Author's Note/Disclaimer: This is really AU. Like, it doesn't get much more AU than it actually happening to me, right? Sorry if the characters seem OOC. I just needed to write this to deal with a bunch of inner feelings I am fighting through right now. This is really a coping thing for me. I posted this as a story on but will use some of that for my story now. Like I said, it's mostly a coping thing for me, but if my readers find enjoyment out of reading this, than all the better. I do not own Degrassi or the characters. Please read and enjoy!



I liked him before the vodka sat in. No, don't look at me like that – it's the truth. I liked him the moment he walked up the car and said: "Oh my God, you're parked in the middle of a fucking lake, silly!"

My friend, Rachel flipped him off and continued to try to get her car out of the enormous amount of water that had gathered in the gutter. I wasn't thinking about that though. I was thinking about the guy standing in front of me. Emo bangs. That's the first thing I noticed. I had never been a fan of emo kids, ever. I mean, sure the music is great, but I had never really given it a thought. Emo bangs.

The second thing I noticed was that he used the word silly. No guy says the word silly – ever. They just don't. But it was cute. Really cute. And it made my skin break out into little teeny tiny goose bumps. My stomach got butterflies as he slid into the seat next to me (I was in the middle) and we drove to the Walmart to pick up a few things.

The third thing that I noticed was his emerald green eyes. They were like pools of melted down emeralds – beautiful and sparkling with a hint of teasing glistening. And the freckles. He had a few little freckles peppered across his nose. And his smirk…that smirk that would forever stay ingrained into my memories – haunting my thoughts.

His arm was casually swung around me and I literally felt like a statue that would crack at any given moment. Despite my on-edge feeling, I also felt at ease. This boy was sweet. He made me laugh. I liked him. He was really, really just amazing.

Everyone says I get attached too easily, and that is the case a lot of the times, but this was different. All I wanted was to be something with him. I don't know my definition of something was per say – whether it was friends or more – but I wanted something. I could picture myself getting his number and us texting after Rachel and I returned home. I could literally see myself smiling at a text he'd send just at the right moment.

But not everything goes the way you plan, huh?

That night was amazing. He made me feel so special. His band practiced and I watched from the side, smiling the whole time right at him. He'd grin at me and once practice was over, he'd meander back and forth between his band-mates, just talking and laughing. Whenever he'd pass me, he'd nudge me or wrap his arms around me. It made me feel like the most special girl in the world.

And at that moment, I believe I was.