So I've been tossing this idea around quite a bit. It's mostly inspired I'll admit by the season four episode "Turn Left". Because honestly, I've never been able to work out all the details of the Doctor suddenly not existing. I guess I can buy that Amy remembering him causes all that stuff to actually have happened in the past, but all the same…this is me just typing out a bit of a what-if.

Also, I know I'm writing from a season five standpoint, but season six/seven spoilers or cannon are applicable. Just because Amy and Rory don't know River's their daughter doesn't mean she isn't. If Rory's dad is ever mentioned, then picture Brian Williams.

That being said, please enjoy the fic!

Dobby's Polka-Dotted Sock


The Doctor stared down at the resting form of little Amelia Pond in silence. But he couldn't ignore what was waiting behind him. Turning, the Time Lord gazed at the Crack in the Universe, what was to be his final fate. It was mesmerizing.

How very different Amy's life would be without that memory of her Raggedy Doctor. Perhaps if he was kept to a little vision in her head she might be allowed to live a normal life, growing up without ridicule or psychiatrists and being satisfied with her dull little life in Leadworth. Well, he supposed she'd always be somewhat of an outcast, the big ginge, but he knew Amy Pond could work around that. Magnificent Pond!

He wondered if Rory might not always feel like he was playing second fiddle to a mad man made up by his fiancé. Surely it would do wonders for his self-confidence. And maybe then the nurse wouldn't be plagued by thoughts of two thousand years passing him by as he waited.

The Boy and Girl Who Waited! Well, they wouldn't have to wait anymore, that at least was certain. The night before their wedding would come and go, just like any night, and they'd be good and married. The Ponds—no, hang on, the Williamses. Amy Williams…oh, his little Amelia.

But it was what was best for her, he knew that. Best for all of them, really. How many people who would have their lives in this new universe- a universe he could never take part in, never see. Seeing it had always been enough, but he'd never get to see a world untainted by the Last of the Time Lords.

The Time Lords! Oh Rassilon, he would no longer be their ruination. What a weight off his shoulders that was! And all those people, all those creatures, all those lives- those wonderful lives he'd never touch and destroy.

Not just the Williamses, but everyone. Wilf and Sylvia would never have to tip-toe around Donna avoiding certain words or events- and Donna Noble would have all her memories of a nice, normal life as the best temp in Chiswick. He wondered if she'd still marry that Shaun Temple.

Martha and Mickey might never meet, but that was fine because Martha Jones could make anybody love her- except him, and that had torn her up inside. She'd never have to know unrequited love. Sarah Jane, too, might be happy as a normal investigative reporter, and maybe she'd find that something special in a human man, a good man when she would no longer be comparing the male species to something unbelievably alien.

And Mickey! Talk of unrequited love, how about lost love? He'd have his girl, his beautiful woman as the young man had always called her. His…

Rose. Oh Rose Tyler. His hearts both sped up and stopped at the thought that she'd- never- know. She'd never meet him.

But that was better, wasn't it? She'd work at Henricks and be happy with her boyfriend and Jackie and never be cruelly ripped from her own universe because he'd been unable to save her. She'd never have to be burdened with trying to pull him out of the darkness, trying to make him see the good in everything again. So what did it matter what he felt about her not remembering him? About any of them not remembering him? He wouldn't have any feelings soon.

Jack, now there was a man whom he'd wronged. Captain Jack would never be killed by those daleks, would never be forced into immortality, would never be abandoned. The Face of Boe would merely be a poster boy for his home town. A contented Time Agent, if a con man.

Speaking of immortal, Ian and Barbara would never have to worry about that or about being displaced in a time machine he could barely control. His time machine. Oh Sexy, the poor old girl would still be in that museum.

Museum, museum…why did that seem familiar?...The home box! He wondered who would catch River Song as she flew out of the Byzantium…who would get to see her in that Cleopatra dress—yes he'd noticed, he'd just taken the high ground and decided to focus more on her criminal act of cutting into the oldest cliff face in the universe rather than how it was practically criminal that she cut such an impressive figure—anyway! Who would have to watch her die in that Library.

Or maybe not. Because she'd died for him. Just like so many others. She wouldn't die. And if…

Is she going to be your wife someday?

Well, not anymore. But surely her life was worth more than a husband who wasn't married.

Not one line! Don't you dare!

Sorry, River. He had to do this now before he lost his nerve.

"The cracks are closing," the Doctor told the silent seven year-old, not bothered by the fact she wasn't actually listening. "But they can't close properly till I'm on the other side. I don't belong here anymore." He didn't belong anywhere. Had he ever? In his long, long life he'd always been the outsider, the alien, the mad man…even amongst his own people. All that time… "I think I'll skip the rest of the rewind," he admitted, getting to his feet. "I hate repeats." He couldn't stop his voice from wavering just a bit as he prepared to leave. The small Scottish girl slept on, and the Doctor could not help but lean over her once more, just to see her one last time. His little Amelia Pond. "Live well," he whispered, not trusting his voice anymore. "Love Rory." Like she even needed telling. "Bye bye, Pond."

So the Doctor strode forward to that Crack in the Wall that had plagued him since the very beginning of this regeneration…his last regeneration. It was the greatest sacrifice he had yet to make—and also the greatest mistake.

Amelia Pond sat up in bed, confused but quite alone. She'd thought she'd heard…but no one was there. So she drifted back to sleep, never dreaming that this was the most pivotal moment of her life or that things were going to be very different and very complicated when she woke up.

Because without a Doctor in the Universe…who did the Universe call?

So yeah, that was just setting up the story, any lines you recognize from the actual show aren't mine- nor are the characters for that matter. Next chapter we get into the life of Amy Pond in a world without the Doctor. Thanks for reading, and please review!