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Setting: After the seventh Harry Potter book, but before the epilogue; after the Phantom Thief G arc, before the Third Exorcist arc, but includes information from the Kanda arc.
Non-Canon Changes: Fred, Lupin, and Sirius are alive, and there will be an eighth year at Hogwarts, for Harry's year only, since they missed a large part of school because of the war.
Rating: T for a violence, maybe some mild language.
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Lavi was bored. He hadn't been on a mission for a while, and there was hardly anything to do in the Headquarters. The few things that he could do had already been done for the day (annoy Kanda, steal Allen's food, annoy Kanda, bother the Science Division, annoy Kanda, read, take a nap, annoy Kanda, run away from Kanda, blow up a few things, and did he mention annoy Kanda?). And Lavi had nothing to do. Of course, as anyone from the Black Order could tell you (speaking from experience: too-close encounters with paint, cake, and permanent ink had mentally scarred them all for life), a bored Lavi was a dangerous Lavi.

Allen was restless. He was in the same situation as Lavi, having done everything that he could think of (push-ups, eat, train with Kanda, visit the medical ward and get yelled at by the Head Nurse, eat some more, try to kill Lavi). Lenalee was off on a mission, all the Finders had learned by now to never play poker with Allen Walker, and Reever had told him to stop hanging around the kitchen and go do something else. Only problem was, there was nothing to do. And if Allen wasn't out there destroying akuma, Allen wasn't fulfilling his promise to Mana. A restless Allen was almost as bad as a hungry Allen.

Kanda was irritated. With no akuma to take his anger out on, he spent most of his time trying to kill Lavi. He really needed to go out on a mission. He'd already started spending too much time meditating (plotting ways to kill Lavi), training (beating up Allen), and eating soba (trying to glare everyone in the cafeteria to death). He also spent some time terrifying Finders that were unfortunately within glaring/threatening distance. An irritated Kanda led to an angry Kanda about 98.5% of the time. An angry Kanda led to destruction. All the time.

Lately, the other Black Order members tended to stay a good distance away from those three.

Kanda was heading to the cafeteria, minding his own business, when he passed Lavi in the halls. Kanda's hand started towards Mugen, but, strangely enough, the red-haired exorcist didn't stop to annoy him like he always did. Lavi swept right past him, with a strange glint in his eye that worried Kanda. However, he shrugged it off and continued towards the cafeteria. Ignoring that would be one of the worst mistakes he had ever made in his life.

Lavi checked up and down the hallways when he reached his room. Good. No one was watching. He weaved his way around the piles of books and paper to a corner of his room that he saved for times like this. It was the part of his room that represented his current personality, "Lavi". And it was his favourite boredom reliever. A grin that rivaled Dark Allen's made its way onto his face.

Allen was busy plowing his way through his mountain of food, with a group of Finders watching him in a mixture of awe, disbelief, and slight disgust. Kanda, on the other hand, was eating soba and attempting to glare at everyone in the cafeteria at the same time (which wasn't working out so well, but it didn't stop him from trying). The other exorcists, scientists, and Finders were in their usual groups, chatting and eating, but something was missing. Allen only got this feeling when something really bad was going to happen, or when Cross was around. Cross was currently nowhere to be seen, so what was it? Then Allen noticed the missing presence of a certain Bookman Junior.

Oh, no.

Lavi surveyed the cafeteria. Most of the Black Order was here, the supplies were ready, and nobody was looking his way. Perfect. He dashed off, keeping low, and snuck filled water balloons and loaded water guns under tables and benches, making sure that the victims were too busy chatting to notice him. Soon every other table was (unknowingly) armed. Time to put his plan into action. He snuck up behind a Finder he didn't know, making sure his escape route was clear. Then, almost simultaneously, he chucked a balloon at a Finder at another table and stuck another balloon in the hand of the Finder in front of him. Chaos ensued.

The hit Finder, stunned, looked around wildly and gave Lavi plenty of time to escape to hide behind a table a distance away, and watch the drama unfold. The unfortunate Finder holding the second balloon was spotted, and was immediately pelted with balloons from the first victim and his friends (they had discovered the stash under their table). The other table retaliated, and accidentally (also inevitably) hit some innocent bystanders. The bystanders found water guns.

Somewhere in the middle of the escalating battle, someone called out "Food fight!" and pelted their lunch across the room. Lavi figured it must have been Timothy (bless the boy). Soon wet splatters of who-knows-what joined the mess of brightly colored balloon pieces on the wall, scattered across the floor, and lying on tables. Lavi took advantage of the confusion to splat some people who looked like they didn't want to join in. They did.

