Sheriff, come in." Enos still got no answer. He threw down the mike and sprang up from his chair. He got on his jacket and ran out the door of the County Sheriff's department. Whatever happened he hoped he was ok, it never too him too long to respond.

Seconds later he came bursting into the Dukes farm, which was also his home now. The front door swung back on its hinges, startling Daisy, who was sitting on the couch.

"I…I think the Sheriff might be hurt." Enos said to his wife Daisy. "I tried to reach him on his radio but he won't answer.

Jesse Duke, the Duke patriarch, entered from the kitchen. "I bet he's caught up with Bo and Luke again." Jesse said, imagining the boys trying to outrun Rosco. He smiled to himself, thinking. They wouldn't try to outrun Rosco, it was too easy.

"Now, you just wait Uncle Jesse." Daisy said, warning him not to jump to conclusions. But he was most likely right. They all had close calls when Rosco was chasing them. The boys had ended up in the pond, presumed dead, and Rosco had ended up in Hazzard Lake presumed dead. One of these days… could never be sure.

"Yeah." Enos agreed. "The sheriff might be in some terrible danger."

Rosco climbed out of the over turned patrol car. His balance was off and found it hard to walk straight for a minute. He'd been in this tight situation before. But this time he had hit his head. He put his hand to his head as if to stop the dizziness. He walked around the car, examining the damage. "What a horrendous crash. That's gonna come out of my pay check." He kicked one of the tires. A full half second past before he was hoping on one foot, holding it. "Doh." He called out.

Looks like he's fine to me.

Bo and Luke both were starting to wonder why they couldn't hear sirens behind them anymore. A few seconds had gone by since they had heard them.

"Luke we lost Rosco."

"He was right behind us. Did you see us lose him?"

Bo shrugged.

Luke sighed. "Pull over."

They pulled over to the side of the road. It was unlike Rosco to give up, on anything, especially if it involved them.

"He was chasin' us." Luke glanced out the back window. "Wonder where he's gone off to." Something bad better not have happed to Rosco, or he'd have it on for Bo. He had told him to slow down. They never meant anyone harm. They were just having fun. "Maybe we should go back. He could've blown a tire or somethin'.

"If we go back he'll probably give us a ticket." Bo said.

"Yeah you're right." Luke agreed. "We should call Cooter though." Luke said, just in case. "If he's having any trouble." Just as he was about to pick up the mike, Daisy came on the CB.

"Bo Peep to Lost Sheep." Daisy's voice came over the sound waves.

"Daisy, what's your 20?" Luke responded.

"Enos is here worried out of his mind about Rosco. He thinks something's happened to him."

"He said he was chasin' you guys but then he cut out." Enos said into the mike.

"I'm sure he's alright Enos." Bo said. He hoped he was right. But why was there a guilty feeling in his gut?

"Yeah, but we can't be too sure." Luke said. They could all be a little reckless sometimes.

Uncle Jesse was listening in. He didn't mean too. But this sounded like a very serious situation. "I say we go look for him. If anything happened to his car and he's on foot he'll be walking for days."

Bo and Luke back tracked to Willow Creek Road to look for Rosco. Daisy arrived in her jeep, Uncle Jesse riding along, followed by Enos in his patrol car.

Luke was the first one to spot it.

"That's Rosco's car." Luke said as they pulled over. He climbed out of the window even before the General came to complete stop. The patrol car was flipped over on its back. Luke ran over to the car. He could hear Daisy gasp, oh no, as she walked toward the scene. But she and the others stayed by the General Lee.

"Well, there's no sign of him. " Luke said after looking inside the vehicle. His voice was filled with relief but at the same time, worry.

Rosco went to Doc Appleby's to have the Doc look over him. It was better than to have to go to the hospital later. Rosco didn't like hospitals. They were full of the sick and the dying. It always gave him an eerie feeling when he walked into one, a felling of someone walking over his grave. He seemed ok enough not to go to the hospital.

He hadn't been hurt all those times he damaged his patrol car, going after the Dukes.

