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Chapter 1

She needed to be calm. She needed to be calm.

Amu looked down. She could hear her family sobbing in the background as they awaited the judge to make a final statement. Amu was slightly shaking, and she hoped her family wouldn't notice. She didn't want them to know that she was scared. She didn't want them to know that she hadn't had anything to do with the death of Robert Burton.

The judge, the jury, everybody knew she didn't kill the man. But they thought that she helped the person who did.

Final the judge cleared his throat and the whole courtroom went silent.

"Hinamori Amu," he started. Amu looked up at him. "You have been found guilty by the jury and are hereby sentenced to seven years in the federal penitentiary. " He struck his gavel. "You're lucky you're only eighteen, Hinamori."

Amu heard her mother scream in anguish and her sister start to sob. I need to make it look like it doesn't matter, Amu thought. That I'll be fine. Amu squeezed her eyes shut. Who am I kidding? I'm not fine! This isn't fine! I'm going to jail! She looked over at her parents just as the guards were taking her away.

"Amu!" her mother cried. "I l-love you!"

Amu looked down, not wanting her mother to see her cry. I love you, too, Mom, she thought.

She was pushed onto a bus after changing into an orange jumpsuit. She looked down and realized that that was a perfect time to start to cry. Two guards sat with her on the bus, each one with a loaded rifle.

They reached the prison after a couple of hours. Amu had no idea what the name was. She just knew she didn't want to go in it.

A guard stood behind her and poked her with the tip of the rifle. "Out, Hinamori."

Amu stood up and silently exited the bus, aware of the rifle pressing into her back.

From outside the gate, she was surprised to see men and women in the courtyards.

The guards took her inside the prison.

"You're going to meet the warden. Then, you're going to be put in your cell room, got that? You'll have a schedule for meals, outdoor time, and cell time," one guard hastily explained.

"Um… Sir?" Amu said softly.

"What, Hinamori?" the second guard demanded.

"W-why are there men and women here? Aren't jails just—"

The guards laughed. "Well lucky you, Hinamori. You're going to a mixed prison!"

They took her up a few flights of stairs until they reached a large polished office.

A middle aged man with short blond hair sat in a leather arm chair behind a large desk.

"Ms. Hinamori, I presume?" the man said.

A guard pushed Amu into the room and the man stood up from his chair and smiled at her.

"You've been very notty, Ms. Hinamori," he said.

"So I heard," Amu said softly.

"How old are you Hinamori?"


The man nodded. "Same age as my son. I'm the warden, Hinamori. I'm Warden Hotori. It's says in your file your sentenced to, what… seven years?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Well you're lucky you're only eighteen. A case like yours would've caused anyone twenty one and older at least twenty years."

"I'm aware, Sir."

"Well, Ms. Hinamori, if you behave yourself, you might just get out a few years early for good behavior, understand?"

Amu nodded.

"Take her to cell block two, cell room thirty-seven B," the warden instructed the guards.

"Yes, Sir," they said in unison.

"You're going to have a roommate, Hinamori. Her name is Hoshina Utau." He laughed. "You're lucky you don't have her sentence."

Amu swallowed hard before being hastily led to cell block two.

Amu noticed that no one was in the cell rooms at the time. They must be outside, she thought.

The guards threw her in a room. Amu stumbled into it.

"This is your cell. Everyone's outside. Get settled and we'll lead you out."

Amu nodded, placing the extra jumpsuit on her bed and following the guards outside.

'Outside' meant a large open space that was surrounded by an electrified face. There was a basket hoop and benches. A handful of prisoners were playing basketball, others were doing weights, and the rest were either working out or simply talking.

Amu couldn't help feeling scared. It seemed like everybody there had large biceps and nasty attitudes. And Amu? She was small, scared, and small.

"What you looking at?" one woman snapped at her, as she lifted a large weight.

Amu looked down and tried to control her breathing.

"Have fun," the guards snickered, before leaving her alone. With the prisoners.

The woman that snapped at her smiled mischievously and moved towards her. "Look here. A newbie."

A few other prisoners came towards her, smiling slyly and snickering.

"H-hello," Amu said, trying to keep her cool and sound confident. It wasn't working.

"'H-hello,'" one man mocked her. The others laughed.

"We got ourselves a softie!" the woman announced. The others cheered and the woman grabbed Amu's collar and shook her. "I just love pounding the newbies!"

The woman punched Amu in her gut and Amu fell to the ground, coughing and trying to breath.

The other prisoners watched in amusement.

"What's wrong? Haven't you learned how to fight?" the woman spat with a wide smile. "Well to hell Princess!"

The woman kicked Amu in her side and Amu cried out in pain. She rolled into a ball and prayed that it would be over soon. She felt the pain in her side and on here gut. Her head was throbbing from hitting the cold pavement.

"Come on, Princess! What are you afraid of? Getting your hands dirty?!" the woman yelled, kicking Amu again.

Amu yelped again and felt the tears run down her cheek. She covered her face. She didn't want to give that woman the pleasure of seeing her cry.

"Fight back, bitch!" the woman yelled.

But Amu didn't feel the next kick. She just heard gasps. Amu slowly opened her eyes to see the woman being flipped and falling next to Amu hard on her back.

