Title: When it rains, it pours.

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: A derelict mountain-top hotel, a blood-thirsty beast and a supernatural monsoon; what could possibly go wrong? Hurt!Sam hurt!Dean some comfort/awesome!Winchesters all around. Post 6x15 "The French Mistake"

Author's note: First couple chapters might…wander a bit. XD I was jonesing hard for the internet we had to let lapse for a few weeks and decided to write this because I had one scene in my head. Lol So any wandering is on account of the entire story being written as an excuse for a single scene later on. Bonus points to anyone who reads the whole story and figures out which scene it was. :D

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He ran. He'd lost track of how long he'd been running. The rain pounded down on him, choking him with water with each gasping breath. The wind picked up with a ferocity that made him curse and stole the air from him. He bent over the stitch in his side as he forced himself to keep going. He couldn't stop. If he stopped it would have him. Later, he'd take the time to ask himself what he'd been thinking when he'd gone out there; to wonder why he hadn't done better research and seen the signs. They had all been there and he'd overlooked them. He hoped whoever came after him didn't make the same stupid mistake.

He stumbled over a root and sprawled face down in the mud. He fought to get back to his feet but exhaustion made him slow and he heard it behind him as he regained his feet. He turned slowly and thought this must be what the girls in horror movies felt; turning with the certain knowledge they were about to be lunch. Fierce eyes glowed at him out of the rain as it came for him with blinding speed. He backed a step involuntarily, knowing it would do him no good. The impact forced the air out of him and he found himself lying on the ground with the rain running into his face. He fought the weight holding him down to no effect. Hot, fetid breath blew across his face and momentarily blocked the rain.

He growled with the effort of trying to free himself and cursed himself to be without a weapon. It was unforgiveable. The levels to which he'd screwed up this job were going to haunt him for the rest of his short life. The creature glared down at him and he could only cry out in agony as it drove sharp teeth into his shoulder. He felt his blood begin to flow; pain shot into the wound and burned along his veins. He stared in confusion as it stood away from him, leaving the rain to beat down on him once more and loped away into the trees, heading back up the mountainside. His head fell sideways. He couldn't hold it up anymore and slipped into darkness as headlights grew closer through the trees.


Sam looked over at his brother with a smirk as he caressed the Impala's steering wheel yet again with a small smile. "Do you two need a moment alone?"

"Shut up, Sammy." Dean sent him a dirty look and purposefully stilled his hands on the wheel. "Driving that…that wreck of my baby in bizarro world…it's like I cheated on her." He gave in and smiled down at the dash. "I'm sorry, Baby."

"Oh good grief." Sam laughed but couldn't help surreptitiously running a hand over the seat beside him. He'd never admit it aloud but he'd felt wrong as well and sitting in the Impala now felt indefinably right.

"So you sure about this job?" Dean clicked on the headlights as the sun vanished behind the mountain range ahead of them. It was their destination, or rather some abandoned resort hotel with a spotted history of late.

Sam nodded. "There's definitely something hinkey going on up there. Not sure what it is yet." He shrugged. "Whatever it is, it's taking bites out of people who later die in the hospital."

"Poison or venom?" Dean asked and Sam shrugged again.

"Have to check the autopsy reports when we get there." Sam watched the mountains looming ahead of them. "Been a few people gone missing as well and their last known location was at or near the old hotel. Apparently it's a hot spot for uh…" He glanced over at Dean with a smirk. "Ghost hunters."

"Dude." Dean groaned. "Tell me we aren't gonna have to dodge idiots with cameras again?"

Sam laughed. "Probably not. It's off season. Weather's starting to turn cold not to mention it's apparently been raining almost non-stop up there for weeks now." He gave Dean a meaningful look. "Since just before the first victim showed up."

"Ok wait, so not only are we gonna be running around the damn woods on a damn mountain but we're gonna be friggin wet too?" Dean scowled over at him. "You know, if you'd told me that before we left…"

"We'd still be at Bobby's." Sam chuckled. "I know. Why do you think I didn't tell you?" He slapped away Dean's hand as it went for the back of his head. "Bobby's still trying to narrow down the culprit. He said to call him when we get there."

Dean ground his teeth and focused on the road. "What are the odds this is some more monster momma weirdness?"

Sam thought for a moment and shrugged. "I don't know. You really think the Mother of all Monsters could be up there?" He looked up at the mountains with a new sense of foreboding. "Dean, we don't know enough to go up against her yet."

"Don't worry, Sammy." Dean glanced at his worried expression. "If she was there, and we don't know that yet, she's probably long gone."

Sam nodded, not completely reassured. "And if she is there?"

Dean sighed. "We do a little recon, maybe get lucky and gank the thing chewing on people without getting busted by Mommy Dearest."

"Gee, you make it sound so simple." Sam smirked and shook his head. "You know Bobby will hurt us if we get in a dust up with her."