"You have a slight concussion Rosco. " The Doctor informed him."You should stay overnight for observation. "

"No, no, I got to get back to work. " He made to move off the bed, but Doc Appleby stopped him.

"Concussions are very serious Rosco. If you fall asleep, it can result in Amnesia..."

"Concussion? Amnesia? Doc you must be horrendously mistaken. I feel perfectly fine."

"I'm afraid I'm not mistaken Sheriff. What's best for you right now is staying here." Rosco would not like it but he had to stay. The Doctor leaves the room.

Giving the Doc enough time, Rosco grabs his hat off the hat stand. He opens the door and pears out the hallway, making sure the cost was clear. When it was he left the room. He placed his hat on his head and tip-toed down the hall.

Luke called Boss on the CB, telling him about the incident. He was worried about his brother in-law. He had been counting his money but he had bigger concerns when he heard Rosco was missing.

"Let us know if he turns up." Luke said to Boss.

The Dukes and Enos were standing by the damaged patrol car, waiting for Cooter.

"If something happened to Rosco I don't know what I'd do." Enos said. "He's like a best friend to me, even though he calls me a dipstick sometimes."

"He's like a friend to us too, even though he's always trying to catch us for things we didn't do." Bo said. He didn't really want to admit it, but he wanted Enos to feel better.

"What Bo means is, we won't give up looking for him until we find him."Luke said. The scene playing out was all too familiar. He hoped no one had kidnapped Rosco again, or that he was out there alone somewhere with a concussion.

"We'd be lost without him too." Daisy said her arms around her husband. She'd always liked Rosco. If she hadn't known any better she'd say that she was his favorite, out of all the Dukes. Now that she was Strate that shouldn't matter. She was still a Duke by blood.

"He's still out there walkin' somewhere." Jesse said, fearing the same thing as Luke. They best start looking for him before dark.

"He could be lost." Luke said, if he was confused. Rosco knew these roads, all the short cuts in and out of Hazzard.

"The Sheriff wouldn't get lost. He knows these roads like the back of his hand." Enos said.

"If he was injured…" Bo started. All of the Dukes seemed to be thinking the same thing. Makes ye wonder if they all have E.S.P.

"I just hope he ain't." Enos' voice took on a more worried tone.

"Guys, stop. You're upsetting Enos." Daisy scowled at them. "I'm sure he's fine Enos. He couldn't have gone far."

"Well come on, we got to get searchin." Luke said.

"Where ever he is we better find him fast. The sun will be settin' soon." Jesse told them.

Daisy and Jesse drove through town asking the city folk it they've seen Roscoe. Bo and Duke drive through Willow Creek road looking for Rosco.

Bo and Luke searched with no such luck.

"I just don't know where he could be. People just don't disappear out of nowhere." Bo said. They had stopped had the side of the road for a few seconds. Cooter had towed away Rosco's patrol car, for the ten millionth times.

I know what you're thinking folks, but in Hazzard County they don't.

"Let's hope Uncle Jesse and Daisy found him ok." Luke said. Bo put the car into reverse and turned the General around.

Daisy and Jesse found Rosco walking on North Pine Road, the road closest into town. He had his boots in his hands, walking barefoot, his tie was undone.

"There he is Uncle Jesse." Daisy said, pointing ahead. She felt like stopping the jeep in the middle of the road, and running up to him and giving him a hug. She had shown friendly affection toward Rosco before. He would sometimes be surprised at it, giving out his familiar, "Jit, jit." when she hugged him. But fully reading his expression now told her others wise not to. She got a sense that maybe he was up to something.

"What in tarnasion is he doing way out here?" Jesse wondered. They got to get him out of this heat before he suffered a heat stroke. Now, if a Duke asked Rosco if he needed a ride Rosco would immediately turn down the offer. He didn't like receiving help from them, unless his life depended on it. Jesse wouldn't take his refusal this time. He was getting in the car even if he had to drag him in.

They must have startled Rosco because when they pulled up to him, stopping in front of him, he nearly jumped out of his skin. Daisy kept Dixie running and jumped out, figuring what the hay. She threw her arms around him.

