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Kisa lightly smiled a bit while leaving a meeting room inside the pro-bending arena with a sheet of paper in her hand and a tightly clutched card in the other. Part of the fair skinned girl wanted to skip down the streets and hum a merry tune, but that would look very odd in this more depressing part of Republic City. She was finally given her schedule for this year as a healer and physical therapist for the pro-benders. The poor southern water tribe girl had tried for a few years to get into this program; whose popularity did not match the pay scale. As it was, Kisa worked part time job at a local noodle shop, Penguin Noodles, specializing in water tribe noodles to make ends meet. However, that would be her life for now at least she got her foot into the door.

As she continued to live in her temporary land of rainbows and sunshine after the orientation, it was dissipated as she tried to make her way through a very crowded hallway. A gaggle of girls were squealing and shoving their way trying to get as close to a pro-bending team making its way towards the main practice gym. A lot of the other girls who got into this program did it for one reason only, to get as close as they could to the pro-benders. Kisa never understood that whole fangirl motivation, she got into this to career more on her healing skills using her bending and medicine. In fact, her nose crinkled a bit as she tried to slip her way past the crowd, trying to go unnoticed. One girl caught glimpse of Kisa and made the snide remark, "yeah that is right keep on going, like Tahno would want anything to do with a simpleton like you. I mean your outfit is so peasant, did your mommy make that country girl?" A few other women joined in by adding their own insults and enjoyed a laugh at the new immigrant to their city while crowding her enough to cut off her escape route. Kisa's inner mind kept on reminding herself that she worked for what she had on her back and was damn proud of it. The more she thought about these prissy upperclassmen who didn't know what work was and had way too much free time on their hands, the more the anger in her eyes grew that finally gave the cold stare that screamed 'no please I dare you to say one more thing'. Thankfully, some girls caught onto this cold vibe and they made a wider path for her while throwing in one last comment of, "oh and that hairstyle is so outdated, do yourself a favor and go see a salon." Kisa's light blue eye twitched a few times as she sprinted toward a door.

Once outside Kisa looked around a bit while grumbling to herself about privileged youth. Part of her hoped that she would not get teamed up with one of them, but sadly knew she would not be that lucky in life. The long, dark brown haired girl stomped the ground a few times and kicked a few rocks around. As one of the stray rocks went flying she heard a voice joke followed by a warm chuckle, "now that is a new way to earth bend, but your form could use a little work." Kisa was ready to turn around screaming that she got the point of the jokes, but her clenched, angered expression eased into a deer-in-healights look seeing a boy smiling at her. Kisa had seen this boy in the noodle shop before, Bolin, or at least she was pretty sure that was his name. Her body continued to relax more while looking at his rather simple attire, friendly face and very joyous green eyes. At least he was not there to make fun of her, it was just simply a small joke given at the wrong time.

Now debating what to say Kisa could only come up with, "well given that I am one skillful water bender, it would make sense that my earth bending skills and stance would suck."

Bolin's green eyes scanned the female, relieved that she no longer looked like she was going to punch him, and observed a piece of paper in her hands. He stepped a little closer and remembered something that Mako told him earlier today that training was pushed back due to orientation for the medical and healing staff this year. Given the obvious water tribe outfit, timing and papers, Bolin was slick enough to put two and two together. There was something else about this girl that seemed so familiar, but he just could not put his finger onto it. He had seen those light blue eyes somewhere, but the freely flowing dark brown hair with some braided accents did not match those eyes. "Well if you ever want to know a better way to kick some rocks let me know, but it is nice to see that if me or my brother ever do injure ourselves we will have a beautiful lady to try and heal us. I am Bolin with the new fire ferret team, and what is your lovely name miss?"

Kisa was almost taken back a bit by his charm, and it smoothed away the hurt feelings from earlier. The smile grew on her face while extending her hand and looking up toward the muscular man, "oh, yeah manners, those would be nice, I am Kisa. I just started here too with the pro-bending medical team, and arrived not too long ago from the South Pole. You look familiar, Bolin, do you …. possibly …. frequent Penguin Noodles?"

