Okay, new story, and a cool idea (I guess? XD)

Summary: Shuichi is a 19 year old kid with a problem. He's mentally insane with a voice inside his head. He attempts to hide the fact that he hears this mysterious "Yuki" in his head, but as his mind unravels, so does his fake perfection. Yuki(VOICE!)XShuichi

You're In My Head

Chapter 1: Insanity at its best

I have to say, Its definitely the best feeling I've felt, being insane. The way you insult me degrades my entire being, but I have to admit…

It's amazing…

"You're sick. Insanely sick." Yuki, my voice, growled. I loved it when he got angry with me, it just made me love him more.

"I wish you were here… To be with me Yuki…." I breathed out, teasing him. I couldn't help it. I wanted him to talk to me all day long. I wanted him to whisper words in my mind that would ruin my innocence. Mind you, I've never had these kind of thoughts before him but that's off topic. Something about him… Just told me that he was never going away, and that he'd take care of me.

I like that. I like that a lot.

"Oh? You do now… One day, I'll get out of your head, and I'll take you the way I want and you'll just be mine. And you can't do anything about it."

I felt shivers run down my spine at his threatening, yet erotic words. I let out a quiet whimper, "I never said I'd try to stop you.." I could almost feel hands running up and down my body, and my eyes widened, "W-What's going on..?"

I heard a dark chuckle that just aroused me more, "You teased me… Its my turn,.."

I gasped as blonde hair, and a man's handsome smirking face appeared in front of me. I felt his weight on me, and he began to grind down on me and-


"Shuichi hurry up, you're going to be late if you aren't awake yet!" I heard my irritated friend's voice call.

I groaned, and fell out of bed with a dull thunk, very content to lay there all day. I have work today, as usual… Damn it..

"SHUICHI! ASS UP!" I heard Hiro's voice above me.

I stuck my butt in the air and closed my eyes. I am not getting up yet.

I was yanked up from my blankets, and dragged into the bathroom. I snuggled into his arms, and Hiro's eye twitched ever so slightly at the action.

He quickly pushed me away, face burning with embarrassment. He quickly walked from the bathroom , shutting the door behind him, "S-Shower quickly!"

I blinked and smiled brightly at him, "Okay!"

Stupid idiot, He shouldn't touch what is mine.. Or order you around.. He pisses me off almost as much as you do.

I couldn't help the big grin from appearing on my face, "R-Really?! You like him? Oh great! My voice and my best friend get along!" I giggled.

Whatever Brat. Have a nice shower…

I sighed sadly, "You aren't staying to talk to me?"

No, I'm going to go do more important things. I don't need to be here all the time damn it. Even if you being naked is really tempting…

I found my face beat red, and I felt so exposed. "Y-Yuki!" I cried out.

It was silent in my mind, and I undressed quickly, climbing in the shower.

I couldn't help the dream I had last night coming back to me.

Or the fact that he was able to touch me..

How was that…?

First chapter. Wish I'd added about 400 more words but, if I get people to want me to continue, I'll be posting 1000 word chapters. Good Day