Uncle Jesse turned sideways in his seat, facing the door but he didn't get out.

The gravel and rocks were rough against the bottom of his feet. He might as well have been walking on glass. He had taken off his boots. They were starting to hurt his feet the longer he walked. And this Georgia heat wasn't doing him any good either. He loosened his tie, the top button of his uniform already unbuttoned. He muttered under his breath at the predicament the Dukes had gotten him into. "…those Dukes. When I get 'em I'll cuff 'em and stuff 'em. That's what I'll do." He was staring down at the ground. He didn't notice the jeep coming toward him until it stopped inches from him. Rosco slightly jumped.

Daisy got out of the Jeep and hugged him. Rosco liked her hugs. He'd just wish she'd do it more often. He only got them when he was rescued after getting himself in trouble. She always had seemed to like him despite what he pulled on them, even without Boss. Her hugs were welcoming and had a warm feeling. He started to wonder if she could be….

"Rosco, we've been looking all over for ye." She broke the embrace and looked at him. "We're ye been, sugar?"

"You know…." He stopped his sentence short, an idea brewing in his brain, or what was left of it after Boss Hogg had made him corrupt all those years ago.

"Are you alright? " Daisy asked him. He had a puzzled look on his face that made her concerned.

"I'm fine. Who did you say yer name was again?" He glanced at Jesse, hoping he didn't see through the facade. One of the many things Jesse was good at was read through him like reading see through paper.

"It's me Daisy, and Uncle Jesse."

"Nice to meet you Miss Daisy."

"I don't know what you're playing at Coltrane. You know who we are…." Jesse scolded.

"I don't think he does Uncle Jesse." Daisy frowned. Somethin' wasn't right about Rosco's expression.

Daisy and Uncle Jesse dropped Rosco off at the Boar's Nest, thinking that he was indeed fine.

Rosco, where have you been?" Boss asked as Rosco entered his office.

"Rosco? I don't know who this Rosco is…I don't even know what my name is..

"Oh, my goodness. Those Dukes really have done it now. I'll make sure they'll pay for it this time.

"Now, Boss…."

"I….You know who I am! Do "you "know who you are?" Boss puts the empathises on the you.

"I'm Rosco P. Coltrane. Sheriff of Hazzard County. You see it's like when you were knocked on the head, and the lights were dimmed down a bit. So all I have to do is dim the lights down a little bit."

"Rosco if you dim the lights down any further you'll be a bigger dipstick than Enos." A thought brewed in Boss's head.

"What is it?" Rosco asked.

" I finally have a plan that'll get those Dukes out of our hair once and for all."

"Which is?"



"You continue to fake your amnesia. Them Duke boys will have to pay for the damages to your patrol car and for your condition."

"My condition…." He'd forgotten the exact term for it. Faking forgetting things wouldn't cause too much concern. The Dukes didn't really care about him anyway, maybe Daisy. Daisy was the only Duke he tolerated. She was a Strate now. He didn't know if that would change. He guessed it wouldn't. He tolerated Enos, only because he reminded him of Enos's father. That boy was like his father more ways than one, expect being a dipstick. Eno's father had died when Enos was a young boy. He had died on a ridge run. Rosco had lost his father at a young age too, but under very different circumstances. He tried his best to get back to the basis of his plan. He was easily distracted sometimes.

"Amnesia, you imbecile." Boss reminded him.

"But I don't have amnesia." Maybe that was the word for it.

"Which is why you're going to be faking it, and there is no way those Dukes can afford both; they'll be forced out of town"

"Kew. Kew. I love it. I love it. We're finally gonna get them Duke boys for sure." He closes the door behind him. Boss was going along with his idea and he didn't even know it.

Bo and Luke found Rosco at the Boars Nest. Enos arrived shortly after. Rosco made up a good shuck and jive story. Ole Rosco was tellin' them that he didn't remember much about what happened. And Bo and Luke seemed to buy it.

"Right." Bo said. He wasn't really buying. Rosco didn't look like he even had a scratch on him. "Let's get you back to the Boar's nest and get you some coffee."

