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No one's P.O.V

Jack, Jerry, Eddie and Milton are all at Falafel Phil's eating and sitting at a booth. Eddie and Milton are sitting on one side while Jack and Jerry are sitting on the other. They were all talking until a blond interrupted them.
"Hey guys!" said Kim as she walked to their booth

"Hey Kim" they all replied
" What up guys? Oh and Jack, can you please scoot over a little so I can sit?" Kim asked all flirty.

Kim has had a long time crush on Jack and she finally admitted it and wanted to make Jack notice her.

Milton, Jerry, and Eddie roll their eyes at Kim's lame flirting skills
"Well.. ummm if I do then Jerry won't have any room to sit Kim." Jack replied
"Okay whatever bye" Kim says with a hint of disappointment in her voice then heads out the door
"You just got here Kim, don't you want to eat with us" Milton asked

Kim turns around and starts speaking, "Well I…"

"You said you were starving. Don't you want to hang with Jack? You know you LOOOVVEEE him so much right?" Jerry said

"Jerry I swear Imma flip u when practice starts and NO I don't like Jack!" Kim hisses while blushing deep red

Jerry slumps into his seat in fear of Kim's threat
"Yeah guys, we're just friends, but I mean who can't resist this? Come on I'm adorable and HOT!" Jack says while pointing at his body and face. "Yeah you can say that again?" Kim mutters quietly so no one can hear. "Did you just say you can say that again?" asked Eddie

"NO" Kim shouted

"Mmmph" said the boys

"Gahh I said I can resist that" Kim says while pointing at Jack

Jack clutches his chest over-dramatically "Hurtfull"

Everyone laughs but Kim zoned out thinking about Jack then smiled

"Kim, Kiimm, KIM" everyone shouted

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Kim screamed

"Uh you zoned out a bit then smiled" Milton explained

"Yeah what were you smiling about?" Jack asks curiously

"Jack?" Milton, Eddie and Jery replied

"You know what you huys are sooo annoying and when we get back to the dojo you guys are DEAD" Kim says walking towards the door again then turned back and screamed "It wasn't Jack jerks"

When Kim walked out the doors she muttered to herself, "Whew that was close."

Kim's P.O.V

I walk to the dojo since practice was almost starting and I changed into a tight tank top that exposed half of my toned stomach and a pair of short gym shorts. I walked out and set up 4 dummies then in the corner I set up 3 boards to break.

*The guys walked in*
I took a deep breath and punched the dummies into the ground "Hi Hiya Hiya Hiya"

Then after I knocked the dummies down and saw the guys then I walked over to the boards.

"HIYA" I yelled as I broke all three boards in half

The guys jump back, "WOAH KIM"

"Woah chica who knew you had that in you?" Jerry exclaimed having Eddie and Milton nodded their head in agreement
"Yeah Kim like seriously you could be as good as me but just barely" Jack says then winks at her
I blush at Jack's compliment and said, "PUH-LEASE I can take you all down right now! Come at me"
"I'm out" Eddie says then runs out of the dojo

"Huh I think I left something at Falafel Phil's.. so umm BYE" Milton says while running after Eddie

Jerry looked confused and ran out screaming like a little girl.
No one's P.O.V

Kim and Jack burst out laughing at Jerry then caught a glimpse of each other's eyes.

"You did a really nice job Kim and" Jack looks at Kim up and down "you look pretty hot doing it"

(Jack's thought is blod Kim's is italic)

Really Jack did you just call your best friend hot?

OMG JACK just called me hot! AHHHH

"T-thanks Jack" Kim says taking a step closer to him

"No problem for you anything" Jack says steeping closer to her

Now they are centimeters away from their lips touching. Jack leans in and so does Kim and…

"Hey lovebirds watch'cha doing here alone?" asked Rudy causing Jack and Kim to jump away from each other

REALLY RUDY I was almost about to kiss Kim the love of my life but NOO you had to fucking ruin it -_- im mad…

Ugh Rudy really? Like serious me and Jack almost kissed. WAIT ME AND JACK ALMOST KISSED AHH so happy J

"What we are not lovebirds!" Jack and Kim shouted

"Ugh whatever I'm leaving" Kim says while she heads out the dojo

"THE LESSON DIDN"T EVEN START YET!" Jack and Rudy shouted

Kim walks backwards retracing her steps, "haha I knew that, hey I'm already changed! I'm ready but Jack's not!" Kim whined
-After practice in the locker room with the boys-
"Yo Jack you gotta tell Kim how you feel man! I catch staring at her butt all the time man! Go tell her!" Jerry said
"Yeah" Eddie and Milton said

"I don't stare at her butt!" exclaimed Jack

-With Kim—

Kim finished changing and walked out of the changing room. She grabbed her phone and texted Jack

*It girl by Jason Derluo plays*
Jack checks his phone

To: Jackie

From: Kimmy-bear

Hey Jack J you wanna go 2 the movies with me? Oh yeah ask the boys too be waiting xoxo

"Hey you guys want to go to the movies?" asked Jack

"Was that Kim Jack?" asked Eddie

"Yo of course it is kim, jack just cant get away from her yo major swagg dude WHOO!" Jerry said
"Whatever you guys want to go or not?"