"That's enough," a voice said.

"You fucking—" the woman spat out.

"Shut up," the voice said again. Amu closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands again.

She felt someone approach her and kneel next to her. Then she felt a hand gently being placed on her shoulder.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Amu slowly moved her hands and opened her eyes to see a young man with midnight blue hair and dazzling blue eyes looking back at her.

Amu slowly nodded before fainting.

Amu awoke on a hard mattress. She realized she was in her cell room and it was pitch black. The cell door was locked and she heard rustling from above her. She looked up, and after her eyes adjusted to the dark, she realized it was a bunk bed.

"Hello?" she said in the dark.

"Shut up," the person said above her.

"Are you Hoshina-san?"

"Yes, now shut up! Damn! I'm trying to sleep!"

Amu was silent for a while before she asked her roommate another question. "What happened?"

"What? After you fainted like a little girl? You were taken back to your cell, idiot! Now go to sleep!"

"Who was that woman?"

"Damn, I got the most talkative roommate in the whole effing prison! That was Gigi, okay? Shut. Up. And. Go. To. Sleep."

"And… that boy?"

Amu heard her roommate stop moving before she jumped out of the bed. It was hard to tell what she looked like in the dark, but she could see gleaming blue eyes.

"That was Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Nobody messes with him. Stay away from him, Hinamori, if you know what's good for you."

"But… he seemed… nice…"

Utau lowered her face close to Amu's. "Do you want to know what he did to get here?"

Amu swallowed her.

"Exactly. Let's just say, he's lucky he didn't get a death sentence."

Utau hopped back in bed and Amu stared at the wall, finally staying silent like Utau wanted.

Amu woke up with a pillow being smacked onto her face.

"What the-!" Amu exclaimed.

"Get up. Breakfast," Utau said coolly. It was light, so Amu could see what Utau looked like, and she had to admit, Utau was very beautiful, even if she was wearing an orange jumpsuit. She had long blonde hair that was put up in two pony tails and bangs that fell across her eyes. "Let's go, Hinamori."

Amu followed Utau to the cafeteria where Utau sat down at a table with two others. One was small and blonde, but she looked fierce. That one was sitting on the second's lap. The second person had light blue hair that was cut short. It looked as if it was cut with a knife…

"Hinamori, meet Rima and Nagihiko," Utau said. She sat down next to them. Rima and Nagihiko nodded at her in acknowledgement of her being there before going back to kissing each other.

Amu stared at the slop the lunch people gave her for breakfast. Amu wrinkled her nose. "What is this stuff?"

"Who knows," Nagihiko, the blue haired boy, replied. "But at least it's not poison."

"As far as you know," Rima, the blonde, said in a cool voice. Nagi laughed.

"I guess you would know," Nagi said with a smile.

Amu looked at them in confusion.

"Rima is an expert with poisons," Nagi said with an innocent smile.

"You better be careful, Hinamori," Rima said in a voice that made Amu's spine tingle. "I could poison your food right now and you'd die a slow painful death."

There was silence at the table before Rima went back to kissing Nagi.

Amu looked at her food nervously, wondering if she should eat it or not. She slowly started eating, and somewhat wished it had been poisoned so she could've been saved from tasting the disgusting slop.

"Let's go outside," Nagi said, taking Rima's hand once they were finished with their 'breakfast.' Amu followed the group outside to some benches that was near the basketball court.

"Hey, Utau," Rima said, tugging on her sleeve as they sat down. "There's Kukai."

Rima pointed over to a boy who was dunking the ball into the hoop. His orange jumpsuit was zipped down to his waist and his white shirt was off and he had light orange/brown hair and bright green eyes. He smiled as he scored for his team and high fived some other players.

Kukai looked towards their direction and waved. Utau blushed and smiled.

"He's really good!" Amu said as Kukai was passed the ball and he shot another basket.

Utau whipped her head towards Amu. "Back off of Kukai, got that?!"

Amu's eyes widened. "I-I'm sorry—!" Utau gave her a glare and walked over to Kukai who was taking a sip of water. Amu watched as Kukai wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. She heard Utau laugh softly.

"Don't worry about it," Nagi said with a smile. "Utau's just being protective."

Amu's face grew bright red. "I had no idea they were together!"

Nagihiko smiled at her. "In prison, nothing's official."

Rima glared at him.

Nagi laughed. "I'm just kidding Mashiro."

Rima pointed towards the court. "Look."

Amu and Nagihiko followed her gaze and Amu's mouth opened slightly. It was him.

He was smirking as he walked onto the court and stole the ball from another player. With cat like agility, he moved his way in between players, before scoring for the other team. He passed the ball to a slightly surprised Kukai before walking off the court.

Amu watched as he lay down on a bench and closed his eyes.

"Ikuto really is something, huh?" Nagi said.

Amu just stared. Suddenly, Ikuto's eyes snapped open and he looked in their direction. Instantly, his eyes locked with Amu's and Amu felt herself have trouble breathing. Her face started turning red and she saw him smirk and wave. Amu whipped her head in a different direction so he wouldn't see her red face. When she hesitantly looked back towards him, he was in his original position, lying on the bench. But Amu could tell something was different even from the other side of the court yard. She blushed. He was smiling.