Luke leaned close to Bo. "He hasn't been drinkin' Bo." He said in a whisper.

"Sure looks like it." Bo whispered back. Then he spoke to Rosco. "How about it?"

"Yeah, sure." Rosco agreed.

"Sheriff, you don't like coffee." Enos reminded him.

"Oh, I… I don't? No I don't." Rosco couldn't stand the stuff. He walked over to his brand new patrol car. The three younger men watch him as he fiddles with the CB and radio dials.

After a few exchanged words between Bo and Luke, Bo was the one who volunteered to approach Rosco. The Duke cousins weren't convinced that everything was alright. The boys thought that Rosco tolerated Bo more, but they didn't know that Bo actually irritated Rosco the most.

"Are you ok there Rosco? You seem to be forgetting things." Bo said. He hoped it wasn't another case of "another Rosco."

"Thanks for asking, Luke." He didn't plan on calling Bo, Luke. It just slipped out.

"I'm Bo, Rosco.' Not this again. He tried to paint a picture of them trying to get Rosco to the hospital. Bo never met anyone as stubborn as Rosco, except one of Uncle Jesse's goats.

"Yeah, I knew that." Rosco shut the patrol car door and headed inside the Boars Nest.

Bo walked back over to Enos and Luke.

"Sheriff isn't in his right mind is he?" Enos asks worried. He hadn't taken the eyes off the Sheriff, not even after he disappeared inside.

"No Enos, I don't think he is."Bo said. Enos gets in his patrol car and drives away. They boys wave to him.

"I haven't seen Enos this upset about Rosco

Enos wasn't the only one. No matter how many times Rosco irritated him and Luke by chasing 'em it was fun. They always went back to check if Rosco was alright. Before Bo made up his mind rather he was going into the Boars Nest or not, Rosco came out as if on perfect timing.

Bo walked toward Rosco. Luke was shocked that Bo approached Rosco a second time. He wasn't backing off until he made sure Rosco really was ok.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Bo asked him. "We can take you to Doc Appleby…."

"I already visited the Doctor and he gave me a clean bill of health." Bo and Luke give each other sheepish looks. "If you don't believe me you just call him yourself."

"Nah, we believe you Rosco." Bo said.

"Good, good. Now where's that Angus fellow?"

"You mean Enos?" Luke asks.

"Yes, that's it Enos."

"Say, Rosco, what about the speeding ticket you gave us because you were chasing us last week." Bo piped up.

"Don't worry about that now boys. I got to go catch that . Kew."

"Huh, looks like he's better already." Luke said coming over to Bo. They watched him lean into his police car and grab the CB mike.

Yeah I think he's more than just better already.

He leans into the car. "Red dog, to dipstick come in, over."

Bo and Luke look at each other. "We got to get him to Doc somehow." Bo said.

"How about we rush 'im and push 'im into the car?" Luke knew they might be charged with kidnapping and grand theft auto later, but it was the only way of getting Rosco to the Doctor, before anything bad happened.

"I'm not gonna do it, you do it." Bo protested the idea.

"On a count of three we both do it."

"One." Bo counted.



They both run forward and Bo shoves Rosco into the police car. Bo gets into back and Luke gets into the driver's side and shuts the door.

"You are kidnapping a sheriff…I'm gonna get you Duke boys for this."

Luke starts the engine and drives away.

Rosco takes out his gun from his holster. "Now you pull over this vehicle while you have a chance."

The police car hits a dip in the road.

The bump made Rosco's gun arm go all over the place.

"Rosco, watch were you're wavin' that thing.' Luke ducks to avoid getting hit by Rosco's arm.

I wouldn't want to be this situation right now, especially when Rosco has a gun in his hand. He couldn't even aim right at a broad side of a barn.

Bo leapt from the back seat, grabbing Rosco's arm. The gun goes off, sending a bullet into the roof of the car.

Luke swerved and came to a stop. Rosco reached for the door and gets out.

Enos' cop car was a few feet away. Rosco ran to it, opening the door and dove in. Enos speeds off.