To: Kimmy-bear

From: Jackie

Hey kim we'll be there ;) 2 kisses huh you owe me

But before Jack could send the text Jerry stills his phone and re-types the text message to:

Kimmy-bear we'll be there wait for me k? also 2 kisses huh you owe me ;) 3 xxxx

"JERRY what the fucking hell man now it's going to be awkward between me and Kim Imma kill yo—" Jack started but was interrupted by a girly scream

-with Kim-
*I Wish by One Directions plays*
To: Kimmy-bear

From: Jackie

Kimmy-bear we'll be there wait for me k? also 2 kisses huh you owe me ;) 3 xxxx

"AHHHHH" screamed Kim out of joy "Shit that was loud!"

The guys come tumbling out of the locker room with Jack in front with a worried face

"Kim are you okay?"
"Yeah yeah I'm fine why?" asked Kim holding her phone in her hand

"We heard screaming" everyone stated

"Weird the scream came after the text jack just sent" Jerry stated
Kim blushes
Eddie looks at Jerry, "Oh OHHHH"

Milton looks at Eddie then Jerry then to Kim and Jack., "HOLY CHRISTMAS NUTS NO WAY!"
"What?" Asked Kim and Jack
"wow their clueless and even I got it" Eddie said

"YEAH" Jerry replied
"What are you- you know what I don't want to know. So Kim what movie do you want to see?

"Well there's this new chickf-" Kim started

"NOOO" groaned the boys

Kim chuckled, "Haha got you, there's a new HORROR film out! Night of the Doll Killer at Dawn :-) sounds spoookkkkyyy hehe I want to see it!"
"WHOO That's what I'm talking about mamacita" Jerry said
"Alright let's go then" Jack said while leading everyone to the movies
-in the movies-
"Ahhhh please stop ahhhh but miss sparkles i didnt know you were gone!" said a girl in the movie
*chain saw sounds*
Everyone jumps back except for Kim and Jack who are at the edges of their seats (sitting next to each other) waiting for what's gunna happen next
Then another scene which scares kim and jack spots her Jack comforts her and puts his arm around her shoulder then puller her closer to him. While Jack does that Kim thanks him and blushes because the position they were in.
-after the movie-
"Wow what a scary movie... But it was totally awesome!
"Yeah sure" says Milton
Milton phones rings. Milton takes his phone out of his pocket and reads the text. "YES"
"What" asked the gang

"Hey so since my birthday is tomorrow and it's Friday.."

"Yeah.." Kim ushers him to go on

"My parents are letting me have a sleepover with you guys!" Milton exclaims

"Umm I know it sounds fun but I don't know if my mom would let me you know since I'm the only girl" Kim explains
"Oh my mommy took care of that your mom trusts us boys so yeah!" Milton replies
"Wait wait wait hold up what did you say" Kim said
"What you don't trust us Kim?" the boys exclaimed

"What no its just" Kim bursts out laughing "Milton said mommy! XD" "GAHH" Milton says while everyone else starts crackin up with Kim

"Well since its dark we should get home! I think JACK should go home with KIM so they could be alone" Jerry said
"yeah! It's dark and Kim might get hurt Jack! You should walk with her" Eddie said supporting Jerry
"Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Hun I can take care of myself I'm a black belt remember?" Kim says in a sassy voice
"No Kim I think I should take you home, anyways we live right next to each other" Jack replies
Kim smiles and said in a flirty tone, "Well I guess you could walk me home, alone"

And with that they all departed their own separate ways.

-with jerry milton and eddie-
"Do you think they actually like each other?" asked Eddie
"Of course they do! I'm the doctor with the girls right! I'm swawesome!" Jerry states
" uhh no you're not for the pass week 10 girls DUMPED YOU! But I sadly agree with you I think we should help them get a head start on their relationship! I have a plan!" Milton says with an evil smirk
-back to kim and jack-
An awkward silence between Jack and Kim on the walk until Kim broke the silence.
"Sooo.. about that text message earlier."

"Oh haha that was a really cute text you sent me, so flirty Jack"

"I didn't actually send it Kim, Jerr did and- wait did you say it was cute?"

"Oh, I said it was really cute because it was very cute. I mean I would love if a guy would send me texts like that."

"Huh Kimmy-bear who knew you liked those kind of stuff. I'll send ones to you everyday"

"Yeah and really?"

"Umm yeah if you want me too"

"Aww Jack you're such a sweetheart! 3"

"Yeah I been called that a few times"

"By who your mom and grandma?"

"Shut up Kimmy"

"hehe got'cha well we're at my house thanks" said Kim

"No problem. Hey I'll walk you home from school tomorrow and we can go to Milton's sleepover together ok?" Jack replies and turns to leave
"Ok sounds great. Wait Jack come here" Kim said

Jack walks back up to Kim and Kim places her hand on Jack's cheek and kisses his cheek.

"Goodnight Jack" Kim says while blushing dark red then goes in her house
what have i done! I should have not done that! But still i KISSED JACK ahhhh! ;)

Jack's P.O.V

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