A/N: A new project to work on while I'm currently trying to get myself unstuck in IWIWTM. Plus I adore this pairing.

And I know this one is particularly short for a starter, but on average most have hit 1,000 words benchmark. Think of it like a good bottle of liquor. You take a few small sips before you really get into it and find something new and interesting with every drink.

Please enjoy responsibly. ;)

She hadn't known where else to go at this point. The Capitol as she had always known it was gone, and now she was also out of a job for the past year since they had released her.

Sometimes she still wasn't sure how she was still alive and waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night to remind herself that she wasn't still locked up in that cell any longer.

When the opportunity came to take the train back out there, Effie hadn't thought twice about packing a large suitcase and heading back.

After all, maybe District 12 could use a little more color, and she was more than willing to provide just that.