Bo climbs into the front seat next to Luke. "We gotta catch up to 'em."

They chase after Enos and Rosco. When they round the bend the other patrol car had vanished.

"How did we lose 'em?" Bo said.

"Bo you notice this ain't the General we're drivin'" Luke reminded him.

"We better head to town. " Bo said. "I'm guessin' that's the most obvious place."

"How about we split up and look for him?" Luke asked. That way they would find him faster.

While Bo stayed in town to look out for Rosco, Luke was at the farm informing Uncle Jesse. Jesse decided they should try to get a hold of Doc Appleby.

Bo came inside the farm house.

"We called the hospital." Luke says. "The Doctor says he's got a concussion. He shouldn't sleep for at least 24 hours."

"What do we do?"

"We should find him and make sure he doesn't fall asleep."

"That'd be mighty hard." Bo said. He was thinking about their encounter earlier.

"Yeah." Luke said, thinking the same thing. "We all know how stubborn Ol' Roscoe P. Coltrane can be."

The Dukes see Rosco outside the courthouse with Boss Hogg.

"I don't have amnesia. I was faking it." Rosco told them.

"Rosco!" Boss shouted to warn him.

"You made me all flip over and I was all shook up. Kew. Kew." He laughed at his own joke. Then he said with a serious face. "You owe me…." He turns to his brother in law. Rosco seemed lost in thought. He was never good with money. "eh…what do they owe me boss?

"3,000 dollars for the patrol car and 5,000 for the hospital bill…"

"Now just you wait a minute." Luke began.

"You know we can't afford that." Bo said. All three cousins started arguing.

"How much is that farm of yours? " Boss put a cigar in his mouth and lit it.

"Why you grubby little pig squealin' no good..." Uncle Jesse stepped forward.

"Hey, hey." Bo and Luke cut him off.

"Uncle Jesse!" Daisy said shocked.

I ain't never heard Uncle Jesse talk like that have you? Well if it was my property I grew up on, being threatened I would to.

"If you leave Hazzard County and never come back, all charges will be dropped." Boss put a cigar in his mouth. "Even your probation. You'll be free to cross the county line. "He and Rosco go inside the court house.

Uh oh that sounds worse than them not ending up behind bars.

Enos comes up to the Dukes. They tell him what just happened.

"What do we do?" Luke asked.

"You heard 'em." Bo said.

"I guess we'll have to leave, huh?" Daisy asked. There was no getting out of this one.

Uncle Jesse wouldn't stand for it. "There's no way us Dukes are giving up without a fight. This place is our home, you three grew up here."

"I know Uncle Jesse. " She just couldn't think of anything else they could do.

"Well, I guess it's the right thing to do." Jesse said.

"If you all are goin' I'm going too." Enos said. He had walked up to minutes into the conversation.

"Of course Enos, you're family. " Bo thought were else would he go?

"I'm going back to the farm and pack up a few things."Uncle Jesse told them. "You boys coming along to help?

"Sure." Luke said.

"We'll meet you there." Bo waved to them as Uncle Jesse, Enos and Daisy get in Daisy's car and drive away.

Rosco and Boss are still inside the courthouse. "We did it, we did it."

"And they won't be comin' back." Boss said.

"You mean won't be comin' back as in…"

"For good. They're not comin' back for good."

"What are you going to do with the farm?"

"I'm going to sell it. And you're going to drive out there and make sure the Dukes have cleared out by this evenin."

"Is that right?" Could he do that?

"Yes, it is. Assuming I was someone with morals I'd probably say it's wrong, but I don't have any." Boss laughs.

Looks like Rosco's thinkin' about somethin' and Boss didn't like him thinkin' He was figuring it wouldn't be Hazzard without the Dukes. And he was right.

Rosco drives over to the Dukes later. They were still loading boxes into Jesse's pickup.

"Boss sent me over here to make sure you were cleared out."

"Did he now?" Uncle Jesse said not surprised. He was expecting J.D. would do something like that.

"Look I know someone who doesn't want you to leave." Rosco said.