After the girl's comment Bolin knew right away why the deep blue eyes looked so familiar, she was the kind server at his top noodle joint. Her hair looked a lot nicer in its current style, but he knew that there were times to dress up and look formal and times that one just pulled your hair up and worked your butt off for a living. Bolin respected that, he was getting a little tired of well-off people lavishing him when there was some good they could actually do with those funds. Sure women and gifts were nice, especially the women part, but he would get a ping of guilt when he got more than a nice meal. The green eyed boy firmly shook the waterbenders hand and greeted back, "well Kisa, it is a pleasure to formally meet you. And yes, I am there a lot, usually with my brother too, Mako, red scarf seems to be a cranky old geezer." This caused a quick light chuckle from Kisa, yeah his brother seemed to be a lot more serious that the green eyes boy in front of herself. Bolin smiled back, glad to see that this girl was in a better mood now and added, "sooooo you serve noodles, and heal pro-benders which makes you the perfect girl in my book. So Kisa, why did such a wonderful lady look like you were going to destroy some rocks back there?"

Kisa once again blinked a bit from the charm this boy was laying down. He was either a natural ladies man she was warned about before leaving for the city, a genuine nice guy or trying really hard to get some free noodles. Her mind could mull over that later, for now she could actually use the venting session with someone who might possibly get it. "Oh … that … I had to take it out on the rocks instead of my soon to be co-workers. I am sorry I don't have the latest hairstyle or outfits, I need my money to live, eat and keep a roof over my head. I moved to Republic City to work on my healing abilities and make it on my own so forgive me if I don't have tons of money to throw around town. I became a pro-bending medic to work on my healing abilities and perfect them, not bat my eyelashes and flirt with every single pro-bender. Gaaaaah! And I dunno who the heck this Tahno guy is but I already want to punch him because of his little fangirls … and I am now probably looking crazy to you huh? Sorry Bolin, I .." Kisa ranted and then sighed realizing that maybe she went a little overboard on the stranger.

Bolin's expression softened even more even with the rant, he knew where this girl was coming from and how it can get all frustrating. We was what most would call a street urchin or street rat, so he never really had trendy threads until one job he was given some to blend in with the crowd more, but Bolin was told to stop associating with the Triple Threats now that he was a pro-bender. It was probably even worse being a girl working for a living and surrounded by some privileged fangirls who used positions in the pro-bending arena for all the wrong reasons. Without thinking he gave Kisa a light hug and said, "its OK, Kisa, I get it. You are stronger and more beautiful than any of those fangirls in there." He then let go of the hug, hoping it helped cheer her up. The blue eyed girl just blinked a bit, relaxed in his arms letting a slow exhale finally calm herself down. Just venting helped her and the hug was just a nice bonus.

Bolin then with still that warm smile on his face a bright idea came into his head. He knew the perfect place to take her and maybe help out with some of the issues, but he had practice to attend to first. "hey Kisa! Do you have tonight off? If so once I am done with practice I can show you around town," Bolin invited the brown haired girl.

The brown haired girl was almost taken a bit back by the sudden invite, but this guy seemed pretty nice. It also would be nice to know a bit more about republic City then what her landlord or Noodle shop owner knew. With a light smile she responded, "Sure, just meet me at Penguin Noodles when you are done. I don't work tonight amazingly … ummm when should I meet you there?"

"Three hours should be enough, Kisa. I will see you then OK," Bolin responded back quickly. Then it dawned on him what time it was and that he was probably already late. He waved goodbye and shouted back, "I look forward to seeing you again, Kisa, now be nice to the rocks and I have to get going to practice so Mister grumpy Mako does not make me stay later for being late."

With that a previously infuriated Kisa, was in a much better mood. A very handsome man was offering her to be a tour guide and maybe even show her a few great places too. Maybe moving to the city had a bit more to offer than just being able to work on her healing abilities. Her feet had an almost bounce to them while she made the walk back to her simple apartment thinking about what they might do tonight.

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