"Only if we live." Dean said with a dark laugh. He pressed on the accelerator, anxious to get there and find out just how complicated this case was going to be.


Lyelo, Wyoming didn't look like much at night, even less through the rain falling steadily and obscuring the streetlights, making them glow with halos in the darkness. Dean slowed to somewhere near the speed limit. They didn't need local police on them because he couldn't watch the speedometer. He noted the boarded up business fronts as they passed and figured they were probably casualties of the hotel closing over two decades ago. Little towns like this didn't often recover from that sort of thing. He passed two closed motels, their parking lots long gone green with weeds and spotted a third that still had its lights on. He pulled up in front of the Mountain View Motel.

Dean smirked at his brother who had dozed off an hour ago with his face pressed to the window. He eased out of the car, leaving the engine running and jogged to the rental office. Sam hadn't moved an inch in the ten minutes it took him to book a room. He stood by his door for a moment, savoring a sleeping Sam; something he hadn't seen while he was soulless. Dean smiled and decided the chick flick was over. He leaned down and slapped his fist into the window over his brother's face. Sam jerked back with a shout Dean could hear through the closed window and laughed. He went around and slid into the driver's seat.

"You jerk!" Sam shouted, rubbing his face.

Dean chuckled and shook his head, showering rain water onto Sam who sputtered indignantly. "Don't be a bitch. I could have left you sleeping in the car." He pulled around the side of the motel and spotted their room near the end. He pulled up to the door, smile still in place. "Might wanna cover that hair so the rain doesn't melt it." He got out of the car and shut the door on Sam's curse with a laugh.

Sam took a breath, resigned to dealing with Dean in a good mood and got out of the car. "Crap, that's cold." He shivered as the high altitude rain ran down the neck of his jacket and went to the trunk to grab his bag. He caught it as Dean tossed it to him and followed him to the room.

Dean opened the door, turned on the light and groaned. "Dude. Who does a friggin seascape on a mountainside?"

Sam came in behind him and chuckled. The walls, all four of them, had seascape murals painted on them. They were tones of blue and white from floor to ceiling and not particularly artistic. The ceiling had white, fluffy clouds painted across it with the occasional sea gull while the carpet was a dark blue; an unfortunate shade of blue that showed off the many stains it had acquired over the years. The beds were covered in simple blue quilts.

Dean crossed the little sitting room with small blue couch, two blue chairs and a white table to drop his bag on one of the beds and then went into the bathroom. He chuckled. "Man, the floor in here has fish on it." He glanced up and rolled his eyes. "So does the damn shower curtain."

Sam laughed. "There are starfish stickers on the microwave." He looked around and sat on the edge of his bed to take his wet shoes off. "I think I'm off the ocean for a while."

"Leave those on." Dean said as he came out. "Good a time as any to hit up the Coroners. This late they won't ask too many questions."

Sam nodded and re-tied his shoe. He followed Dean out with a last longing look at the bed. He waited until they were in the car before taking out his phone. "I'll call Bobby. See if he's found anything." He watched the empty streets and listened to the phone ring. Bobby finally answered and sounded half asleep. "Hey, Bobby."

"Don't you idjits ever go to sleep?" Bobby's gruff voice came through the phone amidst the crackle of static. "So reception's gonna be a problem up there from the sound of it. Aint got much more to tell ya."

"Still no idea what it is we're hunting?" Sam asked and looked over to Dean.

"Well it's a creature." Bobby said and Sam rolled his eyes.

"Yeah we figured that much before we left."

"Don't get smart with me, kid." Bobby growled at him. "I can tell ya all the attacks have been centered up around that old hotel. You boys need to watch your backs up there. Pretty sure that old place is gonna have a spook or two all its own from what I've found."

"Fantastic." Sam groaned. Dean looked askance at him. "Bobby says the hotel is probably haunted."

"Great." Dean gave him a dirty look. "So we don't know what we're hunting and we're gonna have ghosts to deal with too. This job just gets better and better."

"Oh tell him to take his damn Midol and quit whinin'." Bobby said with a chuckle and made Sam laugh. "You get a look at the bodies yet?"

"We're on our way to do that now." Sam pointed as he spotted the sign for the Coroner's office. "We'll call you if the bodies tell us anything."

"I'll be waitin'." Bobby returned. "Don't get stupid."

Sam hung up after Bobby did and tucked the phone away. "He said you should take your Midol."

Dean gaped and looked out at the road with a glare as he turned in to the two story building. "I'm spikin' his whiskey when we get back." He said fiercely as his brother laughed. "You keep laughin' you're gonna have to start checking your shampoo again, Sammy."

Sam choked off the laugh as they parked in front of the building. "Wasn't funny at all. Nope."

"Diggin' a hole, Sammy." Dean warned him and pushed at the doors, then growled. "Locked."

