Now we're back with Austin & Ally on Disney Channel!

The next day, I stayed home for the whole day. I did not get one breath of fresh air. I put some music on, turned the TV on, and ate some ice cream. I even stayed in my robe. Just my robe. Nothing else. But I still didn't feel better.

There was a knock on the door. At first, I thought it was my mom because she was baking cookies for me in the kitchen, but it was Ally. I teared up. She was dressed up so girly, and I was a mess. "Cassidy, can we talk?" "There's nothing to talk about. Go away." "Cassidy, this is serious. Dez told me you were at home, and now I look at you and you're a mess. Tell me what's going on." "Austin doesn't like me." "Aw, I'm sure that's not true." "It is. I could see that from Austin being all nice to you and not paying any attention to me. Now go. Go out with Austin all you want. Enjoy!"

"Cassidy, he wasn't cheating on you. I just got hurt and he was only trying to be nice." "Well, yeah, I know that, but what if he really does like you?" "If he does, then I know someone who might like you." "Who?" "Get out of your room and I'll show you." "Okay, but first, my mom's making cookies for me and I would like to eat them." "Okay. Can I have some?" "Sure you can."

Now we have Cassidy Johnson and Ally Dawson's official friendship. We ate homemade cookies and drank homemade lemonade while watching funny shows on TV. We made hot cocoa and did a toast to friendship. We went to the park and walked around and had a conversation. We grabbed some milkshakes. I totally forgot about Austin until this. It reminded me of the milkshake we shared on our date.

"Cassidy, what's wrong?" "The milkshakes remind me of our messed up date." "I'm sorry. I'll admit, it was my fault. I didn't mean to spoil your date. I should've asked my dad." "No, it's okay. I guess you can just walk off with Austin and leave me miserable." "Cassidy, please don't cry. Remember that guy I was telling you about earlier?" "Yeah." "Well, he's here now." The guy walked up to us. "This is Dallas." "Hi, Dallas. My name is Cassidy." "Nice to meet you, Cassidy." "Nice to meet you, too." "Looks like my work here is done."

Later that day, Ally and I had a party to celebrate our new boyfriends. "How'd your date with Dallas go?" "It was so awesome! We had a date at the library he works at, and he told me about his funniest incident at work, and then his parents brought food in the library, even though Dallas has a strict no eating rule! But we ate it anyway." "Another thing he has in common with me, and yet he got over me."

"So how'd it go with Austin?" "Turns out he does like me. So we ended up having our date at Sonic Boom. We talked about all the fun we've had since we met, like, forever ago, and then my parents came in with food, even though I have a strict no eating rule! We still ate it, though." "Wow, you and your crazy adventures that always start at Sonic Boom or somewhere in the mall!" "I know! The rest of Team Austin and I always do the weirdest things!" "I think we're going to be really good friends."

"It doesn't matter when, it's always a good time then. It doesn't matter where, it's always a good time there. It doesn't matter when, it's always a good time then."