Hiya everyone! This is a new story I am working on. I had the idea and JUST HAD TO DO IT. I mentioned it at the end of chapter six of Summer Sun. Haha, so here is the prologue, which I am sure a lot of you will kill me at the end. Why you ask? I'm not going to tell you. Just wait until you read it then you will understand. Well, I think that's all for now.


P.S. I don't own Danny Phantom or anything related to it. I just like taking the characters and bending them to my will :P.

I can't describe my feelings as I watched my parents kill Plasmius. Watching the people you love kill the only other member of your kind is hard to swallow. Not only were they killing the only other one of my kind, but they were killing the person I was in love with. My secret identity was the least of my worries as I wanted to protect him. Protecting me is what got him into this mess in the first place. I was tied up and my powers were suppressed. That didn't stop me from trying. There was no way I was going to stand by and watch this happen, yet at this point, it seems I will. Tears were streaming down my face as it dawned on me I might not be able to save him.

Desperately looking around the ruins of our house I noticed a discarded ectogun. I tried reaching it, but it was at least a foot too far away. The handcuffs angrily bit into my wrists through my gloves as I strained against them, trying to pull my hands free. If I could just get out of the handcuffs I would have my powers back. Since I couldn't get the metal pipe the restraints were hooked to to break, getting out of the handcuffs seemed to be the best option. At this point time was running out and any option would be a good one.

I could feel the blood start running down my hands and arms as I pushed and pulled my hands as hard as I could. I didn't notice the pain. I didn't notice any of the pain I should have felt. Adrenaline continued to course through me as I watched Vlad fight for his life, and he was losing. Finally, finally, I managed to get my hands through the stupid handcuffs. I quickly flew towards my parents. I dodged their blasts, now aimed at me, and flew in dizzying circles. I had to make this quick, Vlad was dying.

I didn't care about my secret anymore and it seemed to be the only option to get us out of this mess. I went invisible as I made a clone. The clone distracted them as I went and stood in front of Vlad. I refused to glance at him. If I did, I would break. I couldn't be distracted when he was practically dead. I appeared and reabsorbed my clone. When my parents laid their eyes on me I quickly transformed into Danny Fenton. Shock was plastered on their faces and my mom even dropped her gun. It had the effect I wanted and I took my opportunity. I grabbed Vlad and transformed back into Phantom turning invisible and took off to the ghost portal. As I flew away I heard my parents scream my name. It didn't really register as all I cared about in that moment was Vlad.

His heartbeat was faint and breathing shallow. Feeling his blood coat me from his wounds as I held onto him only made me go faster. I flew with all of my strength, reaching Vlad's portal in record time. I stumbled into his lab and phased through to his medical room. As tenderly as I could, I placed him on one of the beds and noticed he had transformed back to his human half on the way here. It then struck me that I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know how to help him. Fresh tears streamed down my face as I tried to stop the bleeding.

I frantically searched for anything that could help save him. Running over to the computers I tried to find something, anything that would keep him from dying. My brain was frazzled and I couldn't think totally straight. After thirty seconds I started screaming at the computer and almost punching the screen and smashing the keyboard. Glancing around once I noticed a table with a glass covering. A memory floated into my vision as Vlad's words came back to me.

You must see my new invention when it is finished. An automated medical table. It will do the work of five doctors in half the amount of time and without error. Anything from stitches to open heart surgery. Perfect for us hybrids as we fight on a regular basis and normally cannot seek professional medical care due to our unique attributes. It should be ready within a couple of weeks.

Vlad had told me that two weeks ago. I hoped it was finished as I grabbed and moved him to the table. I pushed a button to close the glass covering and looked at the screen right below the edge of the table. Turning it on it gave me a menu and list of options. I became frantic and my heart pounded even harder. I didn't know what was all wrong with Vlad or how to work it. What if I missed something? Or did something wrong? I quickly ran through the options and the last choice was "Scan and Diagnose" I picked that and hoped with all of my heart it did what I needed it to.

Some lights blinked and flashed as two metal rings passed over Vlad, lasers shooting out and covering him from head to toe. I waited anxiously and less than a minute later a list of problems popped up on the screen. My heart sank and ice ran through my veins. Tears were still flowing as I glanced at Vlad and back to the screen. Could this machine even do all of that? Scrolling down to the bottom of the list I saw the word "Treat" and hastily pushed it. I watched as the machine cut off his clothing and began to try to fix him. It put a breathing mask over his face and an IV was put in his arm, pumping fluids into him. Any other day I would have been amazed and shocked, but right now all I cared about was if it would actually work the way it was supposed to.

I stood there and watched the machine work what I hoped was magic. Hearing beeping all of a sudden I glanced behind the table and saw four monitors. They were keeping track of his heartbeat, breathing and anything else to keep him alive and well. Vlad's heartbeat is steady, but slower than it should be. Watching as surgical tools came out and cleaned up cuts and stitched up wounds. As each injury was attended to and bandaged or medicine applied, it was knocked off the list on one of the monitors. I slowly, achingly slowly, watched as each and every one was removed.

Vlad never moved, never stirred, never woke up throughout the whole thing. I just hoped that was from some medicine the machine gave him and not because he was…no! I wasn't going to let my thoughts go there. I paced around the table never taking my eyes off either the monitors or Vlad.

After two painful hours the last injury was knocked off the list. The machine stopped moving for a minute. Then the lasers started up again and when they were done something popped up on one of the screens. "Treatment complete. Estimated recovery time: 1 Month. Suggested proceedings to help aid recovery:" at that part my eyes widened. The list was huge…at least it didn't say anything about needing a transplant or something. I took a deep breath and calmed my racing heart and frantic thoughts. Vlad was going to make it. I was able to save him.

I walked over to a hospital bed and grabbed one of the pillows. Opening the glass, I gently lifted his head and put the pillow beneath it. I pulled out the rubber band that held back the silver hair. Tentatively, I ran my fingers through a few of the locks. They were as soft and smooth as I had imagined. A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I went and turned on the ghost/human shield and lock up the portal. I'm not sure if my parents figured out Vlad's identity, but I wasn't taking any chances.

As I looked at all of Vlad's injuries and the monitors with his heartbeat, guilt overcame me. This was all my fault. If I hadn't been so stupid, this never would have happened. Tears once again spilled over, but this time they hurt. A painful sob escaped my throat as I tried to stop my crying. There was no way Vlad was going to forgive me for this. It felt as if my heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces. I looked at Vlad one last time, before I turned around to leave, forever. I paused by the door; it was so hard to walk out, but it was for the best. Taking one last deep breath, I put my hand on the knob.

A hushed sound only my enhanced hearing could pick up made me freeze.


So? Whatcha' think? Confusing huh? That's why it's the prologue! This is in the middle of the story, so chapter one will take place quite some time before this happens. Reviews and comments are appreciated! See ya next chapter! :D