note(s): so i've just gotten back into writing recently, after spending nearly all summer not writing, and since my latest obsession is glee (mainly, marley rose) i've decided to start a marlene/jake drabble series. feel free to send in prompts! (actually, please do send in prompts, otherwise i'll probably take forever to update).

the title is from imagine dragons' song, it's time

prompt: dizzy

The second the final bell rang, Marlene jumped up and collected her things. Her book, notebook, pencil and pen were all stacked neatly on her desk, along with a graded Spanish test (A+, baby) she had just received back. A part of her was disappointed, because even though this was her last period of the day, she wasn't going to Glee next. Instead, she was headed to the lunch room, where she had to wait and read for thirty minutes, before her mother finished up working for the day and they head home.

Marley had never been so sad to see a Friday.

But even so, she smiled at Mr. Shue as she left his classroom, and headed towards her locker, which she opened up and shoved her entire book-bag inside, minus a Shakespeare novel she'd been assigned to read in English class.

So she didn't get to go to Glee today. It wasn't that big a deal. The weekend only lasted two days, anyway. And plus, she could sing any time she wanted all weekend. It's not the same, though, she knows - not like it is with dancers and a stage and pretty lights.

Damn, how had she ever survived not being in Glee club? She was in the middle of pondering this as she headed towards the cafeteria, a slight bounce in her step, when a hand shot out of nowhere, and tugged her inside of a janitor's closest.

Seeing as it was Friday and normal students were anxious to get home, and far away from school as possible, the halls had been basically cleared when this happened, except from the lingering one or two students, who's heads were buried in their lockers, too busy to notice the kidnap that was happening before them.

Marley hoped she'd never be that obvious. Panic welled up inside of her, and more than half of her expected Kitty to have hired her man-toys to kidnap Marley. Kitty had always seemed to have some sort of vendetta against Marley, after all, though Marley wasn't quite sure why the blonde girl hated her. Then again, she guessed Kitty didn't need a reason. Kitty hated everyone, it seemed.

Before she could blink, or her captor could try anything, Marley bit down on the hand covering her mouth. This was followed by the sound of a guy cursing loudly, and Marley grinned in satisfaction and moved towards the door quickly, ready to make her escape. Whatever it was Kitty's boy-toys wanted with her, she wasn't up for it."Marley," a husky voice hissed out, just as her finger tips brushed the door knob. The voice made her freeze. She was suddenly hyper-sensitive of just how tiny this closet was. Big enough for a mop and a broom (the latter which she knocked over in the scuffle), and apparently a teenage boy and girl, and that was it. She could feel his warm breathe on her neck, and before she could make herself stop, she turned around. His breathe caressed her cheek.

"Jake?" Marlene squinted in the dark, and sure enough she could just make out the profile of his face. Without thinking, she reached out, blindly, and touched his face, in an attempt to recognize his facial features. Her fingers missed his face, and instead brushed his neck.

"Yeah," he nodded, even though she couldn't see him, and grunted a little. When her fingers brushed his neck, he shifted a fraction of an inch closer to her. "It's me," his voice was low, lower than normal. He had previously seemed to lose his normal cockiness, but suddenly gained it back. "Just can't keep your hands off of me, huh?" He teased her, even though it was a bit hypocritical, considering he was about a foot and two seconds away from shoving her against that door and having his way with her.

Marley's face flushed pink, and she pulled her fingers away from his neck slowly. "Sorry," she muttered, glancing down at her feet, before remembering she couldn't actually see them. She was thankful for the dark: He couldn't see her blushing.

For a few moments, things were quiet.

Then, "why did you drag me in here?" and "you're one hell of a biter."

Marley laughed, a head-thrown-back, eyes-crinkling laugh, and Jake thought that if there was light, she'd probably be the most beautiful he's ever seen her before. She was prettiest when she laughed, he had noticed.

"I, erm, well," Jake stammered, trying to figure out how to answer her question as she stopped giggling and instead set her curious eyes on him (even though, as previously mentioned, she couldn't see him).

There was a long silence, in which Jake tried to think of how best to do this. He had known Marley for nearly a month now, and they had been dancing around each other in that time that he had known her. Well, really, it was more him flirting every chance he got with her, and being more suggestive than normal. There was just something about Marley Rose that he couldn't help but find himself drawn to.

Marley blinked at him, curious, but stayed silent and waited for whatever it was he was going to say. And waited. And waited.

And then, before she could fully realize nor fathom what was happening, his lips were on hers and she was being pushed gently against the door. She froze against him, shocked. He was kissing her. Jake Puckerman was kissing her, Marley Rose! She could hardly believe any of this was even happening.

It was such a dizzying experience, that if he hadn't wrapped his arms around her waist, and she hadn't wrapped her arms around his neck, she might have just fallen over.

Oh, wait...

Light flooded her vision, and the kiss was over far before she would have preferred it, and, wait. Why was Marley on the floor? And more importantly, why was Jake laying on top of her, his face buried in her hair, laughing.

It was only when she looked up to see the janitor standing over them, confused and slightly horrified-looking, that she realized what had happened. Oh.

Marley shoved Jake's shoulder slightly, "get up," she hissed, but there was a smile on her face, ruining any and all affect her tone had. And, judging from the shit-eating grin Jake was wearing, it hadn't had any affect at all.

"But I like being on top," he whined, but stood anyway and started running down the hallway, laughter echoing around him, leaving Marley spluttering on the floor. She managed to get herself up off the floor and started after him, following the sound of his laughter, leaving the still confused janitor behind.

After several sharp turns, and a few near-slips, she finally caught sight of Jake running ahead of her, and with a sudden burst of speed she was on his tail, and decided to close the last few inches between them by throwing herself with all she had at him.

And that's exactly what Marley did. Her laughter mingled with his as her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist instantly, as her body flew into his. Her weight sent him staggering, and she heard him gasp a little in shock as he registered what exactly she had just done. Just when Marley was sure he would catch his balance, Jake fell forward, and the two of them ended sprawled across the hallway floor, body parts tangled up together in front of cherry-red lockers.

Their laughter, of course, turning into a make-out session slightly more successful than the first.

Maybe their was something better than Glee, after all, Marley though as Jake kissed her goodbye. It was a long, lingering kiss, and when he pulled away, Marley couldn't help but grab a gentle hold of his jacket and bring his lips back to hers.

Kissing Jake.

Now that, she could definitely get used to. And, it was something she could do whenever she wanted. Even on Friday afternoons after school, which was more than Glee Club could say.

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