After a while, Lavi leaned against a wall (after checking it for messy globs) and considered his work. Allen was frantic, his head whipping back and forth, watching all the wasted food (or, more precisely, the food he wouldn't get to eat) while trying to dodge the random objects that had joined the skirmish (books, chairs, eating utensils). Lenalee was standing off to the side, looking worried, but then someone squirted her in the face with some green stuff and she grabbed a water gun and leapt into the fray. Krory was using a tray as a shield, and Miranda, already dripping, was apologizing every time she bumped into someone because she couldn't see through her wet hair. Some, like Marie, couldn't stand the noise and left.

Then a certain dark-haired teen caught Lavi's eye. He was sitting at his table, looking even more irritated than usual. And trying to protect his soba while eating it. A smirk made its way across Lavi's face. He grabbed a couple balloons off the ground and snuck over to the table. He lobbed a neon pink balloon into Kanda's soba, and, as soon as he looked up, splatted him in the face with a yellow one. Before he could grab Mugen, however, Lavi whipped a water gun from a nearby table and squirted him in the face. Not planning to die before he could witness the aftermath of his plan, he ran for his life.

For weeks afterward, whenever someone mentioned the "Water Balloon Incident", Allen shuddered, Lenalee's eyes took on a scary, maniacal glint, most Finders avoided the topic, and Lavi would suddenly vanish from the room. The Head Nurse practically swore vengeance on whoever started the fight (as it caused much, much more work for her). But no one ever gathered up enough evidence to come to the conclusion that Lavi had started it. Which was good; if he was caught, he'd never hear the end of it from the old panda.

Harry circled above the Quidditch game, keeping an eye out for the Snitch. They were testing out the new Quidditch equipment Mrs. Weasley had bought to celebrate winning the war. They were a bit short on players, so they had to compromise a bit. George, Charlie, and Ginny were on one team, each playing both their regular roles and doubling as Chasers. Harry was on a team with Ron and Fred (who had been recently discharged from the hospital and probably shouldn't be playing).

Ginny suddenly dived, and Harry quickly followed suit. The score was even at the moment, so it was a good time to catch the Snitch for both sides. Distracted, Harry failed to notice the smirk on Ginny's face. She pulled up, he didn't. Thankfully it hadn't rained too much (it was the middle of August, after all), so Harry didn't have to deal with mud. He did have to deal with slamming into the very hard ground. Ouch.
"Oi, Harry, you okay?" Ron called out from his position near the goalposts, looking concerned. Harry gave him a thumbs-up, then called out to him and the rest of the team.

"I'm just going to take a little break, alright? I'll be back in a couple minutes." Charlie nodded, and signaled for the game to continue. Ron's protests against the unevenness of the teams now that Harry was gone faded as the subject of the argument made his way back to the Burrow. He needed to get his scrapes patched up by Mrs. Weasley, and maybe grab a snack on his way out. When he reached the door, a familiar-sounding voice drifted through it, a bit muffled. Curious, Harry opened the door.

"Sirius!" Harry broke into a grin upon seeing his godfather. He hadn't been expecting him here. After being hit by Bellatrix's Stupefy, he'd fallen and been hit by quite a few other nasty curses and jinxes, the result being that he was out of action for a while. After being released by the hospital, after the war, he'd had to go through all sorts of legal procedures so that he wouldn't have to live like a fugitive anymore. This was the first time Harry had seen him since that day in the Department of Mysteries. "You're finally done with all the questioning?"

"Yep. Sorry I can't stay long, though. I'm actually here to say bye," Sirius replied, looking a bit guilty.

"Bye? Where are you going?" Harry asked, eyes wide.

"Well, Remus told me that he's teaching at Hogwarts again, and he needs me to go find some records about some sort of monster."

"Well now, don't let your reunion be ruined with a goodbye! He's only going for a little bit, he'll be back soon enough. Why don't you call Ginny and the boys down, Harry, and we can have a little welcome home party for Sirius?" Mrs. Weasley interrupted, noticing that Harry had started to look a little down. Harry nodded and set off to fetch the others, forgetting about his scrapes and bruises.

After the party, Harry decided to take a walk and think things over. This summer had been the most peaceful one he'd had since he'd learned that he'd been going to Hogwarts. He just wished that it would last. Even with the war over, he still had a little paranoid feeling that he couldn't shake. It might have been a side effect from worrying about Voldemort being after him for seven years, but... He tried to think of anything that had been disrupting the peace. There had been that little blurb in the Daily Prophet about mysterious disappearances, but they were all pretty much unconnected but for the strange fact that there were clothes lying around the scene. That was hardly a connection, was it? And to top it off, the article had been written by Rita Skeeter, of all people. He was surprised that they even let her continue writing. He smiled and headed back to the party. He would likely be enjoying this peacefulness for a long, long time, and worrying would just ruin it.

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