"Now that someone wouldn't be you would it?"

"No. I would do no such thing."

Jesse knew Rosco. He never trusted a Duke but he still liked them more than he'd care to admit it. With them gone his job would mean nothing to him.

I don't know about you but I'd say Uncle Jesse looks like he also has something up his sleeve.

"When you go back into town tell him we're cleared out." Uncle Jesse heads toward his truck.

Now, wait a minute Jesse…." He goes over to the truck and rests his hands on the tailgate.

"Come on boys, Daisy." Uncle Jesse says as he gets into his truck.

Uncle Jesse reeves up his truck, dirt sprays on Rosco. Rosco losses his grip on the tail gate and falls flat on his stomach in the dirt. His hat falls off.

"So long Rosco." Jesse calls back to him.

Bo honks at Rosco as he and Luke past him in the General Lee. Daisy follows them. Rosco gets up, grabbing his hat. "I'm…I'm gonna get you…." But he doesn't move. Instead he watches them drive away.

Bo and Luke were driving in the General Lee. Uncle Jesse was in his truck in front of them, Daisy behind the General.

Bo was talking to Uncle Jesse on the CB. "Uncle Jesse if Rosco offered to help, why didn't you let him help us?"

"Rosco cares about us but he's too stubborn to admit it. We'll wait for awhile till we get back to town. And see how he does without us."

"He'll be missin' us like crazy." Bo said.

"Because he'll have no one to chase." Luke smirked.

At the Duke Farm,

"You can't sell the Duke Farm." Rosco told Boss.

Boss was looking through drawers and couch cushion. He looked at Rosco. "And why not?"

"Because they aren't here."

"I have every right to if it's abandoned." He turned back to what he was doing. "Now I know those documents are around here somewhere." He turned to Rosco and gave him an intent look.


"Just don't stand there, you feather brain. Help me search for them."

Rosco helps Boss look for the contract for the property.

Later Rosco was sitting in his patrol car outside his favorite speed trap.

He tries to get hold of the Dukes on his CB.

"This is Rosco P. Coltrane. I know you Dukes have your ears on. Come in, over."

"Should we answer it?" Luke looked at Bo, who shrugged. Luke pressed down the button on the CB.

Rosco told them what Boss was up to.

"Now he can't sell it if you're all here."

"Try to get Uncle Jesse…." Luke.

"I heard." Jesse's voice came over the CB.

"Well, we gotta go do somethin 'y'all." Daisy said.

"We're on it." Luke said. "We'll have to go back to Hazzard."

"Luke you think that's a wise idea? " Bo cautioned.

"Why not?" Luke asked. "We have gotten him out of tight spots before. Now he's returnin' the favor. The least we do is repay it. "

"But can we trust him? For all we know it could all be one big set up."

"That's a chance we'll have to take."

They all turned back around.

Bo, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse saw Boss come out of the house.

" It's not yours anymore." Boss said, coming down the porch steps. "Some nice folks just bought it."

Two men come out of the house and walk past them.

Boss gets in his Cadillac and his driver drives them away.

"They must be city folk dressed like that." Bo said.

"Whoever they are, they didn't look friendly." Luke agreed with his cousin.

"Now boys, we can't judge a person how they're dressed." Uncle Jesse's instincts as a parent, even though he never been one, kicked in.

"We got win back the Farm. It's our only home." Daisy said.

Luke told them the plan he came up with. "Uncle Jesse and I will go into town and see what we can do there. Bo, you and Daisy stay here. Those guys who bought the farm might be up to no good."

Uncle Jesse and Luke are down town. Luke spots a flyer on a post.

Elroy Ramsden and Frank Winchcombe.

WANTED for Assault and Battery and Accessory.

"Hey, Uncle Jesse look at this." Luke pulls the poster off the telephone pole.

"Looks like our guys have a nasty temper." Jesse said.

"What do you think they were accessory to?"

"Probably a bank robbery." It was most likely.

"Great now we gotta get Boss Hogg out of trouble."

"WE don't have ter do anything but get our farm back. If those guys give us any trouble we'll handle it ourselves." Jesse said.

