Title: When it rains, it pours.

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: A derelict mountain-top hotel, a blood-thirsty beast and a supernatural monsoon; what could possibly go wrong? Hurt!Sam hurt!Dean some comfort/awesome!Winchesters all around. Post 6x15 "The French Mistake"

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Sam let himself sink into the bed and nodded. "Thanks…Dean."

Dean swatted his arm. "Awesome big brother. Thank you, awesome big brother." He smirked when he had to lean forward and help Sam breathe through the laughter again. "Sorry." He chuckled. "I can't help myself."

Sam flipped him off with a smile. "Tellin' Bobby." He closed his eyes and felt Dean squeeze his shoulder before leaning back in his chair.

"I aint afraid of him." Dean said surely and saw the look of disbelief on his brother's face. "Shuddup." Sam only snorted in response. Dean let his head fall back and closed his eyes, letting the exhaustion of the last few days wash over him. The sounds of Sam breathing helped lull him to sleep.

Bobby found them that way when he came back; Sam asleep with one arm thrown over his brother's knees on the bed and Dean leaned back with his head on the night stand snoring softly. He smirked and went softly into the room. He pulled the blanket from the empty bed and draped it carefully over Dean in his chair and smiled.

"Idjits." He said softly. He had planned on leaving them for a while but found he was uncomfortable leaving them alone with Dean asleep as well. Instead, Bobby went and sat at the table. He pulled Sam's laptop over and got comfortable, keeping a watchful eye on his boys while they slept with a fond smile.


Dean jerked awake with a start and groaned at the crick in his neck as he pulled his head forward. "Huh? Wha?"

Bobby chuckled. "Rise and shine, son." He handed a cup of coffee to Dean. "I'm gonna go check on Rufus. Moron's not answerin' his phone. Probably just asleep."

Dean smirked; sure that despite the gruff front Bobby was concerned about him still. He sat up and took a look at his brother. He was still asleep and still wheezing for air. "Hey Bobby, you got any antibiotics? I'm out."

"Sure kid." Bobby clapped him on the shoulder. "Gimme a sec."

Dean nodded and laid a hand on his brother's neck. The ice had long melted and his skin was still hot and dry. "Anytime you wanna kick this thing, Sammy." He gathered the bags now half filled with water and took them into the bathroom to dump them. He came back out to find Bobby setting a fresh bucket of ice on the nightstand along with a pill bottle. "Bobby you're a prince."

Bobby tossed his bag over his shoulder and stopped to frown down at the youngest Winchester. "You want me to stay?"

"Naw, I got it." Dean smiled. "Go on, before Rufus wanders out in traffic or something."

Bobby snorted a laugh and nodded, going to the door. "You call me anything changes." He waved a hand at Sam.

"I will. Go on." Dean watched him close the door and refilled the empty bags with ice. He set them down and gave Sam's shoulder a shake. "Hey, Sam. Wake up." He got only a moan. "Sammy. Gotta take some meds, dude. Wake up." Sam moaned again and thrashed his head on the pillow.

"Dean." Sam's voice was hoarse and clogged. "Burning, Dean!" His arms and legs began jerking with his distress.

"Shit." Dean dropped to the side of the bed and took his head in his hands. "Sammy! Come on. Wake up! Sam!" There was no way he was going to let the wall crumble if he could help it. Dean slapped his cheek lightly and was rewarded with a gasp and eyes cracking open. "That's it, Sammy. Come on."

"S'hot." Sam managed after a moment. His thoughts were a roil of confusion as he looked up at Dean and for a moment, he couldn't understand how his brother was there. "Real?"

"What?" Dean stared down at him in surprise and then in comprehension. "Yeah, buddy. I'm real. I'm here. You're not…you're not there anymore, Sammy." He swallowed his usual aversion to anything approaching a chick-flick moment and lifted Sam up until he could slide in behind him. "You'll breathe better this way." He set his back against the wall and tugged Sam in to his chest, holding him up with an arm across his shoulders. After a few moments, Sam's strained breathing eased slightly and he relaxed back against him.

"Dean." Sam wrapped his hands around the arm across him and let it sink in; help pull him out of the shadowy nightmare he'd been caught in.

"I gotcha." Dean reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle. He had to work to get it open as Sam seemed unwilling to relinquish his grip on his arm. Dean chuckled. "Dude you are sick. Here." He held the pills up where Sam could see them.

Sam fumbled to get the pills in his hand and then into his mouth. His whole body felt off and not completely in his control. Fine tremors ran through him, making him feel chilled even as he cooked in his own skin. He greedily drank from the bottle of water Dean held up for him and groaned when it was pulled away.

"Easy, dude." Dean set the bottle back and resettled Sam. "Don't want you choking with those bruised ribs."

"M'fine." Sam said, more out of habit than actual sincerity.

"Whatever, just stop squirming." Dean rolled his eyes and tried to get comfortable. Sam was a heavy weight against him, the heat pouring off of him. He tugged the bags of ice over and propped them on Sam's shoulders by his neck. Sam was warm enough that Dean didn't mind the bite from the ice against his chest.

"Cold." Sam twitched as the cold from the ice began to seep into his neck but Dean's arms kept him still.

"I know." Dean held him still until he stopped trying to reach the bags. "Just let it work. This fever doesn't come down soon, Sammy and I'm gonna have to drop you in a cold shower."

Sam groaned and shook his head. "No way." He was definitely not going to let that happen if he could help it. He felt another cough building in his chest. He opened his mouth to say so but only the cough came out. It was a harsh bark followed by more that pulled painfully at his chest. He didn't have the breath to thank Dean when he once more pressed a hand over the bruised ribs, supporting them so Sam didn't tear himself apart coughing.

"Easy, buddy. Easy." Dean cringed and heaved a sigh as the coughing finally died off and Sam dropped back hard against him; exhausted with the effort.

"Sucks." Sam gasped and let his head thump back into his brother's shoulder.

"Teach you to go swimming in freezing rivers." Dean teased. He settled the bags of ice again. "You good?"

Sam nodded once. His need for independence was telling him to take care of himself; to get Dean off the bed and let him sleep but the pain, the fever, the exhaustion and above all the absolute fear that the wall in his mind was cracking…those things made him tighten his grip on his brother's arm. He decided to be independent later, maybe tomorrow. For now, letting Dean take care of him sounded like a damn good idea and comforted him enough that he didn't fight the fresh wave of sleep rolling over him.

Dean felt Sam easing, muscles loosening as his head lolled to the side and smiled. "That's my boy." He'd been waiting for Sam to push him away and felt the momentary tension. He'd admit to himself at least that he'd been relieved when it hadn't come. Having spent so many months with a Sam that not only didn't need him but at times seemed disdainful of his very presence, the difference now was all the more glaring. The fact that Sam still had a solid grip on his arm even in sleep made him smile; reminding him of how things used to be when they were kids and life was a hell of a lot simpler…and Sam a hell of a lot more clingy.

Dean smirked and shifted to get more comfortable, careful not to dislodge his brother's grip on his arm. Some things would never change. He allowed himself to drift back to sleep with Sam a comforting weight against his chest. He'd tease him about being a clingy girl tomorrow…maybe.


Really the end. :P