"In the back." Sam said and headed around the building. "Gotta have someone around for late night deliveries." He pulled the collar of his jacket up against the rain and pushed wet hair out of his eyes. The heavy clouds overhead darkened the night to pitch outside the radius of the lights on the building. Sam stepped from one pool of light, heading toward the next and cursed as his foot went out from under him into what felt like a sinkhole. "Shit!"

"Sam?" Dean jogged to catch him up and laughed when he saw him. "Dude, only you."

"Shut up." Sam straightened from where he'd fallen forward on his hands and tugged his foot out of the water filled hole that had taken his foot halfway to his knee.

Dean took his arm and pulled him up. "You want some water wings?"

Sam glared daggers at him and stomped unevenly off toward the back of the building, shaking his right leg with every step and making Dean laugh more loudly. "Sometimes I wish I was an only child." Dean barked out a laugh and slapped him on the back as he went past.

They found a loading dock at the back of the building and an unlocked door they pushed through together, startling an overweight, balding man in glasses at a small desk. "Holy cow." The man said as the brothers came in dripping.

"You know the front door's locked?" Dean told him and dug in his wet jacket for his badge. "FBI. We're here to have a look at a couple stiffs."

Sam sneezed explosively. "Ones they found up at the hotel."

The man at the desk stared and then shook his head. "They make you Feebs come out in this? Boy, who'd you guys piss off?"

Dean smirked and put his badge away. "Director. Partner was making eyes at his wife." Sam sputtered but wisely kept his mouth shut.

The man laughed. "Well, you're welcome to go on in and have a look I guess. No one else in here this time of night." He smothered a laugh behind his hand as Sam squelched past. "You boys, uh, find what you need on your own?"

"We'll be fine." Sam glared. "This way?" He pointed toward a set of double doors and the man nodded, still chuckling. He went through the doors with Dean and waited for them to close before slapping Dean's shoulder. "The Director's wife? Really?"

Dean laughed and went down the short hall to the door marked 'Morgue'. "Had to tell him something. Guys like that like a little gossip."

"Could have told him you were the one checking her out." Sam grumbled.

Dean put a hand on his shoulder. "Sammy. A gentleman never kisses and tells."

Sam snorted and followed him in. "Well you ever see a gentleman, let me know."

Dean grinned and snatched a binder off the desk inside the door. He flipped through the list of corpses occupying the drawers across from them. "Yahtzee. Uh…drawer twelve, thirteen and uh…fifteen." He scanned the rest of the entries. "Looks like the other victims have already been released."

Sam pulled open the first drawer and slid the shelf out with its covered occupant. He turned the sheet down from the victims' head to reveal a young man in his twenties and took the chart from the end of the bed. "Says…bite mark on the right hip?"

Dean sighed. "The things I do for a job." He turned the sheet back around hip height and grimaced. "Ouch." The bite mark was a hand span wide comprised of dozens of narrow puncture marks.

"This one died in the hospital two days ago." Sam handed Dean the chart after looking at the wound and went to the next drawer. It was a woman in her thirties and Sam found the bite mark on her shoulder along with numerous bruises and cuts. "Huh." He bent until his nose was almost touching her shoulder. "This doesn't look infected or anything."

"Neither does this one." Dean put the young man back in his drawer and came to look at the woman. "Not an infection then. Poison?"

"I dunno." Sam wrinkled his nose. "I'd expect to smell something here or at least see some evidence of it around the wound. There's nothing. The bite's actually fairly clean."

Dean pulled out the last victim and groaned. "Well this one's got a smell." He looked at the chart and nodded. "He was in the woods for a few days before they found him. The wildlife had a go."

"Yeck." Sam pulled the sheet back and down his chest looking for a bite mark. "Is that it? I can't tell."

Dean leaned in and shrugged. The bite mark, if it was there, had been obscured by animal activity and torn skin. "I'm gonna go with yes." He looked back down at the chart. "All those puncture marks and none of these people bled out."

"So, creatures' saliva probably has a coagulant. Keep its victims alive longer." Sam nodded and pulled the sheet back up. "That narrows the field."

"You're dripping on the corpse." Dean told him and chuckled as Sam stepped back, irritated. He pushed the last victim back into the wall as the door opened.

"Hey, uh…Agents?" The clerk from the desk stuck his head in the room. "Thought maybe you'd wanna know."

"Know what?" Sam asked, trying to wring out a sleeve of his jacket.

"Oh well, I just heard on the radio they found one of your guys up the hill and took him to the hospital." He gestured absently in the direction of the mountain and the old hotel.

"One of our guys?" Dean asked and looked over at Sam who shrugged.

"A fed! Yeah, he was in here last night checkin' the bodies." The man looked surprised. "I thought you guys all talked to each other and stuff."