Bo looks around the Duke Farm property. The two men Elroy and Frank sneak up behind him. Out of reflex Bo turns around and hits one of them. They both charge at Bo.

This isn't even a fair fight y'all.

Luke goes back to farm. He looks around for Bo.

Luke finds Bo in the barn. He's on the ground unconscious. "Bo." Luke bends down next to him. Bo sits up and comes around.

"You ok cousin?"


"What happened?" Luke helps Bo up.

"Those guys got a cheap shot in and they took off."

"Let's get after 'em." Luke starts to walk out of the barn.

Bo follows him. "Ah."

"What is it?"

"Luke I think I sprained my ankle."

Did ya ever have a day, were one little thing goes wrong then everything else does? Yep, this is one of them.

"Come on we have to get you off that ankle." Luke puts Bo's arms around him shoulder and they start walking. Bo hops on one foot.

"Where's Daisy?" Luke asked.

"I thought I heard her screamin' earlier. I tried to get to her but those guys jumped me. If they done anything to her I'll….."

"Bo, anger's not gonna do us any good now. Besides there's only two of 'em. They couldn't be at same place at the same time, if you heard her the same time they jumped you."

"Yeah, you're right. I hope she's in the right hands."

And she was.

"Cooter, what was the idea, sneakin' up on me like that?" Daisy asked when they got to his garage. He doesn't answer because he was receiving a message from the CB.

"Lost Sheep to Crazy Cooter, come in over."

"This Crazy Cooter, I might be crazy but I ain't dumb, over."

"You know those guys that bought our farm? Turns out they're bank robbers. They attacked Bo and got away. But we don't know where Daisy is.….we had the notion….is with you?"

"I'm here. I'm safe." Daisy says.

"Don't scare us like that again." Luke didn't know who he was exactly saying this too.

"I had to get her away from there." Cooter said, especially with those guys pokin' around. I thought she was there alone. I didn't see Bo."

"Keep an eye out on them for us." Luke says to Cooter.

"That's a big ten four. Over." Cooter hangs up the CB. "I knew those guys were up to no good. I tried to reach you guys earlier but I didn't know what channel to reach you on."

"Come on." Daisy said. "We got to help Bo and Luke.

"We're stayin' here and keepin' a look out. " Cooter said. And that was an order.

Bo and Luke drive to the Boars Nest.

Luke tried to tell Boss that the guys who bought the farm were robbers. But as usual Boss didn't believe him.

Boss leaves his office and Luke swipes the contract that's sitting on Boss's desk.

At Cooter's garage Cooter and Daisy were keeping an eye out for the thieves. What they didn't know was that they were about to become sitting ducks.

Elroy and Frank pull up to Cooter's. Cooter goes to refill their gas. He notices them right away. "How y'all doin' folks."

"Just fill her up." Elroy told him. "We're in a hurry.

Cooter motions toward Daisy to come out of the garage.

Frank looks at him oddly.

"Neck cramp." Cooter uses as an excuse.

Daisy tip-toes out of the garage but Elroy spots her.

"Say pretty lady. Have I seen you around somewhere before?" Elroy says to Daisy as she comes over.
"I don't know maybe I just have one of those faces." Daisy tried to bluff. But it didn't work.

Did ya ever wonder why Dukes don't lie, because they can't. They couldn't tell a good lie that could save their lives.

"I don't think that's it." Elroy said.

"Hey, she was one of those Dukes that used to own that farm." Frank noticed her right away.

Daisy looks at Cooter, unknowing what to do. Suddenly Cooter goes at Elroy and punches him.

Daisy kicks Frank.

Cooter and Daisy hop into Cooter's tow truck and drive off.

Elroy and Frank get in their car and follow.

Rosco is outside the Boars Nest about to go in when Boss rushes out.

"He stole the contract!"

"Who?" Rosco asked.

"Luke Duke."

"What do you want me to do?"

"What you always do. Go into town and chase 'em."

"But, it's rightfully their….."

