I returned to Miami a year after I left. I was super excited to return, especially when my boyfriend Austin Moon had a bunch of fun things planned for our date! Yay!

I went over to the Sonic Boom music store, which wasn't far from the Melody Diner, where I first met Austin a year ago. He was sitting at the piano, playing a melody with his friends Ally and Trish.

"Hey, Austin!" "Cassidy, you've returned!" "Hey, Cassidy!" "Hey, Trish, my old working partner!" "You probably don't remember me. I didn't talk to you much, but I wrote the heart beat song." "Oh, yeah! Hey, Ally!" "Hey. Some people remember me when I say the name of a song I wrote." "So can we have our first date at 7:30, Austin?" "Sure! That would be awesome!" "Yes!"

We went on the date. It was at the Melody Diner because that's where we met and what better place to have your first date than where you guys met? We shared a chocolate milkshake together. It was very romantic and fun. But it didn't last long.

Ally came in. She got a whole bunch of horrible cuts and bruises on her arm. She was crying softly. Austin took his emergency first aid kit out and pulled out some bandages and an ice pack. "There, there, Ally. It's okay. They'll heal soon." He spent the rest of our date caring for her. He didn't pay attention to me at all. I thought he might be cheating on me. At the end of the date, I said, "Austin, I thought you loved me.", and walked out.

"Thoughts of you keep running through my head, images I just want to forget. I look in the mirror and put on a happy face, but nobody sees it, and I don't believe it. I bought into every word you said. I never thought that's something I'd regret. I look at you now and wonder who I see. I'm lost in a frenzy, and it's never ending. The way we used to talk all night, I still get butterflies when I go there again. Oh, I see the way you used to smile if only for a while, but only if I pretend."

We'll be right back with Austin & Ally on Disney Channel!