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All of the cram school student were waiting anxiously on their dorm. Shima was the first to act when they came in.

"Okumura! Okumura-sensei!"

"Where have you been!" Bon demanded, "Called out at the beginning of class twice in a row!"

Yukio scratched the back of his head, "um…about that…this will be the last time that will happen, I promise, and it was a Vatican meeting,"

"With a surprising surplus of exorcists…" Rin muttered.

"Vatican?" Konekomaru asked, "they hate you!"

"Got that right…" The twins said in unison. The cram school students (save Takara) backed up. That unison voice was creepy.

Yukio glanced to particularly nowhere and said cryptically, "We're going to be under…heavy surveillance."

Bon narrowed his eyes. "You're hiding something…no, scrap that…a lot."

"Yes." Rin said.

Yukio slapped the back of his head and whispered harshly in his ear.

Rin protested by saying loudly, "They never said we could never admit it!"

Yukio looked glum. "Good point…"

"Weren't they already watching you constantly?" Shiemi asked. The twins nodded.

"So it's going to be even heavier?" Konekomaru asked. Another nod.

"But they're not going to kill you?" Shima asked for clarification.

"No." Yukio said.

Rin surveyed the students. "You guys should head back now."

Bon, looking defeated, nodded and head out of the door. Shima, Takara, Konekomaru, and Shiemi followed him.

The next day, they found out what the Vatican meant. After cram school, an arch-knight was sent to retrieve them.

To create a conversation, Rin asked the exorcist, "Sooooooooooooooo….where are we going?"

The man looked at the twins in disgust. "You're going to testing."

"For what?" Yukio inquired.

"Little demonic children…that is for me to know, and you too find out."

As if out of nowhere, Yukio burst into flames.

Before he could process a rational thought, there was a sword at his neck.

"Yukio!" Rin said before having himself engulfed in Satan's blue flames.

They heard laughing. "What a shame…haven't even started, and you're going too die!"

That was the last thing they heard before acidic holy-water drenched them and they lost consciousness.

The next day, when neither of them showed up for any classes, Konekomaru went to Mephisto.

"Ano…Sir Pheles…" Konekomaru began timidly.


"Where were the Okumura twins today?"

Mephisto's face darkened. "They were on there way to the…anyway, Yukio got enraged, and they knocked him unconscious, and Rin, in effort to get to Yukio, also tried to…burn the escorts, and he was also knocked unconscious."

"But Yukio's level-headed!"

"He's been bottling emotion. When pressurized emotion spills, it creates a mess. And being a demon does make you more susceptible to rage…it really isn't surprising."

"Oh…" Konekomaru said dejectedly. "Wait, you said unconscious…"

"Oh, they are…how did the Vatican put it…too valuable to kill just yet." Mephisto dismissed with a wave of his hand.

"Well…where are they?" Konekomaru demanded.

"In that lovely prison beneath the Vatican headquarters."

"But that has some of the highest demon wards!"

"Yes, that was the whole point of putting them there."

"But…" Konekomaru stuttered, "only being half-demon makes them…different in places with demon-charms!"

"The Vatican knows that."

"So…for losing their temper, they're being tortured?"

"In short…yes. I would go get them, or help their injuries, but I cannot get in there."

"Will they get out?"

"In a few days. They should have a day of recovery afterwards too."

Konekomaru wilted. A few days could permanently scar them. And the pain was imaginable.

They had enough trouble in the cram-school, and they let demons in there.

"You said that you couldn't get into there."

"I cannot, true."

"Can I?" asked Konekomaru.

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