Sam's eyes narrowed and met his brother's. "Another fed?" He turned to the clerk. "And he's in the hospital?"

The man nodded. "Yep. Still alive I guess or they'd'a brought him here." He chuckled and then waved a hand. "Sorry. Sorry."

"Right." Dean dropped the charts onto the desk. "You give me directions to this hospital?"

The aging clerk told them how to get there and then took pity on them, walking them through the building to the front and let them out near the car. "Dean. It has be another Hunter." Sam said as they jogged through the rain to the car.

"Yeah but which one?" Dean scowled, not liking it one bit. "We aint exactly on speaking terms with every Hunter out there you know." He was sure there were a still a few with his and Sam's names on their to-do lists because of their involvement in the Apocalypse.

"Well we have to find out." Sam got in the car and rubbed rain out of his hair as Dean fired up the engine. "Whoever it is, Bobby didn't know they were up here. He would have told us."

Dean nodded. That was the part that was making him worry. Bobby knew where most Hunters were most of the time. "We'll find out one way or the other."


Lyelo County Hospital looked like more of a glorified clinic. It only had three floors and half the building was dark. Dean parked near the Emergency entrance under the awning. The E.R. was surprisingly quiet though in a small town there probably wasn't a lot of excitement on a weeknight. Dean passed a door blocked off with a construction sign and stopped at the desk.

"Hi there." Dean smiled at the nurse behind the desk. She was a large woman with light brown hair going gray swept up in a bun on top of her head above blue eyes and horn rimmed glasses.

"Can I help you boys?" She smiled absently up at them.

"We're from the Cheyenne Daily." Dean smiled wider at her. "It's a small paper but we heard you guys had a Federal Agent here. Some kind of attack?"

"Oh the agent, yes." She said sadly. "I don't think they're letting visitors up."

Sam leaned on the counter, giving her his best puppy dog expression. "It's really wet out and we came all the way up here." He smiled at her as her face softened helplessly. "I don't suppose you could go find out for us. Even five minutes would be just awesome. Please?"

"Oh…oh well." She looked between them, flustered. "Well it can't hurt to ask. You boys have a seat and dry off a bit. I'll be right back."

Dean chuckled as she hurried away around the corner. "Sammy, we oughta register that face as a lethal weapon."

Sam smirked and slid around the desk, pulling the computer screen around. He quickly checked through the newest patients which turned out to be simple as there was only one in the last hour. "Got him. Third floor, room 312." He came out from behind the desk. "I don't recognize the name."

"Which doesn't mean anything if he's one of us." Dean nodded and pointed toward the closed door they'd passed. "How about we go up the way no one's looking?" They went quickly to the doors, prying them open behind the sign and vanished through them before the nurse returned. Only the emergency lights were on in the hall, the rooms were dark and construction equipment was scattered here and there.

"They must be renovating." Sam ducked under a hanging light fixture and pointed. "Elevator."

Dean slapped the button and sighed. "No power." He turned and pushed the door open across from it. "We're hoofin' it up."

"Awesome." Sam grumbled. He really wanted to get back to the motel and out of his water-logged shoes. Sleep was sounding better and better by the minute.

"We're gonna get a look at him before we go introducing ourselves." Dean said over his shoulder. "Try not to let him see us."

"That won't be a problem." Sam jogged up the second flight of stairs. "According to the computer, he hasn't woken up since they brought him in. He's in some sort of coma like the other two victims who died in the hospital. They never woke up."

"That makes it easier." Dean panted as they reached the third floor. "Ok. I need to cut back on the donuts."

Sam chuckled and followed him out into yet another darkened hall. Light came from the door at the end and they eased quietly down the hall, hearing the drone of voices from the other side. Dean cracked the door and peered out.

"It's clear. Come on." Dean opened the door and slipped into the bright hall with Sam beside him. He checked the numbers on the nearest doors and chose a direction. He walked surely as if they belonged there and knew where they were going. He turned a corner and pushed Sam back against the wall out of sight, sliding in beside him. "Cop outside the room we want."

"Crap." Sam leaned around him to look and saw a man in uniform talking to a Doctor. He couldn't hear what they were saying but the doctor was shaking his head which didn't bode well for the 'Agent'. "I think they're leaving." He leaned back and let Dean have a look.

"Yep. They're going." Dean waited until both turned a corner at the far end and stepped out. "Come on. We probably only have a couple of minutes."

They jogged down the hall to the door. Dean tapped the '312' on the wall beside it and pushed it open slowly in case there was a nurse or someone else in the room. There wasn't. It was empty except for the single bed, the beep of the monitors and the blanket covered form atop it.

Sam eased in behind him and went to the bed, looking down at the face with a sinking feeling. "Oh crap, Dean."

"What? Who is it?" Dean turned from looking out the door and came up beside him. "Son of a bitch."


To Be Continued…

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