"Now." He shouts. "Don't take off yet. I'm goin' with ya." He gets into the patrol car with Rosco.

"Buckle up little fat buddy. Kew. Kew." Rosco gives his famous laugh and backs up. He puts the car in drive and drives out of the parking lot.

While Luke and Bo are driving down town they see Cooter being chased by the robbers.

Daisy was in the car with Cooter.

They noticed Cooter and Daisy were being shot at.

"You better step on it Luke." Bo suddenly smiles. "It feels strange sayin' that. You don't know how it's like bein' in the other side."

"I don't want to know what side that is." Luke said.

Rosco turns his patrol car into town. Boss spots the bright orange car.

"There they are." Boss shouts.

They chase after the General.

Bo reaches Cooter on the CB. "Cooter, we're gonna pull right in front of ya.

"Ok, but make sure you give me enough room to stop." Cooter said.

They stop right in front of Cooter. Cooter comes to a stop.

The robber's car skids to a stop and bump into the back of the tow.

"Alright freeze all of ya." Rosco gets out of his patrol car after everyone else gets out of their cars. He points his gun at all of them, the Dukes, the Robbers, Boss, and Cooter who are all next to the General Lee.

"Why you pointing that at me for?" Boss asked his arms in the air. He knew he was a criminal but..

"Sorry Boss it's a habit." Rosco lowered his gun, distracted.

"Ain't nobody gonna freeze but you Sheriff." Elroy had taken a gun out of the inside of his coat pocket. He points it at Rosco.

"Ooh….that's a….that's a big gun. That's bigger than mine. You see…." Rosco points to his own gun. "I guess that really is a pea shooter, ain't it?"

Daisy had to look down at the ground; a big grin was on her face. She had to keep herself from laughing.

"Now toss it over here." Elroy demanded Rosco.

Rosco tossed it.

As Elroy went to pick it up Bo (the closest to him brings up his leg and kicks him.) He had kicked him with his injured leg. He hopped on his good foot, trying to shake the pain off. The kick had been worth it though. The gun flies from Elroy's hand. At the same time Luke dove for Rosco's gun, and grabbed the dropped one. He threw the guns into the watery ditch at the side of road. Frank took out his gun, pointing it at Luke.

Cooter, realizing what was about to happen, punched Frank square in the jaw. His gun falls from his hand and Cooter kicked it into the ditch.

"Now listen up." Luke called. "You're gonna give the keys to our farm back."

"They bought if fair and square, for a considerably low down price." Boss said in a smug tone. There was no way to find their way around this, this time. But Boss always underestimated them. One thing you don't do is underestimate a Duke, what they do next in a situation like this might surprise ye.

"Yeah, that farm is ours." Frank said. Of course they had much bigger plans, robbing the bank and taking over Boss's abandoned still.

Luke was quick to act. He had been thinking of the idea during the chase. It was bound to work. If it didn't work, he knew that his family would have his back. And he tired. But trying wasn't good enough for Luke. He took the contract out of his pocket and handed it to Bo. Luke whispered something into Bo's ear.

"Not acordin' to this you don't." Bo said, having looked it over.

"What's he talkin' about Elroy?" Frank asked.

"You didn't read the fine print." Luke said.

"Fine print?" Elroy asked dumbly.

"Sure." Bo said. "Aren't you familiar with contracts? It says right here…." He puts it under Elroy's nose and points to the last written line.

"Right where?" Boss rushed over, desperate to find a flaw in their plan.

"At the bottom, see? It says the property has to abandoned for at least a year before put on the market."

"So they don't really own the farm?" Daisy didn't have to ask but she did anyway. "The farm's still ours?"

"That's right Daisy" Luke said, taking back the contract. "Nobody owns the farm but us."

Daisy happily jumps for joy and hugs her cousin.

So there you have it. The wanted fugitive's were arrested and the Dukes got to keep their farm.

While the Dukes cousin's and one Davenport all hug each other and chat away happily, Rosco arrests Elroy and Frank.

One thing I like about Hazzard is it always seems to have happy endings. I wish it'll stay that way, don't you?