Once there was an evil witch named Gruntilda she had three sisters Mingella, Blobbelda who were evil and Brentilda who was good. All three sisters had children.( All except Gruntilda) Mingella gave birth to a pair of twins Isador and Lethargica. They were long, beautiful, were very strong and good with magic. Blobbelda had two girls and a boy Smoky, Rebeck, and Hoggart. They were short, fat, ugly, and also good with magic. And then there was Brentilda. She only had one child. Her name was Lizy. She... She was.. Well... Different. From her black hair and blue eyes to her dragon Speer and cat jade. She was different. She was horrible at magic. Her cousins call her Dizzy Lizy the weakest link. This is the story of how she met Banjo and Kazooie. L.O.G. saw Lizy on the roof of the new Grunty's hag shack That her sisters made to honor her. Lizy was washing the roof. L.O.G. said "You there, Lizy, do want a chance at a game." "What kind of game stranger?" Lizy said. "A game of a lifetime. I see some potential in you." said L.O.G Lizy was confused. How could this stranger see anything in her? She was ugly, stupid, and weak, in her aunts opinion. "Meet me at spiral-mountain and the game will begin." L.O.G said. " Ugh... How am I supposed to get there exactly?" Lizy asked. "Oh that easy Lizy, use your broom." L.O.G. said. "But I don't have magic yet..." Lizy said. "Don't make excuses. I saw you on your broom." Said L.O.G. Promise not to tell my aunts. Said Lizy. "That does not matter." Said L.O.G. Then a portal opened. "Fly into the portal." Said L.O.G. He then disappeared. Broomy said. "I don't trust him." "me nether." Jade hissed. "He seems trust worthy." Said Speer. "Who asked you?" said Jade rudely. Let's just go. Said Lizy. So with that they did.