Whoa, so here's the last chapter! I know, you guys never actually got smut in here, buttttt this should count enough right? Right. Besides, not EVERY story needs smut...mostly.


A sigh escaped my lips as I threw my backpack on the floor. The loud thump from my heavy textbooks filled the living room. Collapsing onto the couch, my eyes drifted to the ceiling. Today had been a long day and I didn't want to start on the mountain of homework. Classes just dragged on and my on campus job sure didn't help with the time. Maybe there was something I could do to unwind, but I was home alone. I perked up at the thought. Vlad wouldn't be home for a while…

Standing up, I made my way to his bedroom. Phasing in, I threw myself onto his bed, the black silk sheets sliding around my body. Grabbing the pillow, I stuck my face in it and inhaled the older hybrid's scent. Sighing softly, I kicked off my shoes and socks. Next my jeans were phased off and thrown to the ground. Then my shirt; I wrapped my body up in the man's scent.

The sheets were so soft and smooth. Just like my own, but…these were Vlad's, not mine. Thinking about the billionaire, I bit my bottom lip. Taking a deep breath, I palmed myself through my boxers, the pillow clutched to my chest with my other hand. A small moan escaped as I became more and more aroused. The scent of the older hybrid driving me wild.

As my hand dipped into my boxers, I slowly stroked my hard cock. My breathing turned into pants as I moaned softly.

"Vlad," my voice panted out, pleasure coating every syllable.

A hand wrapped around my own as a voice tickled my ear. "Yes Daniel?"

My shout of surprise resounded loudly around the room as I flew myself back and knocked into the headboard. My pants of pleasure tuned into pants of fear and embarrassment. "What the fuck?!" I quickly grabbed a pillow and tried to cover my obvious erection. The pompous jerk just chuckled before giving me a look.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking that? Although I know you have been taking advantage of my trips and work to do this on quite a regular basis. Your guilty pleasure it seems." My mouth dropped open in horror and my face flushed more than it already was. Up to the tips of my ears.

Vlad hummed thoughtfully before continuing. "I can't blame you though, I did bait you and was just waiting for you to do it again so I could catch you." A conniving, proud smirk lifted his lips as he spoke.

The humiliation and embarrassment radiated throughout my entire body. It was so bad that I felt like crying. Why had I been so stupid? God, I wanted to beat myself upside the head.

I gasped when lips suddenly met mine. Strong arms pulled me into a broad chest as lips moved over my eager ones. When we pulled apart, I looked up to Vlad in confusion and happiness. "What?"

His deep chuckle filled my ears as he ran his fingers through my hair. "I have known about your feelings for me for a while now. However, I waited until the time was right to confront you about it. And what better way than this? Already in my bed, willing and eager?" I almost punched that proud smirk right off his face.

Furrowing my brows, I gave him a look. "A while? How long is a while?"

Another smirk and I felt dread enter my system. Oh no. This couldn't be good.

"You remember your prom night correct?" A dead weight settled in my stomach at the realization that I probably did something while drunk. "Well, as I was putting you to bed, you kissed me. Ever since then I paid a little more attention to your actions and words." He kissed the tip of my nose and I wrinkled it after. "You hide things very well Daniel, however, you will never be able to hide anything from me for forever," the pompous bastard stated proudly.

Then another realization dawned over me. "You fucking-"

"Language Daniel."

"Jerk! You have known about my feelings since May? And you just now did something!" I began to punch him in the arms and chest, my face completely red. He laughed as I felt myself want to die of embarrassment. "God, you're such a fruitloop."

Suddenly I was pushed back onto the bed and a hand cupped my now half hard cock. I gasped in surprise and arched slightly at the touch. Lips caressed my ear before nibbling on the lobe. A small moan tumbled from my lips. "We should take care of this," Vlad whispered huskily, his breath sending shivers up and down my spine.

His hand dipped into my boxers and grabbed my length, stroking languidly. I moved my hips, automatically seeking more friction, more skin. "Vlad." I moaned and squirmed beneath him as his strokes became firmer, faster. As my breath started to come out in pants, I felt my eyes slip close as my head fall back, lost in the pleasure. This was so much better than my own hand. And it was Vlad doing this. The thought made me moan loudly as I arched into his hand. Kisses began to cover my neck, light sucks and nips following behind the gentle touch of lips.

Soon enough, I felt that coil in my lower stomach as my heart rate and breathing increased. "Ah! Vlad I'm gonna…" I tried to warn before my voice turned into moans. My hands fisted in the sheets as I felt right on the brink. A thumb played with my tip as lips connected with mine, a tongue shoving its way into my mouth.

I arched and cried into the mouth as I came on the billionaire's hand. He continued to stroke me, milking out my orgasm. As we pulled apart, I barely opened my eyes to see him. They then widened as my blush increased. Vlad met my eyes as he licked my cum off his hand. A sound escaped my throat somewhere between a groan and a moan. I covered my face with my hands, too embarrassed to watch anymore. Vlad laughed at my actions, apparently amused.

I felt the weight shift on the bed before I was being sat up. "Go take a shower and then get started on your homework." A frown marred my face as I stood. "We can continue this tonight." I blushed and rushed to the bathroom, swearing I heard that fruitloop chuckle again. A smile stretched my lips as I turned on the older hybrid's massive shower.

If he wasn't a fruitloop, I wouldn't love him. Despite my family and friends abandoning me, Vlad was always there. Yeah, I have Jazz. Sam and Tucker understand but we've drifted apart. But he…from the moment we've met, Vlad has always been there, always keeping me on my toes or challenging me. Making sure I grow, learn, and don't kill myself with my ghost powers. That my family wouldn't find out about my ghost powers. Supporting me and not just giving me what I wanted. Yet, he wasn't what I wanted, not at all. Until I started to fall for him.

I suppose, he may have not been what I wanted, but he was the only thing I truly needed.

Well, there ya go! Hope you enjoyed it! See ya in another story!